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  1. Hello from Copenhagen, Denmark
  2. You are not the body.. It is just phenomenon. You can not feel infinity, because it is just another phenomenon. you ARE infinity!
  3. @Privet, thx again. I will give all your inputs a try
  4. Thx for the input, Privet! When I am in quiet environments I can see that I have nothing to do with thought. Furthermore I can see that thoughts consist of inner voices, inner images etc, and they come and go from nowhere. I hope it makes sense, cause english is not my first language as you can see. But I will try to improve my noting! Should I also try to notice the nothing between my thoughts? And what about awareness? the "nothing" occurs within my awareness? or?
  5. Hello! I have been doing 30-60 min of self-inquiry every day for a month now. I would appreciate if some could tell me, if i'm on the right path or not 1. I start with my eyes open and look at my body. Am I the foot? Am I the leg? What if I cut of the leg? Will that leg still be a part of me? 2. Then I start to open og close my eye for at few times. With closed eyes the body doesn't exist, but I am still there? So why do I think that I am the body? 3. Then I sit with closed eyes. And I ask: Who am I? Am I some of the remaining phenomenons? The changing colour in my sight? The sounds? The feelings? And how can I know that I am these or not? Or maybe I am the sphere within the phenomenon is occuring? I have been stucked on this level for at good time. 4. Then yesterday I sat with closed eye and was asking again frustrated What is left? Sight? Sounds? feelings? maybe awareness? For fuck sake there is "nothing" more. Then it hit me that I have always thought that nothing was the opposite to phenomenon... Like something that is between phenomenon. But maybe nothing is a phenomenon/object that is just non-existing? So I tried to sense the phenomenon of nothing between my thoughts, behind the feeling of my back and under my butt. And then I asked: if this emptiness/nothingness is not the body or mind, where does it end? I would be glad for any input
  6. It is expanding/increasing your awareness. I have used holsync for 4-5 weeks now. It has expanded my awareness more, compared to the whole preceding year. But that just my experience- try itfor your self. But I would recommend not to use those on youtube. Go read the science behind it and dont be cheap. I paid a lot money for just the first 4 month, but it is totally worth it. And as Leo says the bineural beat won't do all the heavy lifting for you. For example I have becommed more aware of my feelings and how I judge the people around me, how the food tastes, etc... But dont settle for just that. Dig into it, now your are aware of it! Yesterday I looked at a fat person, and normally I would just get at feeling of disgust or sorry for that person (sorry ). But now I can from moment to moment see that "I" make a judgement which was follow by a feeling...... And this is here the heavy lifting comes into place - you have to dig into what you "saw": Who is the one making this judgement? ( I was aware of that it happened without my involment) Who is feeling this digust? I am also aware of that a lot my suffering through out the day is because I resist to take action og I try to resist my feelings and supress them for example. Just to be aware of your resistens gives at great relife of your suffering. But again dont settle for just that - dig further: Who is the one making this resistens? Who is feeling this resistens? I hope this can be at help.
  7. @Leo Gura @Space So normally when I do the Do nothing technique I see phenomenons arise and passing away within "the sphere of unintended awareness". But then after I read your posts I tried to zoom out while meditating, so that I were aware of how "the sphere of uninteted awareness" moved around in the mind and body. From the feeling of my feets to my thoughts, to the sounds of holosync etc. Is that still proper Do nothing technique? Because awareness is a phenomenon as well, right? When I did this I could trace how " the sphere of awareness" moved round 1-2 times pr second. Eventually it went from 1-2 times pr second to 10-15 times pr second and further until I was total exhausted. The funny thing is that after this mediation I think i entered som kind af concentration state. For the rest of the day only had like one thougt comming up every 5-10 min. Such a joy and blissfull day. Another funny thing is that while I am writing this post I can see that you can trace your awareness into infinity? You can be aware of your awareness, but you can also be aware of that your are aware of your awarenes and so on.... please correct me if I am wrong.
  8. Hey Guys If you like I could use some inspiration for my positive affirmation and visualizations.
  9. Thx a lot for all the answers! Have any of "you" in this thread reach enlightment and still meditate?
  10. When I was thinking about enlightment yesterday i came upon the question. Do enlightened persons still meditate every day? Enligtment is a truth that can't be communicated. So in the search for the truth you use meditation as tool to get there, right? So When I get there I wont have to use it any more? Or we will I forget the truth if I don't meditate regularly?