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  1. Basically the nutcase off the movie Sunshine by Danny Boyle. Sounds good to me. "Call no man good, only God is good." Being excluded from that Neutral, is best, but not passive.
  2. You could try woofing or volunteering on farms. Vancouver island is nice, I was there 5 years a go or so, worked on a small Lavender farm for accommodation while backpacking around. Unless you're going to marry someone rich or go full out autarky(self-sufficiency), what market you sell to is very important. @CocoloveI suppose if you want to live the good life regardless, you need a budget in mind as your seed capital, and a time frame.
  3. The only thing that exists is Mind and Identity(not to be confused with Egoic labels).
  4. Only issue, is when it becomes political, zero-sum. Which is virtually everything. "For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?" What did you read into, specifically?
  5. @abrakamowse Anything Interesting? I heard the Tibetan book of the dead was referenced by Jung, having a link to the Mandala. -------------------------- On the Seventh Day, the Knowledge-Holding Deities, from the holy paradise realms, come to receive on. Simultaneously, the pathway to the brute world, produced by the obscuring passion, stupidity, also cometh to receive one. The setting-face-to-face at that time is, calling the deceased by name, thus: O nobly-born, listen undistractedly. On the Seventh Day the vari-coloured radiance of the purified propensities will come to shine. Simultaneously, the Knowledge-Holding Deities, from the holy paradise realms, will come to receive one. From the centre of the Circle [or Mandala], enhaloed in radiance of rainbow light, the supreme Knowledge-Holding [Deity], the Lotus Lord of Dance, the Supreme Knowledge-Holder Who Ripens Karmic Fruits, radiant with all the five colours, embraced by the [Divine] Mother, the Red Dākinī, [he] holding a crescent knife and a skull [filled] with blood, dancing and making the mudrā of fascination, [with his right hand held] aloft, will come to shine. ------------------------- Sounds like Satan.... Red Dragon. ------------------- Therefore, to the abbots [or discipline-holders], to the doctors, and to those mystics who have failed in their vows, and to all the common people, this Thödol is indispensable. But those who have meditated upon the Great Perfection and the Great Symbol will recognize the Clear Light at the moment of death; and, obtaining the Dharma-Kāya, all of them will be such as not to need the reading of this Thödol. By recognizing the Clear Light at the moment of death, they also will recognize the visions of the Peaceful and the Wrathful during the Chönyid Bardo, and obtain the Sambhoga-Kāya; or, recognizing during the Sidpa Bardo, obtain the Nirmāna-Kāya; and, taking birth on the higher planes, will, in the next rebirth, meet with this Doctrine, and then enjoy the continuity of karma. Therefore, this Thödol is the doctrine by which Buddhahood may be attained without meditation; the doctrine liberating by the hearing [of it] alone; the doctrine which leadeth brings of great evil karma on the Secret Path; the doctrine which produceth differentiation instantaneously [between those who are initiated into it and those who are not]: being the profound doctrine which Conferreth Perfect Enlightenment instantaneously. Those sentient beings who have been reached by it cannot go to the unhappy states. This [doctrine] and the Tahdol [doctrine], when joined together being like unto a mandala of gold inset with turquoise, combine them. Thus, the indispensable nature of the Thödol being shown, there now cometh the setting-face-to-face with the dawning of the Wrathful [Deities] in the Bardo. -------------------- So the person fucked up in someway, but got reincarnated. ------------ After the 7th Day. Not so happy. Does God Ever rest? There ain't no rest for the wicked. 28 days later.
  6. There "is" only 2 ways a society can go Prosocial or Eusocial selection. Eusocial is where people band together in a hierarchy, High Tory(literally means bandit). Which has the affect of concentrating wealth through conformity and networking. In a royal class or dictatorship of the proletariat, in hive form. Communism is the most developed of the systems. Marxian Republic Dictatorship, Stalinist Centralisation, Or Trotsky Democratic means. Prosocial is where resources and technology are distributed in society, and not concentrated in a few. Like Tesla not patenting and charging royalties on the early methods of AC electric generation. A person in the Overclass has incentive to stay for the networking effects & conformity of material wealth, through their connections. A person in the underclass has material incentive to sellout and join the Overclass. Best for humanity would be Overclass defection and Underclass adherence. The opposite is currently the case. As humanity moves towards a Tech singularity, with it's unsustainable population maintained with fossil fuels, or the withholding of technology. Sorting people may already establish a hierarchy of sorts.
  7. There's some audiobooks by Emmanuel Swedenborg on audible, a guy with an I.Q around 200. Says that hell exists. I listened to a few samples, although the audio quality is not the best. Also there are more contemporary people with people that believe or have seen hell, with 200 I.Qs Christopher Langan or Nikola Tesla. The Trinitarianist Doctrine of 3 Gods. Was implemented after the Council of Constantinople, moving away from Monotheism. Cosmological/Cognitive as a comprehensive, but not complete definition of God. Mind = Reality. You may try to escape Karma, which is why salvation is important.
  8. If you are looking for minimal work, I wouldn't have thought farming to be it. Forest gardening, might be easier with a small nursery. Even if you automate, if you're not watching it things can go out of hand. I heard a story from a shepherd in Portugal, about a chicken farmer that went on holiday, when he came back all the chickens were dead, as the water had stopped working. For income, location & market is important. There's an Urban farmer, Curtis Stone, who grows salads in Kelowna, Canada. But that's one of the most expensive cities.
  9. Matthew 23:9 And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.
  10. He might have went to hell. I don't believe that Trinitiarianism is correct. It wasn't the prevalent view in the Holy Land after the crucifixion, Modalism was, before it was eradicated by the Church. Trinitarianism. 3 Persons who are God, but also 1 God. Modalism Monarchianism. 3 Aspects. Father(Time) Son(object) HolySpirit(Space). Acts 5 3 But Peter said, Ananias, why hath Satan filled thine heart to lie to the Holy Ghost, and to keep back part of the price of the land? 4 Whiles it remained, was it not thine own? and after it was sold, was it not in thine own power? why hast thou conceived this thing in thine heart? thou hast not lied unto men, but unto God. 5 And Ananias hearing these words fell down, and gave up the ghost: and great fear came on all them that heard these things.
  11. All of that is projection. What exactly is your metaphysic? Anarchy is nowhere. Utopia, means nowhere.
  12. Why can't we be friends. Why can't we be friends.
  13. 1) Military Dictatorship. (Worst, Best case scenario) 2) Aristocratic Whiggism. OR a Succession of States. New Republics (Better Scenario) 3) Local Jeffersonian Democracy. (With Global Nuclear, Biochemical Disarmament) The next POTUS election is the last one where a Republican President can win. Demographically. Blacks, Hispanics, Asians. Vote overwhelmingly Democrat. White men the only demographic reliably votes Republican. Hilary Got more votes than Trump. If Bernie Sanders was given the nomination despite having more votes.... Could well have been President Bernie Sanders instead. Worst case, but highly possible scenario "1984" made real. Tiny Elite the 0.001% That makes all the Bureaucratic decisions, due to Technology and Computerisation.
  14. @Norbert Lennartz Well since the thread is about Politics. Why not throw some ideas out there, if only for entertainment. If you think Libertarianism is Good then say so. There should be no state period. If you're going to throw out Robinson Crusoe, knowing some background to the book is useful. Not what you think it should be about. I suppose if the islands were deficient in minerals and ultimately meat. Some may end up resorting to Cannibalism, Caribbean is where the word comes from, also the word taboo. I suppose without modern technology and a lack of capital. If they want to sustain a colony. They eat the residents before they reach 40.
  15. In the book Robinson Crusoe was a slave Trader. When he was stranded he wishes for a Slave and not female company. Ends up selling a Moorish prisoner to Portuguese Slave traders, on the condition of being freed if he converts to Christianity with a decade. I know that because I was reading through a review of 18th Century Literature. What political system do you suggest again?
  16. There are only 2 outcomes: 1) Tech Singluarity. Eusocial Selection. Hive Colony like Ants. Hierarchical. 2) Human Singularity.(Omega Point) Prosocial Selection. Heterarchy Left Libertarianism: Smoke pot, open borders, go live on a compound. Right Libertarianism: Non Aggression Principle and Property Rights are paramount! Until it's a lifeboat scenario, or someone bigger comes along. Objectivism: Bioshock. Ride rough shod, over the weak. The strong will prevail. Conservatism: Total Fail. Socialism: Hierarchy. A Royal(Select) class managing the system. Tory(Banditry). Whiggism: Heterarchy. Aiming to increase an Aristocratic Class in number. And raise the intelligence of all people.
  17. @ValiantSalvatore Well the article you referenced showed he was a proven liar and hypocrite, about sexual matters from multiple witnesses. It's not a private matter to Gandhi, but actively selling his lies. To say that he was an innocent lamb about the partition of India with estimates of 1 to 2 million dead, 10 to 12 million displaced. When there would have been many many people who could have been consulted about a peaceful transition and transportation provided. Doesn't work.
  18. @ValiantSalvatore What else does he need to do? How high do the bodies, have to stack? A person that is convinced, even if a liar, is going to convince. Emotionally, if charisma or zeal is there people follow regardless. Unless they have sound logic. Without connection to God, all is secondhand observation.
  19. @Norbert Lennartz If going with the cosmological position of reality, which I do, everything is thinking.(except Satan) The Mind of God. But in order for thinking to occur, something needs to be fixed. The question is how does your thinking fit in. To not think at all, is to be anti-teleological, i.e Satan. In the only, and most narrow sense.