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  1. Thank you for the article. Outlines the structural problems pretty well keeping our politics stuck. The question is how do we raise public consciousness & education in order to make highly informed decisions based on quality information & human/ animal wellbeing. A big project is dismantling & recognising misinformation like Fox News & Ben Shapiro from infecting the minds of everyday people which are programming their viewers in a right-wing bubble. This is partly how progressive public policy is delayed at the expense of the general public. All you need to do is go to Leo’s blog & watch the New York Times January 6th documentary to see how mislead these people are.
  2. What great points & a humanitarian answer. That would be qualities of a genuine democracy. The stage blue/ orange criticism would be: But that’s socialism!! Your taking my freedom which is otherwise known as libertarianism BS.
  3. Like to know what your thoughts are on a solution.
  4. Selfish persons are incapable of loving others, but they are not capable of loving themselves either- Erich Fromm.
  5. An articulate concise argument for the superiority of hard & soft sciences in comparison to religion in advancing the human understanding of the world.
  6. Had no idea how fucked up cults can get until I watched this. I now understand why Leo devoted several hours talking about the dangers of cults in his cult-psychology episode series. Folks stay away from cults as they drain your emotional, financial & health resources. Disclaimer: There is some offensive/ disturbing footage in this video. Stay safe.
  7. Interesting. Personally I’ve found the standard of work is determined more importantly by quality rather than quantity. This policy from my point of view would greatly contribute to greatly reducing the epidemic of stress & mental health in western developing nations specifically USA & UK. In fact studies show the greater number of hours you work the lower it’s quality is.
  8. Highly fascinating & educational conversation while being somewhat entertaining.
  9. Beautiful Description on the essence & purpose of spirituality as well as life. Thought this is worth sharing.
  10. @Scholar Thank you for your feedback. I will sincerely take your feedback into consideration. However I have decided to engage rarely on the forum as I think some use this forum to distract from doing the work. I think I have to remain humble & take a life long learning approach to develop my understanding of myself & life. I appreciate your criticism of my analysis. @ilja Yes, I agree which is actually inevitable.
  11. Self-awareness = self-reflection = increased ability to be mindful of how one bullshit’s one’s self. Hope this makes sense. Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakens-Carl Jung The purpose of life ultimately is to be happy & fulfilled. Everyone wants to feel loved. This is what every human being wants but how we pursue this is what differs from each person dependent on their level of consciousness. Life is a process of self-growth & discovery with everyone being at a different levels. The highest levels of understanding result in universal compassion, love and gratitude for others as you and others are one. Once you have become whole & complete with your soul reunifying with its source there’s no need to play ego games through debates.