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  1. Interesting! I feel it releases blocks period, which makes sense that your “brain” would be more efficient overall. Isn’t this true for all psychedelics though?
  2. Love this and your LSD trip reports. Reading this before I go for an ayahuasca retreat. This inspires me to go a bit deeper. I’ve been afraid to right at the moment I need to be letting go.
  3. @Giulio Bevilacqua Ideally, I would take at least one day before to meditate and practice mindfulness before as well as get clear on intentions, perhaps even do a small micro dose before your macro day. then at least one to two days afterwards in order to spend time by yourself integrating, journaling and absorbing the experience. up to two weeks after my experience I had some trippy sleeps and insights. It’s such a high out of this world experience that going right back to normal life might feel like an EXTREME downer without at least a little integration time to bask in the afterglow. Also, I ate pretty clean the month before bufo (because I did aya right before) but had diarrhea for the 2 days afterwards. I eat fairly clean 90% of the time too lol. I tried hanging out with friends later in the day after my experience and I started to get a headache and feel really annoyed. Good luck & enjoy the trip. ❤️
  4. Friday I finally tapped into my first Ketamine trip @ 50mg. I kept putting it off but i was so enjoyable. I saw that 60-100mg was a medium dose online and ended up going with 50mg. 50mg was a light and easy first dose for me and next time I will do a bit more, closer to 85-100mg. The effects set in pretty quickly, less than 10 minutes i could feel almost like a muted sensation in my mind. Some effects I didn’t realize until it wore off because it was a fast onset. No visuals at all for me. It was so very relaxing though ha ha and I could see that being a draw for recreational use. I wanted to just lie back and relax, so I did. This is not a challenge for me when sober lol. It lasted about an hour and it felt rather easy to cut off thoughts. I had a serene sense of peace and gratitude. I had this thought “How freakin’ cool I get to experience different psychedelics and states of mind, ahhhhh.” About 90 minutes after it started, I started to come down and I felt this mild guilt seep in. I think it’s probably there most of the time but I’m unaware of it. I felt compassion for myself carrying around guilt and not even noticing it. I also felt more muscle soreness from an earlier workout that I didn’t realize had went away until it came back. Other benefit: I slept like a rock, I don’t think I woke up once in the night not even to go to the bathroom. So it’s okay for me to take it somewhat late in the day (5pm) and sleep fine which is the opposite with everything else I have tried with the exception of DMT (I can take it late but have strange dreams). I’ve never combined anything before but my friend recommended to try ketamine with mushrooms, so I may try test that next round. I’d like to work my way up to a K-hole.
  5. Such a good thread. The other thing for me was coming back into my body. It was so challenging. I’m glad I had a trip sitter —literally it felt like being born again. My friend said I was kicking and screaming on my trip but I have no memory of that. I hope you tell us if you decided to do it or not.
  6. Whoaaaa. I just wish there were more spaces in that paragraph ha ha. I had a vision in my bufo experience that included very loud mantras. Thanks for sharing this.
  7. Thanks! I was reading a couple things online and realized 40mg might be too low for me. I went with 50mg and I realized I probably could have done more but you never know until you try. I will try 85mg next time. Going to post a separate report.
  8. Exactly that— 5 minutes ago IS a concept in your mind only. This is liberating in a way though ha ha
  9. I’ve had similar realizations that the past is a thought ♥️. It doesn’t “actually” exist outside of thought.
  10. Reading all things ketamine things. The plan is to boof 40mg of k today. Which I pay $120 a gram for… and it’s usually sold out he he.
  11. Last weekend I sat for ayahuasca for the first time after being encouraged by one of my DMT group-mates rave reviews to do an ayahuasca ceremony When I first talked to the retreat leader she interviewed me, explained everything and mentioned that her partner served 5 Meo— which I haven’t been able to access here in the states. After inquiring, I talked to him and made plans to re-assess my desire to sit for bufo after the ayahuasca ceremony. He told me it might be hard to integrate two medicines all at once & to consider this fully. Obviously, after the aya ceremony I still wanted to do bufo because I saw it as a rare opportunity! Plus I had an extremely mild trip on aya. I really appreciate the ceremonial aspect through both medicines— the music, the sage burning, drums & sound healing. Trip report: Day 1 of ayahuasca It was very mild in comparison to my experience with other psychadelics. On the first night I had 2 cups of medicine with almost no effects at all. I felt an increased sense of gratitude, lightness and silliness. Everything felt like I was on an edge of a giggle— from talking, going to the bathroom and looking up at the stars. (The stars out in the mountains were literally breath-taking). Day 2 of Ayahuasca My heart was wide open after the ayahuasca medicine night two— I opted for only one cup, I had more light echo-y type visuals, light sobbing and light full body tingles. At some points it felt like my face was frozen and falling off. I felt more open and connected to the other people in the room but also deep appreciation for being there and wanting to bask in the gratitude more than talk. I felt slightly annoyed that there was a lot of talking when I went out to the sacred fire, so I came back inside ate snacks and had some deep convo with 2 other participants. I had a hard time grounding back down on the second night and I felt somewhat unsettled with having my heart feel SO wide open, however mainly underwhelmed with the experience overall. I tried not to have expectations but people around me were greatly affected—throwing up, dancing, snoring, laughing, crying— so it felt like I was just observing to some extent. I had a really hard time going to sleep on night 2 and I think I got maybe 2 hours of sleep, if that. The night before I had about 3-5 hours, uninterrupted. However, I wasn’t sleepy at any point. I had no plant medicine on Sunday after wrapping the closing, I made the plans to return the next day for the bufo ceremony with my friends. When I returned on Monday, I was actually worried after a the 5 Meo micro-dose that I wasn’t going to have a deep trip with that either after the ayahuasca experience— but I was very, very wrong lol. Omgeeee. 5 Meo is powerful AF. I’ll do a separate report because it has greatly effected my dreams! A part of me feels like I did the aya ceremony as a way to get access to the 5 Meo experience and I’m cool with that. I’m overall SO happy I went, I met some cool, quality connections (very valuable for me atm), which also helped me find easy access to other psycadelics (ketamine & 2 CB) and ceremonies and the overall experience was cool— especially sitting for 5 Meo. Some of the people I met there are already planning to return to the same spot next year but I’ll likely find something different next, just to expand my experience a little more. Really would be into another mixed experience like this or solely 5 Meo ceremony if I can find something like that.
  12. Following. Just watched Leo’s video and I can actually access this one but would love to know other experiences as well.
  13. @billytblack this was fascinating! going to try a higher dose of shrooms next trip, I feel like I always land at the silly laughing at myself and life spot… never going further like this.
  14. @Julian gabriel shadow work your Leo addiction. What is it about him that you’re so addicted to? Face what you’re avoiding over and over and you get to be more awake & unlock more energy. it’s easier to idolize him or talk about your addiction than to recognize your own qualities.
  15. Leo can you start another Patreon level for those who want to consume your advanced topics like the Solipsism video? I only watched like 20 minutes now it’s gone. What if some people are truly helped by this type of content? Pleeeeeeeease ??
  16. @Ryan_047 you’d be surprised how much the audience shifts when they have to pay. Honestly at some point with his material it only makes sense to offer a membership imo because it’s like school— it’s increasingly more advanced even if he weren’t progressing as fast. it makes sense that people who have no clue access it for free and can’t begin to value it or understand the value, especially if they’ve not been following along. it’s not like it’s the only solipsism video content on the internet either— this could help people who would otherwise watch lower quality videos on the same topic. The next level on Patreon is no big deal and it’s a logical next step if he decides to continue. It will cut down drastically in the raf raf for the high quality content. Common sense tells you this. Nobody is complaining about their higher price membership, they just leave but prolly won’t.
  17. @Vynce I think there’s a lot of overlap because of the nature of the topic but the first bit I watched was good— it’s the breakdown for me that makes certain points seem so obvious.
  18. @Reciprocality we pay for pretty much everything else in life lol. I think some of us will be happy to support his work this way. I partly don’t think he will do it but hope he does!
  19. @Danioover9000 connect/ converse with your friends that smoke weed or other drugs or people into Terrance McKenna. You could also speak your intention aloud (alone) into the Universe with gratitude.
  20. so far LOVE! he he, so glad I saw this :-) Nice background to life music. I love lofi hip hop beats too.
  21. Congratulations! The GOAT of Personal Development. Imagine if you were actually on other social media platforms.
  22. You are so close to a milli 999k today! I already posted a question earlier but worth a shot: Can you pretty PLEASE say some things in Russian for us? Maybe just a couple sentences in the near future, even if it doesn't make the video. THANKS.
  23. @GroovyGuru It's a good call to protect your energy & trust your gut. You're allowed to have standards. It doesn't make sense to force yourself to hang out with people who make you feel awful. You don't have to be friends with everyone.