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  1. @Leo Gura Where can I research more about this topic?
  2. I watched Leo's video recently on "What is Good?", where he mentioned vision Logic. A little digging through, I found that vision logic is a multi-perspective way of thinking. My question is, is vision logic part of stage yellow, or above? And how do I develop it?
  3. Does that mean that all levels of consciousness are not higher or lower subjective to each other?
  4. I just want a clear picture of what I'm gunning towards. Reading articles just doesn't cut it
  5. As much as I have experienced, consciousness is an product of energy. The more you get tired, the more you submit, the more you lose self-awareness and consciousness. Even I'm very prone to going low consciousness in the evening But mostly the mornings are full of energy.
  6. Hey guys, IfI learnt one thing from my contemplation process and experience, it is that fear is the driving force in my life. My life is an escape from fear, and I fear Fear itself. But I know the only solution is to accept it. To accept it as a part of me. But somehow, I don't feel really comfortable accepting Fear like any other emotion like sadness, joy or excitement. Uncomfortable in the sense, it's artificial, and it creates much more anxiety. What might be hindering me? Any Idea?
  7. @Jed Vassallo Why would I even persue enlightenment? First, Why would you even start eating healthy? Isn't that just shit? I'm eating raw / minimally cooked vegetables, and on top of that, I'm stuck to this minimalist diet! But, what about the consequences? You start feeling healthy and energetic! And you start to inherit the taste! This is what consciousness too is like. The way you define "enjoyment" is restrictive. Just like the example I've given above, consciousness itself can become enjoyable and calming. We are not here to become hardcore stoics, or monks who wanna rush to enlightenment. The objective of enlightenment is to become aware of the present moment, and to enjoy it. To enjoy it. Theory doesn't give proper perspective at all. Language is restrictive. Even the best expressions are just honey to the ears. Direct experience is the thing that actually matters. We gave had direct experience with sex, food and the other pleasurable things in life. Why not stretch ourselves out of our comfort zone and try and experience stuff? The shit Leo's taking about right now ( Quantum Mechanics debunks reality, etc. ), to me, is like contemplating how meditation feels like, without never having meditated in my life, and that is fine. You will gain a better perspective by meditating, though. So doing some consciousness work, should open you up to the flavor of Awareness, and just see whether you like it or not. That's the same way you have to try to understand this, I guess. Try to think from the eyes of an enlightenment guy, and.... Not in your shoes. That makes it hard. I hope this gives you a new standpoint to look at things.
  8. Why does Truth matter, and can we even know what's "true"?
  9. I mean, all the energy I ever have to perform any kind of other activities ( like academics ) just lead back to the same thought process. And, that's definitely not helping me do better at school.
  10. Hey guys, I'm facing this challenge right now, that my thoughts always go back to describing 'me', describing what's happening right now to 'me', how 'I' could develop, and so on. Not only that, It feels very satisfying to again and again introspect and analyze myself, rather than thinking about something else. Even my interests are bending into the realm of self-inspection. I would be happy if you guys can give some advice on this. P.S. I do meditate for 20 minutes a day.
  11. The one thing that I come across in everyday life repeatedly is how people think they are correct. I'm not meaning this in a offensive way, but in the context of an observation. Even in this forum, I can see multiple people who protect their opinions very much, and are not willing to give up on them. This doesn't exclude me of course. I don't know how someone can manage to think about how they can be wrong, even though their knowledge is based on science, philosophy or psychology. I do understand that it's an emotionally laborious process to question your beliefs from a very fundamental level, but still. I think this is something that is worth debating over, so what are your thoughts? @Leo Gura
  12. I have observed recently that thoughts and feelings are not a part of me, or It doesn’t naturally arise from me. The thoughts kind of like flash in and out.