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  1. Can you take modafinil everyday?
  2. Wow interesting what practice are the best doe raising your concioussness?
  3. For me the work from Katie byron did wonders!
  4. @ajasatya 100 %
  5. @ajasatya Is this not how nature wrok? The most alpha men get the most succes and woman because they have a stronger persenalty or something
  6. This is the best advice i ever had.
  7. I@Truth Addict for example every time when i am in a relationship whith a beautiful girl i lose her because i think im not good enough or she deserve a better man
  8. @Truth Addict you mean inquiry like Katie byrons work?
  9. Hallo, What are the best methods to reprogram your limiting beliefs? I feel like meditation is good to bring them up and to be aware of them buth how can i change them so they don't have any effect on me?
  10. Anyone expierence whit piracetam as a nootropics??
  11. Why is meditation the best thing you can do in personal develpment? Is spirituality the same as personal develpment?
  12. @Joseph Maynor thx!!
  13. @Joseph Maynor will doing nothing meditation help whit that?
  14. @JohnnyBravo hahaha 100%