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  1. isn't it scientific fact that all is one though? like on an actual physical level all that is though seemingly separate was at one time comprised of one thing (pre big bang), but even now, all phsycial things are attached, the theory of relativity proves this, no?
  2. @Nahm ?
  3. Is Leo’s new video “Why Brains Dont exist” solipsistic?
  4. Leo recommended the following techniques as methods to break addiction: The Do nothing Method Mindfulness meditation Strong Determination Sitting Existential Investigation I am educated on mindfulness meditation and have watched his videos on it. I will get back in the habit of doing 15 minutes a day of open eyed mindfulness meditation where I observe my senses. I want more information on the other three techniques. Can someone please direct me to the videos that deal with this and possibly offer me more information on these, please (:
  5. I am 19. I am an IV heroin/cocaine addict since 15. Those two are the most crippling of my many addictions. I have restarted an amazing prescription drug called Suboxone yesterday, and whilst getting back into the practice of self actualization (see previous posts—I used to be somewhat active on here before my relapse), I started studying Leo’s videos again. I have thoroughly attempted the 12 step program, studied the Alcoholics Anonymous textbook (a collection of stories of the pioneers of AA and how it came about, what it is what is it’s purpose and then more stories of recovered addicts/alcoholics are enclosed) I have also been forced by rehabs to attend literally hundreds, possibly a thousand or so meetings, I have to speak up for 12 steps, though I am on the fence about if it’s for me still. In his video titled “Overcoming Addiction- The Root Cause of Every Addiction” starting at around 33:00, Leo begins speaking, seemingly from inexperience and misinformation about 12 step programs. I felt that he did not even read the actual twelve steps before making this statement about twelve step programs. “You can enroll in a twelve step program...” False- you do not enroll in a twelve step program. You just go to a meeting (usually in the basement of a church) and sit down, it’s free. U can opt to make that meeting ur “home group”, but u only sign ur first name on a loosely kept and rarely ever checked list usually written on some piece of loose leaf kept in a folder. “...and they’ll give you a lot of great techniques and that will be great...” I honestly cannot think of one technique for breaking addiction other than the one solution they offer you, which is living by the twelve steps. That’s literally the only technique. And it is a spiritual way of life, not a technique. “..but they don’t give you the big picture because they don’t understand it themselves...” “Your mission is not just to quit an addiction, and that’s the only real mission that a 12 step program will give you, they’ll say ‘okay let’s have you quit this addiction, and then we’ll replace this bad addiction with some good addictions” Completely utterly false. Having read, studied, been taught and lived the entire AA program in the past, I can assure you this is entirely 100% false. They only teach you about the twelve steps. They say by surrendering to a higher power (the universe, god, etc) and by ridding yourself of all the negative character defects primarily FEAR, EGOTISM/SELF CENTEREDNESS, LYING, ANGER, etc and by undoing all of your wrong doings wherever possible, and then by practicing meditation and prayer “to increase our conscious contact with God as we understood him” and the main part of what they say solves an addiction: Literally the main part, and Leo literally teaches’s literally the last step... “Having has a SPIRITUAL AWAKENING AS THE RESULT OF THESE STEPS, we carried our message to other alcoholics and practiced these PRINCIPLES in ALL of our AFFAIRS. The program simplified down is this: “Get help from spiritually awakened people, and then when you yourself are spiritually awakened through living these spiritual principles we are about to show you how to live, THEN you help someone who is currently suffering in what your shoes felt like when you came in” He goes onto say “there’s a very big difference between playing defense and playing offense, in a twelve step program you’re playing defense you’re not playing offense. You’re not trying to become the best human being you can possibly be [uhmmmm no these suffering addicts literally are trying through these steps I see them try so hard I literally was just trying for my life to reach apotheosis while in a twelve step phase] Defense can be good, but it’s not as good as what I’m telling you here. You can take the techniques from the twelve step program [you actually can’t, it’s literally ‘dedicate your life to living under the spiritual principles we lay out, or you can leave on your own accord and try it your way again’] but have the mission to be self actualized. But what you are telling people there is simply wrong. And it’s kind of hurtful to those in AA. And the whole video was great, and I truly respect love and honor you Leo, but I feel as though I have a duty to all those who’ve helped me in twelve steps, almost as if they were giving their life to help save mine, and to carry their message to this other SPIRITUAL group, and correct this incorrect info Leo said in this video. Though Leo and lean far left hand path, and AA more-so the right hand path, let’s look at the similarities...starting with the leaders. One was named Bill Wilson and one is Leo Gura. Both are very into psychedelic compounds. Bill Wilson had his first spiritual awakening with the Belladonna Treatment in a hospital, where he saw a white light and immediately had a spiritual experience while tripping. He immediately wrote down his experience and came up with the program and over half of the twelve steps. He right away began helping people in the very hospital he came in for treatment, and essentially tasted enlightenment. He then went on to HEAVILY experiment with a little known compound called LSD, and tripped numerous times for SPIRITUAL PURPOSES with some of the greatest minds of the time, one being Aldous Huxley, author of The Doors of Perception. Both mess around with consciousness work and mystical experiences. Bill was adept at meditation and was into ouija and channeling, and supposedly channeled the twelve steps from a spirit monk that claimed to be a deceased monk during a seance in his home, he held seances a lot. Bill got into what they called back then “witchcraft”. Both use a triangle as their symbol...which AA describes its spiritual meaning and how each side represents a certain thing. Both groups are just people looking for help, both groups encourage growing to your apex. Idk I’m just trying to say that AA, though a basic spiritual program compared to more left hand paths. He goes on to say “don’t quit ur drug because of a negative reason [trying to say AA gives u a negative reason to quit] you need a positive reason. And the most positive reason is to become self actualized. It’s not about fixing problems it’s about living life to it’s fullest. This is a very different attitude...” AA gives you both. They say if you don’t transform, you will stay stuck in your addiction, and that only leads to jails, institution, insanity, and death. But they literally prove to u how people can come from being so broken to living a truly spiritual life and even help others. It is almost entirely a spirtual, semi religious group, that seems to outsiders like it’s not spirtual, in order to attract people who want nothing to do with God or spirituality (drug addicts) The goal of the program, is FREEDOM. not from just your addiction, but from your ego and negativity. opioids (and to a large part in this order amphetamines/cocaine/prescription pills and alcohol...but especially opioids...) are a HUGE issue in this country, and it’s taking the nation by storm faster than ever before. So when an addict goes to rehab, literally 90% of rehabs say if they want to live, to go to a twelve step meeting the day they get out, to raise their hand and ask for help. There is literally a meeting EVERY SINGLE NIGHT you are forced to attend at the rehab where outside speakers who have been through the twelve steps. I advocate for SMARTrecovery as well, but twelve steps can truly transform you from the inside out if you choose to live by it. This one Leo was totally wrong on and it needed to be addressed. 1. We admitted that we were powerless over our addiction, that our lives had become unmanageable. 2. We came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity. 3. We made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him. 4. We made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves. 5. We admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs. 6. We were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character. 7. We humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings. 8. We made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all. 9. We made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others. 10. We continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it. 11. We sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out. 12. Having had a spiritual awakening as a result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to addicts, and to practice these principles in all our affairs.
  6. I used to always see that mason G symbol that has the rulers...used to see it on every acid trip vividly
  7. WE NEED TO GET LEO ON THE JOE ROGAN EXPERIENCE PODCAST!!! I'm so certain that these two would hit it off with the most interesting things to discuss, and since joerogans fans have similar interest as Leo's fans, it would be a complete exchange/merging of information and ideas..
  8. I was watching Zeena and Nikolas Shreck vs Bob Larson part two yesterday..and they spoke of this topic. Nikolas said all of the information gathered and stored and imprinted in your DNA will be returned to your higher self after your death, although it is a popular belief in the LHP that if you follow Abrahamism, everything that is you; your psyche, personality, being, whatever you want to call yourself will cease to be and you will become nothing due to your submission to the universe and the Abrahamic egregore on the astral plane using the information you've gathered here as it's own energy source. This popular LHP belief also proposes that the white light is actually a trap that lures RHP followers into the battery, and that those who have followed the occult and evolved themselves spiritually will be prepared to traverse the after life realm with their astral body (through programming their chakras and mastering astral projection) and return this sacred information and stored data to their higher self, and potentially ending the process of reincarnation, and existing eternally. Speaking of Alan Watts, I'm reading his book The Book on the taboo....and he mentionsthis idea of black nothingness after you die, and says that people create afterlife ideas simply because they cannot fathom and wrap their heads around the idea of non existence I also think it's important to note that while some ideas of death and the afterlife sound more plausible and may fit ones paradigm more than others, and regardless of what a god/deity tells you, what you read or hear from some spiritual master, or what revelations or epiphanies you have about death, no one knows for sure what the fuck is going to happen, or if anything is. The expectation that a "something" is going to happen is based on faith, and we should all make the most of this eternal moment now, and this one life never to be repeated in history again (that I'm sure of) the fact you or I or Leo even exist is such a miracle and is beautiful for no reason but that it exists, and if you've read this, you are lucky beyond most people's understanding
  9. All of the meditations and techniques on this site were dictated to the High Priest by Azazel and Enki. They are most effective in stimulating astral energy and unlocking psychic abilities. Proceed with caution.
  10. This was beautiful. ^ My family hunts because we are farmers. Hunters need to keep the deer and groundhog populations down because they will eat their crops. We try to use natural foul smelling agents lined across the perimeter of the fields that keep the deer away, but sometimes it fails. Most hunters eat all of the meat that they can and keep their antlers. In my most enlightened days I would never kill an animal, but as I move down the path I see that it's a part of life. What is chaos to the fly is normal for the spider...
  11. @Lynnel thank you so much! I totally misspoke. Are you and I also on the same page in believing that these advanced beings called "demons" are not the boogeymen that Abrahamics make them out to be? (Of course there are definitely malevolent beings on the astral plane..its just been misconstrued)
  12. If the self is an illusion and does not exist, why are we trying to "actualize" the self? This seems like an oxymoron; self improvement on a self which doesn't exist..its merely a concept created by the ego
  13. What is the apex level of consciousness and development that one can attain? What does that feel like, is this concept even real? Can one go past self actualization, if so how do you know?
  14. The demons of the Goetia are not these malevolent beings that they were painted as, they are human loving entities that only wish to help humanity! The word demon comes from the Latin "daemon" meaning "teacher/demonstrator" That's why when we say someone is instructing, they are DEMONstrating what to do. The leader of this group of beings whom created humanity is known as Enki. His brother is Enlil. They created humanity for scientific studies, and merged their DNA with ours. Many of the beings of this race completely disagreed with the doing of Enki, and opposed him and his followers. (Kind of like we do with democrats republicans). Imagine if we gave a primate our DNA and it was able to think advanced, talk, dance, create...many would call it an Abomination, but many would support it. The group that opposed humanity's creation are known as Angels. At first, Enlil was against humanity, and created a plan to destroy us. This was the invention of Abrahamism, and was designed to suppress spiritual knowledge. Enlils brother Enki eventually convinced Enlil (also known as Beezelbub, The jade emperor) into siding with humanity, but there was one being who hated humanity. This was Michael (known as Archangel Michael) he took Enlils plan if Abrahamism and helped popularize it to the high priests of humanity. All spiritual knowledge was mostly lost (except for those in the mystery schools still in contact with Enki) with the creation of the Abrahamic faiths. Wars, barbarianism, whatever you name it were created because of the angels. The angels appear to humans as these benevolent beautiful white light beings. This couldn't be further than the truth. They trick, deceive, and want humanity to fail. It's all part of a political debate involving Enki (also known as EA, Malik T'aus).