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  1. I feel a great sense of peace this moment. How are you this moment? Here is a video of a master displaying a great sense of humor. Sadguru also has a great sense of humor. Sense of humor feels like it goes with some in enlightenment. Anyone else seem to have their humor improved since on the journey towards enlightenment?
  2. Anything not involved with self-actualization/consciousness turns me off And was wondering if I could benefit from not being so isolated. Definitely was judging internally and externally mostly everything 24/7 and being non accepting. Had that realization last night actually YES i have learned to push my comfort zone to help move on and push personal development. Yeah I was pretty embarrassed to admit I isolate. Your post was was extremely helpful! Always enjoy them Leo vids Thanks!
  3. I feel that mostly everything is a waste of time. And i only do things if I REALLY want to do it.
  4. Been isolating for two years now, anyone have any solutions?