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  1. It is sad to see that this guy has almost no followers, btw.
  2. This is pure gold! Turquoise Sufi meditation?.
  3. Rivendell is turquoise.
  4. This is not a very well known Sufi master, but my guess is that he is woke as fuck! It is worth watching the entire video. The energy and authenticity of the men are amazing. The guy has much to share.
  5. @IJB063 you have already read his best books. I would recommend that you read die frolliche wissenchaft as the next book.
  6. Orange spirituality and the perspective of a millionaire on the middle-class.
  7. Nietzsche was the best post-modern western philosopher in my opinion. I read almost all of his "books". His zarathoustra is especially very good. After reading nietzsche you are literally left with nothing. If you dont want to become an individual than dont touch his work. His critique of society is especially painfull.
  8. It is time to report my progress. I am doing kriya yoga for 2 years now. Before i started kriya yoga i wasnt aware of the following things: - kundalini energy (prana); - inner light; - bliss; - love; - meetings with spiritual people at random. There was a guy who told me that he could show me a real demon which i could ask questions. For this to happen i had to go to his house but i havent contacted him because it is a distraction in my opinion. I also met a girl who was a healer. She told me that she could simply look at a person and "see" ad which chakra somebody was. By looking at me she knew instantly that she could trust me and share this information; - energy blocks in the body; - chakras; - people/places have different kind of energy; - becoming objects that i look at. During the last months the kundalini energy goes to higher chakras. First the energy was stuck at the fourth chakra but it goes now more to the fifth chakra. In the future more reports. Stay safe everyone.
  9. @28 cm unbuffed i just say whatever comes up. Sometimes a long story to open, sometimes just a simple question.
  10. Went out solo but stumbled upon some girls of my class, lol. My guyfriends where also there. I didnt told the girls that i went out solo but they probably know now because i arrived solo, which is pretty kreepy to be honest. Hope that they dont tell the whole school about it so i can keep this separate. After talking to my guyfriends for 2 hours i decided to go home because i felt just very weird about the situation. Dont know yet how to deal with this.
  11. Going out solo. My objectives: - approach 10 girls; - no alcohol; - have fun. Report in 4 hours or so.
  12. This was fun. The women were not responsive today but had a lot of fun anyways. It went like this: - approached, blowout; - approached, blowout; - approached, blowout; - approached, blowout; Switched bars, lol: Stumbled upon some very old friends, we talked a lot about the past. Left them to hit on some girls: - approached a girl who was dancing, no reaction. She ignored me; Went to another bar: - approached a girl who was with her girlfriend, she talked to me for 1-2 minutes and from out of the blue the girlfriend draged her away; After this happend i started laughing to myself because i taught my approaches were geting better. These experiences are very good to bring you back to earth, lol. After this i couldnt do another approach because i was down because of all the bad reactions i am getting. Lessons learned: - keep approaching even when every girl ignores you. This is easier said than done btw. - dont go to a men when there is series of blowouts, just keep going. Good things: - didnt stoped after 5 bad reactions. Went home confused. The only good thing was that i have 3 numbercloses of men, haha. But i have already enough male friend. Not all my objectives are met but it wasnt as tough as last night. Next week another report.
  13. @Leo Gura have read a lot of books from the hand of Ralston. In one book he mentioned that space doesnt exist. Have contemplated this quite a lot but it doesnt make sense to me. In my experience there is clearly a difference between space and an object.