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  1. @Nahm Thanks dude! Good advice, just by trying to word the question in english, it made me thinking about it. So for anyone who reads this topic, Leo explains the thing i was misunderstanding in his video: What is perception @32:00-36:00 min. Ofc you are better off watching (and rewatching) the whole video. @Truth Addict I recently watched a documentary about Sri Ramana Maharshi, it is pretty interesting if you are interested in spirituality and it might help you.
  2. @Truth Addict If i had to answer you i would say ultimately thats true, since in the end everything is one. BUT you got the main thing wrong. Your Ego is not the True Self, which is Being. Sorry i dont got too much time right now, gonna explain it better later. Or you know, Leo will explain it to you.
  3. @Leo Gura Ahaaa, i get it then. This factual error on a logical level shows me my understanding is still surface level, even tho i feel like im quite good at this pratice. This is why the forum is useful to us. Thank you!!
  4. So perception = experience - ego, right ? In which case perception = Being. But Leo said in the new What is Truth video, that Truth is not experience and is not perception either. Did he mean: 1.) Truth is not perception as a deluded materialist perceives the world, or 2.) Consciousness is not the same thing as perception, even if perception means it is already without the Ego. Like in the Screen of the TV and the movie thats being played example. P.S. (not important) I follow Leo and this forum for several years now, but this is my first post. Reason being because i always thought finding out the answer yourself is way more powerful. But of course getting teaching, help and scaffolding has a huge significance too! (Noone could find the techniques and teachings out themself with our lifestyle) So i just wanted to say Hi to everybody and thanks for being awesome - especially for Leo, you changed my life forever, but maybe i will write about this in another post. With Love - Sandroew P.S.S (also not important) I cant sleep right now because of this, but i need to go to work tomorrow (today lol). I hope you guys will clarify me this one or else i have to contemplate on this (or meditate) for a long time.