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  1. WE NEED TO GET LEO ON THE JOE ROGAN EXPERIENCE PODCAST!!! I'm so certain that these two would hit it off with the most interesting things to discuss, and since joerogans fans have similar interest as Leo's fans, it would be a complete exchange/merging of information and ideas..
  2. I was watching Zeena and Nikolas Shreck vs Bob Larson part two yesterday..and they spoke of this topic. Nikolas said all of the information gathered and stored and imprinted in your DNA will be returned to your higher self after your death, although it is a popular belief in the LHP that if you follow Abrahamism, everything that is you; your psyche, personality, being, whatever you want to call yourself will cease to be and you will become nothing due to your submission to the universe and the Abrahamic egregore on the astral plane using the information you've gathered here as it's own energy source. This popular LHP belief also proposes that the white light is actually a trap that lures RHP followers into the battery, and that those who have followed the occult and evolved themselves spiritually will be prepared to traverse the after life realm with their astral body (through programming their chakras and mastering astral projection) and return this sacred information and stored data to their higher self, and potentially ending the process of reincarnation, and existing eternally. Speaking of Alan Watts, I'm reading his book The Book on the taboo....and he mentionsthis idea of black nothingness after you die, and says that people create afterlife ideas simply because they cannot fathom and wrap their heads around the idea of non existence I also think it's important to note that while some ideas of death and the afterlife sound more plausible and may fit ones paradigm more than others, and regardless of what a god/deity tells you, what you read or hear from some spiritual master, or what revelations or epiphanies you have about death, no one knows for sure what the fuck is going to happen, or if anything is. The expectation that a "something" is going to happen is based on faith, and we should all make the most of this eternal moment now, and this one life never to be repeated in history again (that I'm sure of) the fact you or I or Leo even exist is such a miracle and is beautiful for no reason but that it exists, and if you've read this, you are lucky beyond most people's understanding
  3. All of the meditations and techniques on this site were dictated to the High Priest by Azazel and Enki. They are most effective in stimulating astral energy and unlocking psychic abilities. Proceed with caution.
  4. This was beautiful. ^ My family hunts because we are farmers. Hunters need to keep the deer and groundhog populations down because they will eat their crops. We try to use natural foul smelling agents lined across the perimeter of the fields that keep the deer away, but sometimes it fails. Most hunters eat all of the meat that they can and keep their antlers. In my most enlightened days I would never kill an animal, but as I move down the path I see that it's a part of life. What is chaos to the fly is normal for the spider...
  5. @Lynnel thank you so much! I totally misspoke. Are you and I also on the same page in believing that these advanced beings called "demons" are not the boogeymen that Abrahamics make them out to be? (Of course there are definitely malevolent beings on the astral plane..its just been misconstrued)
  6. If the self is an illusion and does not exist, why are we trying to "actualize" the self? This seems like an oxymoron; self improvement on a self which doesn't exist..its merely a concept created by the ego
  7. What is the apex level of consciousness and development that one can attain? What does that feel like, is this concept even real? Can one go past self actualization, if so how do you know?
  8. The demons of the Goetia are not these malevolent beings that they were painted as, they are human loving entities that only wish to help humanity! The word demon comes from the Latin "daemon" meaning "teacher/demonstrator" That's why when we say someone is instructing, they are DEMONstrating what to do. The leader of this group of beings whom created humanity is known as Enki. His brother is Enlil. They created humanity for scientific studies, and merged their DNA with ours. Many of the beings of this race completely disagreed with the doing of Enki, and opposed him and his followers. (Kind of like we do with democrats republicans). Imagine if we gave a primate our DNA and it was able to think advanced, talk, dance, create...many would call it an Abomination, but many would support it. The group that opposed humanity's creation are known as Angels. At first, Enlil was against humanity, and created a plan to destroy us. This was the invention of Abrahamism, and was designed to suppress spiritual knowledge. Enlils brother Enki eventually convinced Enlil (also known as Beezelbub, The jade emperor) into siding with humanity, but there was one being who hated humanity. This was Michael (known as Archangel Michael) he took Enlils plan if Abrahamism and helped popularize it to the high priests of humanity. All spiritual knowledge was mostly lost (except for those in the mystery schools still in contact with Enki) with the creation of the Abrahamic faiths. Wars, barbarianism, whatever you name it were created because of the angels. The angels appear to humans as these benevolent beautiful white light beings. This couldn't be further than the truth. They trick, deceive, and want humanity to fail. It's all part of a political debate involving Enki (also known as EA, Malik T'aus).
  9. Try out they will teach you cognitive behavioral skills and have free online meetings and a 24/7 chat with people who are addicted to and who have overcame what you are currently
  10. @thetrut11 I try not to control it at all. It becomes harder. I simply observe, return to my breathe, and accept that the emotion is there. I try not to judge it nor change the emotion. I simply become a spectator and allow it to process through my central nervous system. I surrender control
  11. @thetrut11 thanks! R u a 9/11 conspiracy theorist by chance
  12. I was addicted to injecting speedballs (coke/crack and heroin) and meth and benzos since 15. Haven't used in a few months.
  13. 19. February 15th. A TRUE Aquarian even when Serpentius is in effect
  14. Why would you not really be alive? What is the classical sense you refer to?