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  1. Makes absolutely no sense. If I do the hokey-pokey method to get me bliss and someone else does the bee-bop method to get them there, who cares? We are truth seekers but why even bother with "relative truths"? This forum is like one delusional person trying to convince the other delusional person that their delusion is the best. I feel like this forum is polluting my worldview. My experiences are true to me and you will never know what that is like. Trying to convince you of the legitimacy of my experiences or you trying to convince me my experiences weren't legit is ludicrous. Also the way Leo is revered bothers me to no end. Sure he can give advice, but if you think what Leo says is and isn't possible you're limiting yourself for no good reason. Comparison truly is the thief of all joy. Life if like my own painting. If anything I think this forum is taking me AWAY from bliss, not to it.
  2. I currently only use ChatGPT and sometimes Gemini although it annoys me. I also use ElevenLabs for AI voice generation, it's pretty cool. What tools do you use and what do they do?
  3. I'm unable to renew my Plus for some reason, but 3.5 is surprisingly good now. The only downside is no image generation OR uploading. Sometimes I upload images to ask what's in it or to describe things in detail so I can use that for prompt to generate images. I'm not surprised these are the kind of questions you'd ask AI all day 😜 Sarcasm I pressume?
  4. I don't think of it as relapse so no idea. I watch porn sometimes, it doesn't affect me, doesn't come with the emotional baggage anymore.
  5. Do you watch ASMR? If so, what benefits have you found? I tried some videos for sleep and it calms me down but doesn't make me fall asleep.
  6. I already do this but sometimes I still can't fall asleep at night after the reset day. But important note is I do take modafinil, especially on short sleep (reset) days. Hmm. I wanna do low carb cause I'm trying to lose some fat that I gained over the winter. I've also had consistent energy on low carb in the past. What I eat is full fat yoghurt, blueberries, some supermarket mixed veggies, lots of eggs, some meat and fish. Sometimes a sanwich on the go, I don't always stick to my low carb. Thank you. btw, this is the one thing that's helped me most when trying to fall asleep:
  7. Option 1: You are a millionaire You can get any romantic partner you want and they will stick with you You're healthy But you can only be medium happy at most Option 2: You'll always be broke You can never get laid You always have a cold But you're extremely happy
  8. Ok so I just tried that prompt from the screenshot and it gives me this: Ok good, thank you for making that distinction clear, makes sense to me. Now I was actually referring to how PC the tool is. For example I asked it to add punctuation to some text and it found it necessary to say that the word "crazy" is potentially harmful language encourages sensitivity towards diverse audiences and reminds us that language can impact people in different ways. That was completely unprompted, too! Just gave that as a sidenote saying: "The idiom "going crazy by degrees" might be viewed as insensitive to people with mental health struggles. While it's a common expression, it's useful to add a note highlighting that it is figurative, rather than a literal representation of the challenges faced by people with degrees who struggle to find work." Never had such issues with ChatGPT. So I can see why people would think this is deliberate. I've used it another day now and I now think the tool is just underdeveloped and they built in wildly overcautious safety measures for liability reasons.
  9. My dad has had major mental health issues and he raised me as a single parent. Later in life I've tried to psycho analyze this but it came down to problems with empathy and communication leading to substance abuse. That then lead to neglect and trauma for me. I grew up feeling really guilty for my parents divorce and just feelings of guilt in general (low self worth). I'm not sure what to tell you. On the one hand I got over the feelings of guilt and my self worth and self love is fantastic nowadays. On the other hand, increasing my own feelings of self worth makes it harder for me to watch him continue his life with low self worth, if that makes any sense. This can become a vicious cycle because you want to pull someone up with you but their low self worth will not only make that impossible but also turn you into the bad guy somehow. Someone with low self worth has such an unbelievably strong frame that they will manage to pull everybody down with them. People trying to help can be turned into people trying to harm, it is fucking unbelievable. Here's another paradox: the more I grow and become aware of myself and others, the less I'm able to forgive my dad. Now you'd think I'll be able to forgive him better, but by increasing my own self love and feelings of self worth I realize it's better to choose myself and not gaslight myself into thinking he's a good guy. Sure, I understand rationally he had no other choice but to be himself and I don't blame him in that way, but the neglect and emotional abuse of a child is also unacceptable, neurological damage or not. I always thought the end stage of this was indifference; he's not good, he's not bad, things just are. But maybe that's not even human. Seriously the more I do this work the more I'm able to introspect lovingly on this issue. It's interesting. What you resist persist, so just let it be. Maybe there is no end stage to it. These issues are so complex! Millions of variables go into it, childhood emotions, your brain literally forming. To think you can sit as an adult and just work through it may be ignorant. You can always find another angle. The best you can reach is as much self love and self worth as you can. Good you did that, I did it too. It can be helpful but of course I didn't get the response I'd like to have gotten. But it's still good to do I think, just to break through that barrier. Don't gaslight yourself there. It doesn't matter he's deeply unconscious, your emotions are valid.
  10. How does that make it better though? He isn't saying the AI is against Musk, but that the AI is being weirdly PC. I just tried the Jesus Christ prompt and it's not much better than the Musk one. Not my experience with Gemini. Can you give prompt examples?
  11. 1. Healthy, low carb right now. Usually only eat 1 or 2 meals a day and not too close to sleep. 2. I work from home. Often times I only get 4 hours of sleep, sometimes 6, then maybe 12 or 14. On workdays I wanna wake up at 5AM or 7AM tops. But on weekends sometimes I'm out until 2AM and I just wanna sleep with no alarm. I like this variation, but then need to reset again on Monday. Sometimes I wake up 5AM Monday to Wednesday and then wake up 11AM on Thursday, for example. 3. Completely blacked out room, yes. Great, I'll try that
  12. I got my teeth fixed like 2 years ago, gave me a massive confidence boost. Self-image is very important in building confidence. See book Psycho Cybernetics.
  13. And you do approaches. So .... invisible guys can learn to approach and get laid. IMO the looks discussion is a distraction for guys who want to learn game. From the human (subject's) pov these are the same. Raising your love vibration will 100% increase your attractiveness on all levels.
  14. “One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.” ― Carl Sagan
  15. For a second I thought you said "I don't listen to rap, rap listens to me"