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  1. Same way as previously, just use your imagination.
  2. You think it's weird that someone else doesn't engage in illegal activities that you enjoy doing? I'm sorry, but that's just stupid.
  3. Perhaps, but you might still hugely underestimate "the levels of awakening" which are achievable without it. Yeah. But the problem here is, that it could very well be the case, that actually you would want to be able to walk around. And still, it's possible to get such unable-to-walk-satori without psychedelics too. You might have made incorrect conclusions about what is achievable without psychedelics, from your lack of achievements without them. Why do you think it's so important to you in every turn and corner to underline how much more awoke you are than everyone else?
  4. It's both easier AND funnier to play stupid!
  5. Maybe guilt is a sign that you believe you should be meditating more. And there you already answered to that. You just haven't considered that those guilt and thoughts "I should be doing this instead of that" are just a new form of ego. Instead of focusing on "how am I going to get rid of my ego" you probably should focus more on "what is ego". That first one already assumes a lot, and there's a possibility that not every one of those assumptions are correct.
  6. Thanks but that was not what I asked. Of course it's kind of trivial to notice when you're more conscious than someone who's clearly asleep, but it gets trickier. How do you know if you are more intelligent than other? If the other person is stupid, it can be easy to see, but what if you're both geniuses? But, Leo said in his video that he knows this from "subtle clues which cannot be explained to you".
  7. Ha haa, that's hilarious! Work stuff for Libra: You can perform very well, or you might worsen your performance. Having a goal may help. Also, be careful with finances! Love stuff for Libra: You can have exciting year, but to achieve it, you have to be active. There might be small clues about feelings of others. If you and your partner have a problem, talk about it. How thoroughly did you think about this? Do you feel that connection with "You can have good or bad year. Doing something to make it better can help to make it better." is with Libra or might that be something which applies to every human being? Do you have more information on what astrology originally was? That would be interesting to hear.
  8. That may be due to the fact that most people have those assumptions and for the most of the rest those things are ideas and believes. It’s same with Leos videos, he keep telling how the viewer does not understand anything from his or her current consciousness level. Sometimes it feels like maybe those things could be said in different way, but it’s easier to ignore when remember that 99% of viewers probably match the description.
  9. @Leo Gura never mind, I just watched your latest video, you had foreseen these questions.
  10. It's beside the point whether or not the contents of a statement is "correct" or not. If it was somebody shouting "you fat stupid bastard" to another one and the question was whether or not there was judgement going on, conclusion "hmm, he sure seems fat, his mother is not married and based on our conversation I would say that he is not very smart, so no judgment there, only a statement of fact" would be.. misfocused? Is that even a word?
  11. Before this goes on the wrong track: neither there nor here I made any claims about whether or not the statement was "correct", or who is more conscious or isn't. I spoke about what was going on there at the background. But, you do think that Truth is not realizable without term "Love"? In the other thread, many pointed out that same thing as you do here, that Love = Truth (= Consciousness). Nobody there answered my question: if Love = Truth, why is it not possible to point to Truth by speaking of Truth? In the end, words are words, and embodying Love do not in any way require speaking about Love. It is what it is. Words are always pointers, at best. Besides: where does Leo's embodiment of Love actually shows?
  12. Mm-m. That statement of his sounds pretty much confirmation to what I was suspecting on the other thread where I considered that his "teachers who do not speak about Love has incomplete teachings" may be ego trick - he created his attachment to concept "Love" as a reason from which he could confirm that he is more conscious than Ralston. I'm not even sure how it could be more obvious.
  13. And even more important is HONESTY. It does not even require pre-existing knowledge, but it is still required when applying knowledge on oneself. Every time I try to recall his name, Benito Mussolini comes to mind. Coincidence?! But, Leo has himself spoke in one of his videos that because he is Love, he could do any harm to anybody and it would still be pure Love. Even if he became the most evil person on planet, it would be still be fine, because everything that happens is pure Love. Or something closely along those lines. Although it's true in the absolute sense, some might argue that formulating it like that, i.e. creating that concept, might lead to that kind of behavior if there still was confusion between concepts and what is.
  14. We have a body, we have a soul, we have this and that. Okay, so we have a bunch of stuff, but what ARE we then?