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  1. You're 18, so I'm assuming you're finishing up high school, or starting college. This is generally a good time, you have plenty of time to study and still go out on a decently regular basis. Obviously studying will come first but you still definitely have enough time to go out and socialise.
  2. The title is not exactly correct English. OP is trying to say that we shouldn't use the world "girl" for women who are 18 years or older. "Let us all stop calling women over 18, girls" would be my first guess, I don't know if you can have commas in titles though.
  3. Clubs are open 'till 6 here now. They did that because public transport only starts again at 5.
  4. But for those of us who might not be in a city with one of these groups, I'd say our best bet is to just go to bars and clubs and befriend other guys who also seem to be doing pickup.
  5. No no last week he uploaded on Sunday. It happens from time to time that he uploads a little late.
  6. Ok interesting. So far I've actually only been visiting apartments just for myself. TBH I don't really want to live with roommates, I just really reaaaally like living by myself, there's a lot of freedom in that. Also I don't really believe I need to rely on roommates to make friends in that city. Money's no issue here for me. I've found the apartments in the city center aren't that much more expensive than the one I live in right now. My salary's pretty high and real estate is just quite expensive regardless in Switzerland, especially in the "arc lémanique" (which is pretty much anywhere that's close enough to lake Leman). Yeah I've noticed that. Good location is critical for me but I'd be okay giving up either price or quality. Also I'm not actually really moving that far. I work for a bank whose HQ is halfway between Geneva and Lausanne, right now I live in the same city as the HQ but I'm moving to Lausanne, it's just a 30-minute train ride (plus however much public transport to get to the Lausanne train station, depends where I exactly end up living). Yeaaah I guess I'll see where I end up and if it's a good fit when I live in it.
  7. Hey, After watching Leo's videos on game, I've decided to move to a new city. I've already visited and applied for a few places but, as it's a big city, there are always loads of applicants. The apartment I live in right now is my first and it's in a much smaller city with really low demand so I pretty much have no experience. Do y'all have any tips?
  8. I'm not against marriage. But I am never getting married. The lifelong commitment isn't worth it to me.
  9. Aaaah thanks @blessedlion1993 this is great advice! I shall do both! You got me all hyped up!
  10. Ok I finally managed to finish the video. This was a really great one, @Leo Gura, thank you so much. I guess I have to bite the bullet but I really reaaally don't want to do cold approach. I was thinking of just meeting women via yoga classes, dance classes, special interest groups, that kind of stuff. I do realize the amount of women I'd meet that way is low but I think I'd be much more comfortable and confident in those scenarios. Thoughts, anyone?
  11. Dunno the exact number tbh, I'm still young (25) and raises and promotions have actually been coming pretty quickly, I don't believe tryharding the saving would really benefit me THAT much. It's probably somewhere like 15-20%.
  12. I'm still trying to figure it out but I think I love ... love. Love is really the most amazing thing to me about life. It is sooo incredibly powerful and fascinating to me I just ... I'm just in complete awe at how beautiful it is.
  13. I can only relay my own experience. I have no coffee machine at home or any easy way to make tea. So during lockdown last year I had no caffeine for months. Ever since, I simply can't have coffee. My heart rate goes too high, I have headaches, and I can't sleep, even when I get coffee early in the morning.
  14. I don't get why anyone wouldn't take a third shot. It's literally the same as the first two.