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  1. Just saying affirmations isn't enough if you don't work on your beliefs.
  2. @Leo Gura is labeling tesame a the nothing technique?
  3. @Hellspeed what do you mean by conquered the breath.
  4. So I'm trying to work on myself whit mindfulness , meditation , affirmations etc.. buth at the same time I'm trying to find a good girl or "wife" so will that help me whit that? I'm really not that player badboy type I'm trying to be a good man buth also want a authentic relationship so do you guys have any more tips what to do?
  5. I think that whole beta male and alpha male is getting out of hand. You will feel miserable if you follow all the things he says I think because he's very selfish and narcissistic nothing good will come out of it ( my English is bad I know)
  6. @pluto what do you mean by that?
  7. First of all thank you Leo for all your work! I watched the video on nootropics and I bought sulbitiamine and it works like magic. It works so good that it's looks like I'm on some dangerous drugs like it's to good to be true. Anybody else that is using sulbitiamine ? Thanks !
  8. @Mikael89 @Mikael89 Yes of course women fall on that kind of men but fortunately, there are also other qualities that women find attractive. You don't have te be a badboy to have e good girl.
  9. Hello, Kan at the practice of vipassana or other forms of meditation my emotional intelligence go up? I notice to myself that I still often do or say stupid things which I think afterwards what have I now done again.. you have maybe tips or other techniques to more emotional intelligence by the day? Thanks in advance! (I don't know if these are good phrases are but I do my best:))
  10. @Leo Gura Thanks! I plan to start kriya yoga but the problem is that I am currently the time is no longer for. Currently I am doing every day vipassana and do nothing. Is it possible to only the weekend to kriya yoga to do or has da make any sense? GR