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  1. Why is introversion seen as a weakness by most people?
  2. @Eonwe5 you should try the work of Katie Byron it helps you overcome negative situations
  3. Probably because you are taking it to much
  4. @M4sti cold showers go in the fear. Breathe in the fear
  5. @Ry4n what results did you get from loving kindness?
  6. @theking00 and it helps to really get to know yourself
  7. @theking00 have you tried the work of katie byron? It really helps to switch your judgements and negative belives..
  8. @SBB4746 i think after a lot of practice the work happens atomatic
  9. @Cody_Atzori do you listen to them on YouTube? What did they do for you?
  10. @Leo Gura will meditation help me to create more of this moments?
  11. I heard leo ones said in one of his video's that less ego is more personality. How is that thrue?
  12. Daily cold showers work for me to be comfortable being oncomfortabel.
  13. @CreamCat @Zigzag Idiot What type of Meditation do you practice?
  14. @Eminent11 youre brain is like google so it answer every question that you ask. If you ask why am i such a loser its gonna answer thing like youre ugly, studid, youre a failure etc.. if you ask a positive question like why should a have self confidence or what am i gratefull for, what do i love about myself or life its gonna find an answer two.