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  1. I totally agree with the 'trusting the inner guide'... So far, what seems 'right' to me is 5th chakra, 2-second pause, medulla, 2-second pause, 5th chakra, then back down. Also, are you guys repeating muladhara when you reach it at the end of a round before starting a new round? @onacloudynight @PsiloPutty
  2. @onacloudynight How did you come up with that- is that the technique described in an older version of the book? I'm also a bit confused by "Pause twice: Once for chakra duration at Medulla; and then before chanting as you come back down". What is the exact technique for the transition from 5th chakra to Medulla then back to 5th and down? @Leo Gura ?
  3. Thanks! I got this example from Google and thought no way am I achieving this guy's level right away
  4. Questions for those who have been practicing Kriya Yoga as instructed by Leo's recommended book... -- I'm fumbling with what to do with my hands during practice. How do you keep your hands during Ujjayi breath? -- I'm also finding it awkward to place my hands in my lap with fingers intertwined and palms down during Concentration. Any tips on what this looks/feels like when done successfully? -- Keeping my gaze directed upward at Bhrumadhya feels like I'm straining, and sometimes it results in the muscles around my eyes twitching. Doesn't feel right.. is this something that goes away over time, or am I applying too much force? *Also, what metric do I use to determine progress made during Concentration? Stillness of the mind, lack of thoughts, still body? How do I know when to move forward? Thanks