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  1. Not sure though a bit contravertiol charachter(not the actor)... as most yelow are, hard to tell on which side their on.
  2. Does any one expirienced in here have a legit source to recomend in thet field?
  3. About consistancy.. if il stop for a week or two.. do i have to go back to the begining or somthing? Is graduality rule is critical here?
  4. How perfaction is ruining our lives? How its back fires? That sudtle and tiny conditioned perfectionistic tocsic stream that soaked everywhere, which prevents us from being. Healthy discipline& being vs. perfectionism. How to maintein the awerness and balance there?
  5. Nlp

    @Phrae whose the author?
  6. Nlp

    Does any one have a hardcore recomandation for some nlp book? I want the tops..
  7. The facts thet are colectivly an obvious sure thing wich are not true. Becouse one little obvious fact is good for one or most peaple, could be fatal for others, I am not talking about some "others" rare peaple from guiness record type of thing, but for good chunk of people. For example sleep patern, is sleeping at night is a must for everyone? becouse there are healthy examples hwo dont fall in thet category and manage to leave a descent spectum of live, maybe their lives is not as good of some super yogis but nevertheless they are just fine in general. Modern notion about "meat is bad" rather then just "bad meat is bad"or certein proportions, there good chunck of peaple hwo cant leave without meat. Or maybe they can.. To conclude is there some "obvios simple big facts" that are realy messing with our lifes. Not some complicated facts like logic and sience, or some irelevant flat earth and titanic sort of thing, but rather more quick fix life improving down to earth "big" facts.