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  1. @Michael569 That's actually amazing, I never really thought about it that way. Thank you so much!! I've also noticed that I'm getting better at just improvising and I feel like I should focus on learning more meta skills than specific recipes. I do have a top shelf and some space under the countertop for storage.
  2. I have access to fresh cow milk, idk if that changes anything...
  3. I don't really trust the canned stuff, idk. Not in India at least. As for soup I don't really need the canned stuff, I can make it on my own. As for vegetables and lentils, I can buy them from the market. dry beans and lentils and fresh vegetables.
  4. @Michael569 I have a pressure cooker(stove top), A slightly curved "skillet" (idk what I'd call it, it's an Indian thing - it's basically for making tortillas), a wok, two aluminum pots, and I have rice, lentils, veggies, spices, pasta seasoning, pasta, soya chunks... you get the idea I don't have a fridge tho
  5. So, I'd moved out like 3 months ago, and started living here in a different city close to my Uni. I still don't earn anything and I kinda have this weird hesitation when it comes to asking for money from my parents so I try not to spend too much. Anyway, I've been struggling to find a couple of healthy, easy to make and quick to make dishes (that require no oven or microwave) that I can cook and eat on a daily basis and get all the essential nutrients, without spending 2 hours in preparation or spending a shit ton of money buying all the expensive ingredients. I can't cook chicken everyday because it takes some time to clean it all up and cook and it also gets kinda expensive in the long run... Also where I live, idk where to buy fish. So I don't know where I'm gonna get my protein from (probably eggs and milk?) I can't think of anything that isn't dominated by carbs. Any suggestions?
  6. So yeah I watched this to the end and it's.... Interesting.... I feel unsettled by j u s t knowing that he's 'wrong' but I wanna know why he's wrong. I understand the fear but I wouldn't know what to tell someone who comes up to me and tells me all this stuff, if that makes sense
  7. @Moon I feel like there's a fine distinction between blue thinking and blue 'way' of thinking. Like for example you can reach opposite conclusions with the same thinking. Let's talk about Blue for example: I can say that "Women aren't allowed in the religious worshipping place of my religion because God said so in the religious book", or I can say that "Women must go to pray in the religious worshipping place because God said you shouldn't leave your women alone at home", or I can also say that " Women must be allowed in every place where men are allowed because the law of my country says that men and women are to be treated equally and you cannot argue with the law" Now if we talk about Yellow (that's just me assuming I can understand yellow, I might be delusional. I definitely don't have turquoise qualities so I won't even talk about that): I can do a whole calculation based on the psychology of how a man and a woman are attracted to each other, following what social norms would allow the faster and more efficient spread of the important ideas and what social norms are the ones that will definitely backfire in the future (i.e. how 'revolutionary' can I really be because if I'm too much against the current norms, they're gonna kill me and I'm not making any change around here), how much change can people tolerate without their entire worldview breaking down to the point that I create a crisis, what are the other cultures present in the world and how do I scale it, and many many many other factors. After all of that I can arrive at the conclusion that it isn't wise to allow women in the worshipping place. I can do a very similar contemplation/calculation and reach a conclusion that it is okay for women to gather and worship with men.
  8. @nitramadas Defending against being called Orange. Wanting to be understood more than wanting to understand Claiming to understand all about spiral dynamics, and not understanding what a model really means and how we're always using one in every situation. Disliking vagueness and not listening to what's being expressed and focusing instead on what's being said Claiming to be above the "trivial" issues of the society, and putting it down by calling it blue. Defending against being judged. Constantly claiming that others are dumb and that you need to explain the same thing over and over again. The whole tone of the comments and possibly the fact that you thought of pointing out the fact that I responded when I said I wouldn't. I don't know you of course, but I don't need to read an entire book to figure out it's about Classical physics. There might be a bit of relativity and other topics in it but if you open a random page for me a few times I'm pretty sure I'd be able to discern that much. You're most definitely very orange.
  9. @nitramadas I did read it mate. A fish won't know anything about the fact that it's in something called water. As I said, I won't continue if I felt like it wasn't something that made sense, so I'll leave you with the fish analogy. I don't expect you to suddenly become open minded of course (not unless you can stop bullshitting yourself), but maybe in the future when life forces you to think a bit deeper and you re-evaluate things, you might get it. It ain't my job to facilitate your growth, so I won't sit here and try to do that, you can take the win...
  10. @nitramadas Y o u're the one who's orange (or blue-orange) here mate, I don't think Buddha was. People can have certain values of a lower stage and be on a higher stage in other aspects of their life. This isn't a 2D model, it has dimensions and I think even the hours of explanation doesn't completely cover the entirety of it. Also it depends on how much you personally absorbed from those videos, so you most definitely have a very tiny slice of all there is to know about spiral dynamics, just like all of us here. There's truth in your perspective tho: Don't blindly follow or make role models out of people. As for Sadhguru, I also think some of the stuff he says is BS but discarding him completely is like turning off the light to a big room in the house. Yes there are an infinite amount of rooms but there's still a lot of value to be gained from the one called Sadhguru. The segregation of women thing is a bit more complicated and I'm not gonna get into that. At least not before I see how you respond to this one, and see whether it is a waste of time to talk about it or not.
  11. @Harmonance,@Leo Gura Based on what I've heard of the interview so far, he seems very green but with a strong anchor in blue (maybe red too but I didn't see it being that dominant so far). As for Orange, maybe he wants to use his orange values to solve things, idk. There's a little bit of a hint of yellow in there tho, at least from my observation. He is definitely a complex painting of several colours, and an example of someone who cannot just be described by one colour. If we talk about the 9 stages model, he does seem to have pluralist thought patterns in him, but with a strong center of gravity on the achiever stage, maybe a strong expert stage influence like when he bluntly says good things about himself, or flaunts his expertise or knowledge in things. And he seems quite religious so he has a conformist part of himself that's very dominant in his decision-making. Maybe the red part he had in him evolved into blue.
  12. So I watched a few videos from Wim Hoff and the one technique that he talked about where you squeeze up your pelvic floor and direct the energy to the brain, he said be careful because you might pass out. So what happens if I do pass out? Should I be worried? Should I stop before reaching anywhere near that point? Will I be able to get proper results if I don't really reach that point?
  13. @Schahin Both, depending on the situation, I guess... I don't wanna get too used to of the music.