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  1. Yes. But I do not understand it.
  2. What about claiming a belief in Atheism? You're refuting something.
  3. The best politician for all would be something that approximates the Grim Reaper. Where as if he were Santa Clause, someone would feel jealous and the goods have to come from somewhere, either a legion of Elfs, or Chinese & Indian Sweatshop workers. Although electing the Grim Reaper would infringe on free-will. Even as he reaps what is sown. I suppose if India and Pakistan get into a nuclear exchange over Kashmir. Either enjoy the fireworks, or team up with the biggest thug on the block in the chaos. If not, maybe China will go full tyrant when it can, their language is connotated and not denotated. Even if a person is not conscious, they can still sleepwalk and perform tasks. Even drive a car.
  4. If the Ego takes responsibility, then no. I think it's more about finding out why you made the choices you did. A person makes many choices unconsciously and consciously. In sports and in life.
  5. @Yog A consumption tax, rather than an income tax. As resources are finite. High Tax on gasoline. Plastic products. Electronics. Luxury goods. Chemicals. Entertainment retail. Match tariffs in proportion to a nations GNP per capita. Similar GNP per capita, no Tariffs. Massive tariffs on poorer countries. No taxes on farming produce, or the issuing of subsides. No Property or Council tax. Pay as you go garbage collection barcodes on sacks or microchipped. An inheritance tax. No state school system. National service scheme. Tree planting, fire fighting, military, police and social care.
  6. @AnthonyR Space-Time as a non-duality, does not exist at the microscopic level. "Nature abhors a vacuum."
  7. Should be "know" you. In my previous post, my bad.
  8. Quantity(Economic and efficient). Survival in cold climates, dense energy reserve in the form of butter or cheese. @Billy Shears
  9. I figure it has a metaphysical implications. I mean why not go through every letter of the Greek Alphabet. Alpha's being diehard objectivists consciously or not, A is A. Beta's more subjectivists.
  10. @jim123 Eastern Orthodox or Hinduism. "Image of God."(a projection of God/divine energy, teleology) Distributed Solipsism. Jainism. Trans-Theist. The darkside. You are god. Attain "Christ Consciousness", blaspheme of the Holy spirit. (unforgiveable sin). As for forgiveness(or prophecy) to be possible, time must be recursive. Better not step, on even an ant, although if you do, what's a few more.... The thing with Trinity Christians, is what God are they talking about? Father, Son, Spirit. All three at once? Eastern Orthodox, sidesteps it a bit with a panentheistic model of reality.
  11. Not entirely sure. I remember something from an anthology on the Pali Canon. That said you are vain because you like and dislike. I suppose push on, and take a holistic approach. Like riding a bike, if you try and think about everything when you start, you'll keep falling off.
  12. @noip It shouldn't matter. But as I don't you, I can't have an opinion. Try being bold, if you post anonymously what does it matter. What are you looking to get by asking the question?
  13. The opposite would be something like. “I am the spirit that negates. And rightly so, for all that comes to be Deserves to perish wretchedly; 'Twere better nothing would begin. Thus everything that that your terms, sin, Destruction, evil represent— That is my proper element.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Faust.
  14. A Trinity Christian(All Major Denominations). God as 3 Persons(Gods...). Father, Son, Holy Ghost. Monarchian Modalism.(No Denominations) God as 3 Aspects. Time, Space and Object. Pantheist: Time & Space. Pentecostal Oneness (Modalist/Pantheist). Having multiple Christs. Is Anti-Christ. Only one being can be co-substantial with time. To have more than one would fracture reality. Is tantamount to Blaspheme and can not be forgiven.
  15. Yes there is freewill, but it's not for granted. There is only so many ways causality can work. To a Pantheist, which is true, there is no freewill. If made in the image of God, there is freewill.
  16. Looks like you have some solid points there. "Conquered, we conquer." -----------------
  17. @Revolutionary Think Similar to the ancient Chinese tradition of paying a doctor before you get ill, or to keep you healthy. So grants could be revoked for refusal or inability to do service to the state. As opposed to raising a feudal levy. The more efficient system, given the arid nature of Anatolia's sparse settlements, numerical and physical prowess of nomad warriors. Local superiority, being a major advantage. Plus not wanting to be raped and murdered by invading tribals.
  18. @Revolutionary Think There was a system called "pronoia." instituted in the Eastern Roman Empire as opposed to Feudalism. Also the opposite of paranoia.
  19. The term probably has links to Liberia which tried to emulate whiggism, as a country for freed Afro-American slaves or copied the name for their political party. They were a small political faction, considered antithetical to royal authority. William Daniel Defoe (Moll Flanders, Robinson Crusoe) was a member, I think they also had a good number of historians and original authors. Now gone, although Toryism(Literally meaning Banditry, or the modern Conservative Party) exists, for now.
  20. @Revolutionary Think Pre-Revolutionary War Libertarianism. Has it's roots in Whiggism. Contemporary Libertarianism. Divorces God from Liberalism and runs into a subject/object duality. Ayn Rands Objectivism. Von Mises Subjective Theory of Value.