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  1. Extreme gender segregation is still practiced in most of the world!
  2. Quite surprising that a stage Blue person knows so much about Osho
  3. @Suis-Moi “Who has made perfect everything He has created.” Surah Sajdah, ayah 8.
  4. Zakir Naik ‘destroys’ Ravi Shankar, and challenges Sadhguru next:
  5. @Javfly33 You actually do exist, but as reality. Addictions come from the ego, which is a limited identity. Your true self is the unlimited identity. Notice that it is still an identity!
  6. Classic BLUE/orange vs blue/ORANGE debate between Muslims.
  7. Stage Blue person accidentally gives Turquoise wisdom:
  8. A healthy version of Islam:
  9. @mandyjw The difference between your channel and Leo’s channel is a good example of this gender imbalance. All of Leo’s videos are tailored towards understanding reality as it is, and giving techniques for how to achieve enlightenment. Very simple. Your channel on the other hand is more scattered. There is no goal to your videos, no techniques for enlightenment, no practicality. I could barely watch them without thinking ‘what’s the point of watching this video. How will this help me?’ Hence you get close to no views.
  10. How should enlightened people motivate themselves on life purpose. Clearly the ‘hero’s journey’ and ‘thinking about your impact’ are very egotistical. No conscious person could use such ideas.