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  1. Youtubing (I got a travel vlog!) Also going to university... Check out my channel by the way!
  2. I used to play a lot of video games such as: League of Legends, Dota 2, Clash of clans.... Which made my grades really low, and I finally decided to quit. After a year without touching a single game, now I decided to take a year off of school. I don't know exactly how it happened, but I travelled for a while, and when I am waiting for employmentship to support myself travel further, I found a gap in my time where there is little to do, and start playing games again. Now it's difficult for me to stop, I have to battle with the urge to play games. Even though I know that playing games is a waste of my time, and it has no use at all. Does anyone have a strategy that can help me quit? jordan wang
  3. @K VIL I had a 1.1 GPA my first semester, can totally relate to that. Turned it into a 3.7 the following
  4. So I've finally started my gap year where I am not doing anything but sit at home and: 1, work on my youtube channel 2, learn how to invest from phil town's rule one investing 3, learn how to learn better from "Become a super learner" and "rapid learner" by scott young But the thing is that: I am sitting in my room sooo much, like 10 hours per day, and I feel sick by sitting soo much. I want to improve as fast as possible by working on these things more. But when I sit for long hours like this: I feel sick and lose my motivation any suggestions? Any ways or methods that can make me gain my motivation back and spend more time on those things that I am focusing on without feeling sick? jordan
  5. @faith what do you mean lock the doors? @Deep You can't tell what my personality is just by reading a post. But thanks though, it was a boring date.
  6. @Wilm unfortunatly no, I will start doing the course again soon though, and I will tell you when i have. I'm thinking just go out and test the values out by actions, and see which ones makes me feel good. I mean you can only take it so far in side your head
  7. @TJ Reeves I sometimes compete against other people in swimming. (if someone is about the same speed as I am in an event, and I beat him, I would be really happy) Sometimes instead of doing the event that I want to do, I go for the event that I have a relative advantage in, because I want to win a metal or such. To be honest, if I want to get onto the SFU swimming team (their NCAA div 2) I can, I just have to train hard for around 1 year or so. At this point I don't even know why I am swimming, I guess it's because my parents threw me into the pool when I was 5, and I became really good at it, being pushed by the coaches that I've had. (I am also talented in swimming because of my big feet and long and narrow body, and my flexibility) Now I am finally an adult, looking back, I don't even know if I liked swimming or not. But it is the only sport at the moment that I am really good at. (but I guess I can always learn others when I find out that I like them) Are you passionate about all those sports that you've played? Can you explain in more detail that last mindset I didn't exactly get it.
  8. So I've recently cold approached this girl, got exchanged facebook contacts with her and asked her to go watch a movie with me. She agreed to go for coffee, but I had to pick her up. At first the meeting went on pretty smoothly, I joked a little bit and she laughed. But since it is our second time meeting, we soon ran out of topics. She was in my car as we drove down the beach during sunset (sounds romantic but the mood was a little bit awkward), on the car we just talked about directions and how to get to the beach (since she holds the map) At the beach we talked about some irrelevant stuff (like where have you studied before... how many languages do you speak) I knew this was bad topics to say to a girl if I want to have something happen with her, but I just couldn't find anything else. eventually we sat down on a log viewing the sunset (it was pretty) she laughed and said: are you always this nervous when you are with a girl? (I guess my body language suggested that I am nervous while i thought my voice was pretty confident) I just didn't know what to say, I was like; ".... I guess I don't know how to be confident" Things got a little bit awkward, at that point I just see this "date" going nowhere, I just bluntly asked her "do you want to kiss me?" She said NOOO, in a over-exaggerated motion. Later on she said: do you see me as that type of girl? I didn't know what to say, I just said no, tried to explain a little bit, but didn't go anywhere with the explanation. (she was wearing make up and a sexy dress on that day) (since she replied: I am free today, but busy for a long time afterwards when I initially asked her out on facebook, I thought she just wanted a quickie with me or something) Eventually I said: "I guess next time I go on a date with a girl, I have to specify it to be a date huh?" and she just turned around and left. I sort of know what I did wrong here. Can any expert analyze this situation for me? I have experienced this a couple of times before. How do I improve? I really want to be able to pick up woman. Jordan wang
  9. @Quantum Mike if you think that there is nothing original you can create, then that is the reality for you. You get what you think about. I can get a patent before other people copy me.
  10. Do anyone have experience with products of Real Social Dynamics? I am thinking of buying some of them now, I am a total beginner, any suggestions? Also is jerking off actually bad? I was into the nofap life for a month and a half, didn't notice a significant change in my anything although didn't fap for a month and a half. When I search it up on youtube, it saids that fapping relieves stress, increase the quality of the sperm, and works out the pelvic (sex) muscle. I guess that fapping is fine as long as I don't do it too much and don't watch porn while I am doing it. am i right? jordan wang
  11. @d0ornokey that's exactly what I'm trying to do right now, I'm taking the next year off so I can take massive action and start my own business. If it goes well, I might just come back to university after like: 7 years when I need it. Or never at all and just learn engineering by myself.
  12. @Edvard Knowledge is the key, your are right. But if I don't apply the knowledge that I've learned, it's like as if I haven't learned it at all, what is the use of that? If I am in university just for the sake of being "smarter and more knowledgable" and learning useless materials that doesn't matter to me anyways, what is the fun in that? For example, I am an Engineering major, I like what I can do with engineering which is create my own stuff, build and design whatever I want with it, but learning all those theory courses really sucks. For example: All those math courses, like calculus 3, I might not even need to use them even if I am an engineer. At the time I'm learning those materials, I know that I wouldn't use it after I learned it, but I just have to force myself to learn it anyway because my parents wants me to get a "degree", take a lot of bullshit courses that doesn't teach me anything useful. Seriously I hate they way the modern universities are designed, they focus so much on getting money, force students to take courses that are unneccesary.
  13. @Nahm what do you mean you look for ways to give not compete? Can you elaborate on this? LIke give me a few examples and how it had benefitted your life today
  14. I want to take massive action in life, but I don't have any income. My parents are fucking conservative, they ask me what I am spending their money on everytime I use their money, and they wouldn't lend it to me if I am taking action with their money. taking action cost money, and I want to borrow it from my parents. but they won't give anything to me if it contributes to my life purpose because they themselves didn't find their life purpose, they lived lives like two losers not taking any action at all, they don't believe that anything good can happen to me either. they want me to just go to university (in which I am in) like everyone else, and go out and work at a petty 9-5 job and retire when I am 60 like them. they want me to be passionate but they don't even know where passion came from, they think that I can get passion from going to SCHOOL!!!!! I know I am saying a lot of bad stuff about my parents here, I love them for raising me up. But seriously, I hate their negativeness, and the fact that they are trying to restrict me AS MUCH AS possible. Even though I am 19!!!!! Sometimes I feel like they have fun by restricting me from taking action, from learning more about life and my life purpose. They don't know anything, but they think they know everything. Should I just go away and live on the streets for a while, just beg for food? I mean seriously, I Need money, but I am not going to sell my kidney or anything stupid like that, I won't work at a regular job in which anyone can do. I am starting a youtube channel to spread my uniqueness and starting a company as well, but I wouldn't make money immediately off of those. I want to go as far away from them as possible, but they wouldn't support me if I want to do that, and I don't have any money at the moment... But seriously this parent thing is just a fucking excuse that my mind is telling me, I can break through the chain just just buy a plane ticket to like sahara dessert tomorrow even though I am in the middle of the semester. Life is boring AF, I feel alive only when I am taking action. But I need to study during school seasons, (which is like: 10 month per year since I am an engineer) And I just feel terrible, I feel like I am wasting my life! I want to DO A BUNCH OF RANDOM SHIT, try everything in life and find my passion, and my niche. But I'm broke AF, my parents won't support me if I am chasing my passion, and money won't come easily. (I also have no friends because I am soooo fucking weird) WHAT DO I Do? #just fucking excuses Jordan wang
  15. don't restrict yourself bro. If your close group of friends is hanging out with someone like that. it says something about your close group of friends. maybe this groups of friends is not worth hanging out with at all. maybe you can spend time by yourself for a while, or just try to change social group. (don't make it too obvious) or you can just stop hanging out with him and treat other people in your group the same and see what happens. experiment.