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  1. @Torkys Hmm i don't know maybe a better version of myself so i can be a better man
  2. Hmm i don't know maybe a better version of myself so i can be a better man
  3. @Torkys Ok, im practicing mindfulness vipassana and noting technique for a couple of years now and somethimes in weekend do noting. Buth of feels like it doesnt have it effect like in the beginning so maybe i must practice an other technique to grow more.
  4. Can i switch between meditation practices or is it better to stay whit 1 technique?
  5. Hey t@Solace @Outer Hey thanks your words realy help me! Its Just hard to grasp it all.
  6. Hey, maybe im not far enough in my personal develpment buth Leo's latests movies makes me depressed and scared ass fuck maybe its not for me yet to think about the things he says
  7. Hey, is there a link between Meditation and nightmares ?
  8. @Quanty wtf I don't get nothing of what you say what do you mean green blue breathe etc...
  9. @phoenix666 hey thx man i really apreciate your honesty! (Even if i dont want to hear it right now:)) buth your probably right.. i am not yet where i tought i would be with my personal development.
  10. @phoenix666 hello, the truth is that i never want to take the pills. In the time i didn't know about meditation so i did them because i don't had any other methods and my doctor says that they helpt (stupid bitch ) i don't feel realy depressed anymore buth i have still a little anxiety and social anxiety that im working on whit mindfulness, affirmations,working out clean eating etc.. buth im realy curious what psychedelics can do for my anxiety but also i don't wanne go psycho or schysofrenic:)
  11. Hello can somebody use psychedelics while he is on a light dose of anti depressants?
  12. @krazzer ok and what kind of affirmations did you use? And do the work even if you don't realy belevein them
  13. Ok thank you guys, I have tried vipassana buth i stopped becaeuse i tought that it didn't work for me. (Sorry for my englisch i am from belguim)
  14. Hello, Maybe a stupid question buth can meditation help me to overcome my social anxiety and what form of meditation is the best for it?