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  1. Hey guys, I thought sharing this Ted Talk from Rupert Sheldrake would be considerably useful in analysing science’s current metaphysical foundation as well as epistemological interpration, limitations and ramifications. Disclaimer: Keep An Open-Mind!!
  2. Hey guys, I thought bringing this video to your would be worthwhile partly for understanding the differential interpretations of how the whole spiral of psychological human development perceives psychedelics from their perspective as well the rationale they use to reinforce their worldview on this topic. Fun Question: Did anyone else know Jesus is the name of a psychedelic?
  3. This is at extreme doses meaning between 300-900mg being at a pharmaceutical level. Concussion and TBI recovery has gain measurable benefit from as little as 5-10mg per day. If we are talking about severe TBI the dose might be a little higher but not before consulting your doctor. I’m glad you asked.😉