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  1. This site has a nice overview
  2. @Hellspeed Then tell us about this insight?
  3. I can't find the article right now but I have read an article that adding a little radish seed would also be very beneficial to increase the concentration of sulforaphane
  4. Thank you, guys!
  5. So I have decided to sprout my own broccoli sprouts to get the benefits from the amazing compound, sulforaphane. A lot of dealers on the internet gets good reviews, but the sprouting percent between each batch seems to vary a lot because the dealers get them from different distributors. hmmm.... Can any recommend a good source for buying broccoli sprouts with a consistent good sprouting percent? @pluto, @Michael569
  6. Where to find a high quality shilajit product to an affordable price? I was going for this:, but the company is totally out of stock I have tried to give it a search an google, but I think it is hard to find the a proper product... Any ideas? @pluto
  7. @Feel Good This site has a lot of information about detox with focus on the lymph and kidney system: Fx. how to kick-start your kidney to filter properly. The site is made by a fan of Dr. Morse. Dr. Morse has a ton of herbs that together with raw food can speed up the healing process. Herbs recommended by Dr. Morse that you can buy in your general grocery store are: Juniper Berry Juniper Berry is considered one of the great kidney herbs. It has a very strong action upon the kidneys. Use caution in cases of extreme kidney damage. It is anti-inflammatory and has some anti-spasmodic properties. It has antiseptic properties, which are useful in killing fungi, bacteria and yeasts. Great for UTIs (urinary tract infections) and parasitic overgrowths in the GI tract. It is also a naturaldiuretic, and relieves excess water. Said to aid in restoring the pancreas, and beneficial in cases of diabetes, as it has natural insulin properties. Scientific name: Juniperus communis or species Parts used: Usually the berries, also the oil (from the berries and wood), leaves, bark. Actions: Anodyne, antiseptic, aromatic, carminative, diaphoretic, diuretic, emmenagogue, stimulant, stomachic. Parsley A tremendous herb for the urinary tract and adrenal glands. Has a strengthening and cleansing effect upon the bladder and kidneys. High in chlorophyll, therefore it enhances the blood and cleans and moves the lymphatics.Excellent for heavy metal and chemical toxicity. Enhances nerve and heart function. Superb for the endocrine glands. Increases the iron-carrying capacity of the blood. Used to fight infections. Used in cases of jaundice and dropsy (edema). Excellent for upper respiratory congestion and infections. Also used in conjunctivitis and inflammation of the eyelids. Scientific name: Petroselinum sativum Parts used: Whole herb; leaves, root and seeds. Actions: Antiperiodic (juice), antispasmodic, aperient, aromatic, carminative (seeds), culinary, diuretic, emmenagogue (seeds), febrifuge (seeds), tonic, vulnerary.
  8. Thx Yep I meant whole wheat
  9. Whole grain is the same as regular grain. It still contains the peptides which give the autoimmune diseases. So avoid that as well. I have switched to quinoa, buckwheat, and black rice, which has also have much higher values of trace minerals. Try compare fx. pasta with these 3 at Quinoa and buckwheat are also alkalines compared to grain which is acidic. An alkaline body heals much better.
  10. Great question! I do not know. But would also like to hear some thoughts. But why do you think that enlightenment equals happiness? Enlightenment is the end of suffering - not eternal happiness Happiness is a state and Nothingness is the stateless-state
  11. Thank for the recommendation
  12. Hello from Copenhagen, Denmark
  13. You are not the body.. It is just phenomenon. You can not feel infinity, because it is just another phenomenon. you ARE infinity!