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  1. I was reading the start here section of your website and you mention a couple of times the importance of a strong morning routine, could you explain more specifically what you mean?
  2. Since I live in Mexico I've been thinking about looking for this subtance to have the experience, because as Leo has mentioned it changes your perspective and motivates you to work harder and more serius about this. I've been meditating 20 min for about 3 weeks and I'm having a hard time most of the sessions (I know it is meant to be hard) So my question is: If I would try 5-meo would it still have a strong effect on me or is it any risk for damaging myself because of my short experience doing spiritual work? Sorry if my question contains gramatic errors, currently learning english.
  3. I'm 15 years old, and in the past year I've found myself worring too much about social status and to basically look cool in front of people around my age, seeing Leo's videos has helped me a lot to understand a little bit better what's going out internally in my mind. Above all the things that Leo mentioned on his vídeo about advice for highschool and college students he mentioned that time must not be use in socializing, partying or any social grups, but he also says that at this age one must learn to socialize and also to date. I don't have bad social life, I get along very well with other people of my age but many of the guys I hang out with in school usually have a way better social life because they go out more and seem to have fun, wich in my case I rarely go out even tough I socialize very well with my classmates in school that's kinda it really. I'd like to have more fun and to interact more with people of my age since most of my time out of school I spend it by my own or with parents when they come from work. But my question is Is this really something to work towards? What do you think Leo mean when he says that one must learn to socialize but not getting it to extreme? Watching the other guys and girls having fun makes me sad sometimes, nothing really serius but it's a part of my life I'd like to have together, and also to improve my interaction with girls. To be honest with you, what I've discovered is that I have this need for being really cool and being admire. A long time ago Leo interviewed a guy called Tripp who has a youtube channel about dating (RSD type) altough he is not an rsd guy I once watch a vídeo that he made about how to attract women in high school, he basically says that a this age is different advice becuase the girls don't really know what they want, so what they look for is basicslly social status, because the girls what they relantionship to make them feel better about themselves. "Social status is the worts shit that there is" Is what Leo said, but with al that entails How can one become better with girls at this age witout worrying about social status? I know this is a very very newbie kinda of problem, but I assume that some older guys in the forum may come across this at some point, any answer is appreaciated.
  4. @Leo GuraOr maybe take 5-meo and become enlightenment?
  5. I'm a complete beginner in meditation since I've only meditate a few times, I've tried mindfulness,guided meditation, do nothing and the firts technique Leo mention con his very firts video about meditation, but I also tried SDS 3 times in wich I lasted 13,15,18 minutes. I know that everybody will suck at his/her couple of years of meditation, my question is if it would be appropiate to make 20 min sessions of SDS and move my way up to 1 hour as the moths go by?
  6. Just finish my firts try I realize that it is harder that I imagined, I only lasted 13 minutes. I've never practice meditation before but my question is if it's possible to start a meditation habit with this technique or should I use another one?
  7. Thanks for your reply, I really appreciate it.@Leo Gura
  8. @Leo Gura Do you mean that it is possible to explain enlithment with science, because it's science itself?
  9. Sorry for any grammar issue, I'm learning english. Look, I'm 15 years old and I saw a few months ago the video about enlightened, I was consider to become a physicis (like Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawkings) because I realized that I'm really interest and have a lot of curiosity on undertanding things like how the universe, what is reality, how the universe started and many others, but specially those 3. I was thinking of taking the path of physics because no long ago I considered it the only way to truly and deeply understand this things, but then after watching the video of the most shocking truth you've ever heard a question inside of me came up. Does enlightened explain the origins of the universe? Can physics (or science in general) explain everything? Should the human race go after the answer of how the universe started? I wonder this because for me it's very importand to chose wheter I'm going to deicate my life to physics or chose something else, because aftert all my intention it's not to become a physicis necessarily but to find answer to these questions. Thanks.