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  1. Absolutly everything is chinese wispers effect, simultaneously thats the problem and start of the jorney to the truth.. honning the intuition. How deeply the effect is rooted, in general, isnt emphasised not even close to enough. And never will.
  2. Besides thet is everything and nothing and all thet, buttom line is thet It just is... a navigational tool for well being purpuses in 3d world
  3. So, what is yours conclusions for the word "meaning"?)) *Want to see if i am doing it right.
  4. @Hello from Russia "siruos" for me is opposite of easy and intuitive, with facts and instructive tone how to be (for whatever couse). Not thet iam ageinst it all but somtimes i need a break. Serius stuf is reletive and complicate to define.. but youl know when youl see an easy free form .. thets for sure.
  5. I heard thet Derek Lin have translated the book as is without any bias.
  6. I wander if there more of those non-binding and non-indicative fun easy going yet resourceful and productive top notch books like alchemist. Couse sometimes i feel like all thet sirious self development is lacking thet spark of colourfulness and romantism.
  7. Not sure though a bit contravertiol charachter(not the actor)... as most yelow are, hard to tell on which side their on.
  8. Green paranoia in a nut shell
  9. Does any one expirienced in here have a legit source to recomend in thet field?