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  1. Yea i know that but what should I do instead to solve this problem ?
  2. Hey I have already watched Leo's Fake vs Real growth video. So I have this neediness issue for girls but it has been greatly reduced due to meditation and becoming aware of it but it is still there. i even feel the need for a gf to just show off among my friends .So what is the root issue of neediness and what could be the best way to eliminate it ?
  3. I have a very high sex drive and I am single too.I think alot about sex its kind of frustrating too since i give so much priority to sex . so since Napoleon Hill was so vague in his book about the technique can anyone here explain me how sexual transmutation is really performed ?
  4. Hey guys I had this break up around 2 years back with this chick. I see her often as we are studying in same college but different branch. I know logically that its over but when I see her i feel this strange tension in my chest ,my breathing get shallow ,i start feeling low beside this i think about her in my spare time. I have followed leo's advice and worked on my self alot. I meditate everyday and it has immensely helped me dealing with the emotional pain but it has not stopped completely , i dont want to deal with this pain everyday because of her ,i want to move on and not waste any more time thinking about her.What should I do to heal myself ?
  5. So i have been meditating for more then a year now. I have being currently using the mindless meditation with labelling since a month now ,When i do use it i am not as present as i used to be when i was using meditating deeper technique. The thing is that i loose my presence when i 'savour' for 10 seconds ,whereas when i used the other technique it would make me refreshed and almost make me feel like a superhuman haha. So my question is which meditation technique do i use ? Which one of the both are powerful ? When leo says savour for 10 sec what exactly we have to do ? What i do is i just keep that thing in my awareness for 10 sec am i doing it right ?
  6. So if you read Leo's blog you will know that he was wrong about Law of attraction. So I want to know he's new opinion about it ,obviously sitting on your ass and just wishing things to work does'nt work and i have faced the repercussion of it so how do i make LOA work correctly and effectively ? and Leo now that your consciousness has increased how does it affect in attracting females i feel it must make you more authentic and thanks for everything Leo ! my growth since last year has been great.
  7. So i had this girl in my life and she was the first girl i was in love with we broke up a year back i have for the most part gotten over her but she still comes in my mind daily but there's no much emotional intensity behind it and whenever i imagine my future i still see her as my life partner how do i stop this completely ?
  8. 1.Would you ever make pickup,attraction related videos ever again ? 2. I regularly meditate (mindfulness with labeling) for 20 min but not much interested in enlightenment as i might loose the desire to have a family in future what should i do 3.what can pickup+consiousness work journey would look like in the end ?
  9. Hey guys Help me out i am having this third eye pain during meditation these days its very irritating and i couldn't sleep till 2 am few days back because of the pain Today i couldn't meditate as i felt the pain i dont want to open my eye nor go insane My meditation teachnique I use is Leo's guided meditation
  10. Wow that course will be amazing then ! I know one of his video he talked about how he's Going slow on his course and it would tAke
  11. By creative thinking u mean course on subconscious mind right ?
  12. I am waiting for it like a hungry dog 😏