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  1. Could neanderthals become enlightened? If not, at which point did we receive the ability to wake up from the dream and why?
  2. I love Taoism and resonate with its principles greatly. It seems to be one of the last teachings which points beyond the Oneness/God meme and is also capable of providing an actual explanation of how duality actually works. In fact it's probably impossible to actually wake up from the dream unless you understand with the nature of duality (yin/yang).
  3. The very concept of infinity is pure nonsense.
  4. That's not exactly true. We are not built to be universally attractive, certain things are not attractive to us because they are not compatible with us, the same we don't like all music and we don't like all food and the same like not all chemical elements form bonds etc.. Thinking you are universally unattractive however makes you unattractive to your compatible mates as well which is quite problematic. So this whole thing about being attractive or unattractive can be safely dropped from the mindset as it is not needed.
  5. As an entrepreneur I really resonate with the idea that competition is for losers. That competition is war, a race for obvious prizes, a sort of creative desperation aka "we can't create anything innovative so we are going to try and capture some of the existing value for ourselves by attacking existing market players or trying to steal clients from them" etc. Because of this I've came to the conclusion that innovation and competition are mutually exclusive for competition is drawing inspiration from what others are doing where innovation is creating something that didn't previously exist. That all being said I am still concerned with the fact that innovation can cause destruction. For example when Apple created the iPhone, Nokia got killed as a second order consequence of that. Now we could argue that it's Nokia fault for not innovating enough but this just feels too SD: Orange to me. How can we improve the world without causing suffering to those who offer less value? What is the right mindset here?
  6. You could be right, sounds kind of disrespectful. It could be her way of expressing endearment though. Not enough information. Definitely you need to deal with this needy/clingy energy that you are expressing with this post here because it's definitely not helping with your potential friendzone situation. Desperation is not attractive. If the relationship is done, it's done. If not, then it's not. Attraction is not a choice so it can't be a big deal when it's gone. Is she excited about having sex with you or does it feel like just "something we do". You can figure it out if you pay close attention to what's happening.
  7. @Mu_ Personally I correlate your thinking style in this particular video with something I call lazy nihilism. It's like saying "Hey no one really knows what a liver is, it's just a concept, and it's not even exactly the same for every person and it doesn't exist by itself anyway and we don't even know how it functions for the most part so it's just an idea so let's not think about it.". I do agree that it doesn't make sense to chase some beliefs or ideas about what spirituality is because this just turns spirituality into a religion i.e. how can you seek Ego-death if you don't know what the Ego is, how can you seek Enlightenment if you don't know what enlightenment is. In a sense spirituality works the other way around you start from within and expand from there and maybe an Ego-death will happen (or not) but not because you sought it. So for example to seek God because you read about God in some book wouldn't make any sense, that's not directly interfacing with life, that's a belief-system that obscures direct experience. If someone on the spiritual path discovered God and told us about it that's still doesn't mean that the mission of spirituality is to discover God. Nothing that comes from an external authority can ever be direct even if it's true for that person and even if they are 100% honest. Since spirituality is about working with our own consciousness and not about believing stuff random concepts and "studying" are irrelevant in that context. However (and that's the key part) just because God isn't in your experience doesn't mean that there IS or ISN'T a God. So to say that there is no higher or lower self or that an Ego-death isn't a thing is a premature conclusion. Once you can say with 100% honesty that you've reached the highest potential of your consciousness and there's nowhere else to go, only then you can claim there's no Ego-death and even then there's still no point in claiming it because such claims are of no use to anyone. The most beneficial part of your video was teaching people not to chase after beliefs.
  8. I have been in a lot of pain for the last 15 years. To be honest I am tired of even trying to understand why. Just some infinitely complex net of cause and effect relationships which seem to be beyond my capacity to understand and control have resulted in me being in pain. Generally speaking I am the type of person who believes in not giving up no matter how painful the fight, but I am SOOOOOOOO tired. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tired. It's hard to express how tired I am of fighting to hang on for one more day. It's like my whole life is like "bear the pain, 70 years will be over soon". Certainly there have been glimpses of happiness, joy, creativity and profound appreciation as well, but mostly it's been loneliness, disease and despair and I am scared that it's starting to become harder for me to bear all that pain. The baggage is becoming too large to carry and I am not sure I have the energy anymore. I don't know how to let go of it, I've tried and I've tried for 15 years but it always finds a way to creep up back into my life. Or maybe I've never really tried and only fooled myself who knows. For me this dimension is like a purgatory. But I am running out of will and I feel like one day I am just gonna go under some tree and wait until I die there like a sick animal that's lost the will to keep fighting. I know I am also totally sick of psychoanalyzing myself trying to comprehend and control some infinite web of cause and effect relationships that seem to be beyond my capacity to understand and control. I am so tired of having to control every little atom of my life, it's like some house of cards. Smallest mistake and it all crumbles down, fuck systems thinking. It's not solving anything. Please I want to wake up from this nightmare already, how much is left... I need relief so badly...
  9. Is it possible to live alone on an island or a planet without any human interaction whatsoever and be happy, fulfilled and attain enlightenment? I know a lot of legendary Yogis basically did something like this by living most of their lives in some caves, although they still met some people from time to time. Personally for me, even though I am an introvert and spend extremely little time with other people, I've not been able to transcend the need to exchange ideas with other people or to have friends. I am not saying that this is a goal of mine, but I am wondering if one was born on an island or if they were the first person on a new planet if they would be able to do it. Buddha purportedly commented (Sambodhi Sutta), “If wanderers who are members of other sects should ask you, ‘What are the prerequisites for the development of the wings to self-awakening?’ you should answer, that admirable friends, admirable companions, admirable comrades, is the first prerequisite for the development of the wings to self-awakening.” I know most people can't handle this psychologically and commit suicide or go mad, but some seem to be okay, like the people living in isolation in the forest with the bears or Henry Thoreau who became truth realized while living alone in a cabin in the woods. What's the trick here?
  10. Actually the ego wouldn't choose liberation (aka the you that you think you are, not your true Self). The true Self never makes this choice as it is already liberated. Be careful not to spread misleading sentiments.
  11. I've suffered from stuffy nose for 10 years. I've tried all of these basic things already - neti pots, warm water, hot water, salt water, herbal inhalations, nasal decongestants. Your answer might be helpful for someone who gets the occasional stuffy nose on the weekend, it didn't work for me.
  12. Wow that was ingenious. I will just have to do this 50 times a day now and I will never experience this issue ever again for more than 30 mins at a time.
  13. Really? It's 10x more effective? How did you confirm this?