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  1. Hi, Thought I'd share this here and maybe get a discussion going: Gives a more rounded approach to climate change, really reframes the discussion. Love it.
  2. Not that anybody is using cryptos as actual currencies...
  3. Sooooo ... the mRNA vaccines are designed to make your cells produce the spike protein. The Novavax vaccine just introduces that spike protein directly. But the mRNA vaccines are bad?
  4. Daamn @Bojan V that's awesome! I got my second jab just 3 hours ago. Moderna. Only arm pain so far, I hope it won't get any worse.
  5. Oh this is interesting from a meta perspective.
  6. Well for now this is just a bill but this is progress and I am here for it!
  7. Got my first Moderna shot on Sunday. Only got some arm pain. Second shot might be a different story, typically it's the second shot that's worse.
  8. Hello! Just wanted to share this short story about... God. Have a nice day!
  9. Hello A few months ago, I decided to start experimenting with new meditation techniques. I started re-arranging how I would do my meditation. Yesterday, I sat down to do my usual meditation. And then, after I was done with it, I just decided to start again on a second technique directly after the first one. And then I went to a third one. What ended up happening is that I meditated for 2 hours straight, whereas usually I only do 1 hour. When I looked at the time after the meditation, I was shocked I had gone this long. I realized I had completely lost track of time there. What do you guys think about it? Do you have anything to share?
  10. Currently learning computer science in college. Looking to become a professor, but most importantly, trying to both figure out and fulfill my life purpose.
  11. I'd say any book about enlightenment and spirituality can help you. One thing though: you don't need a book to understand overthinking. You can just sit down and really contemplate overthinking, and from that you will derive understanding.
  12. I would probably end up fantasising about getting out for most of that year, to tell you the truth. But, let's imagine, very unrealistically, that I didn't. I'd cry, I'd spend most of my time purging stuck stuff. I'd feel very afraid of life. And then, if a year is long enough, I'd feel happy.
  13. When Leo did his contemplation video, I actually started contemplating my own Shadow. It was, and still is, very helpful. The general rule of thumb I have is: if I don't like it, it's in my Shadow. And, really, just becoming aware of what's in my Shadow was enough. I didn't even have to try to start liking these things.
  14. Your original question was: "are beliefs and the self-image the only limitations to personal development?" To my knowledge, no. Your upbringing, your idiosyncrasies, and what I call your mind-nature (as in, whether you're more left brain or right brain) are limitations as well. Beliefs and self-image, however, seem to be a bigger deal to many people. But, to me, lack of self-knowledge is the biggest obstacle.
  15. You guys think you'd want solitary confinement, but be careful what you wish for. It's the worst to me. On the other hand, if I had to stay in solitary for eternity, I'd eventually make peace with it.