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  1. @faithful I've been searching for someone to say something like this for nearly a month. Thank you so much.
  2. @Captain Flint That's killer advice, I'll listen to that on my walk today. I agree on the mediation, it should be unshakable. Thank you!
  3. @Capethaz Maybe. Though I have experienced that before and it's pretty discernible from what I'm experiencing now.
  4. There's been a couple posts on this subject, but I'd love to get more insight on this and how it pertains to an actualized journey. For the past 3 weeks, I feel completely debilitated by apathy. My days are short, motivation is next to nothing, and I feel no excitement or inspiration towards my life purpose or doing self-actualization/spirituality work (which worries me greatly). There's no satisfaction in anything anymore - food, entertainment, family time, laughter, meditation.. I am not sure what the trigger to this could be. I do tend to over-do it with improving on myself, and I'm thinking that perhaps I overwhelmed my system to the brink of snapping. The thing is, I don't want to slack off on my self-actualization. I have a lot of great work to do, and I am desperate for anything to get me out of this funk. I'd appreciate any insight on this, thanks so much.
  5. Ding-ding-ding. SO many bells just went off. I'm still settling into this mindset of why's rather than should's. Thanks so much, man.
  6. @Tibor That's a great way of getting at it. I think doing some thorough research would really benefit me and naturally wean me off those foods. I appreciate your input - so good to hear that someone else is successful in this. Thanks!
  7. @egoeimai Good point on the emotional part. I think I definitely need to take note of how it effects me before I get anywhere near the kitchen. Thanks! I'll look for a more positive, accepting route.
  8. Hi all - recently, I've really started to realize how unhealthy of a relationship I have with food. I've lost 20-30 pounds in the past 6 or so months, all due to a "magic pill" that suppressed my appetite and allowed me to choose more healthy, enriching foods - as I had no craving for anything. Well, one night, I woke up with intense stomach pains after a few weeks of indigestion. After that, I decided I didn't like the dependency I had on the pill, and that these health effects were not worth the pounds I was shedding. So I cut it out of my system. In the days thereafter, I was completely avid with hunger. I snacked like I did before the pill; on chips, cookies, and whathaveyou - and still couldn't seem to be satisfied. And that's pretty much where I'm at right now after finishing a massive meatball sandwich... I know I shouldn't be eating the foods I do. And I know that brute-forcing healthy vegetables and fruits does not last long. I'd rather replace the "I know I should do this" with "I want to be doing this". Guilting is a trap I fall far too easy in. So, my question is: how can I form that sustainable, healthy food habit without brute-force? Would reading nutrition books help? What have you guys done to dedicate yourselves to nutritious eating, without throwing yourself through hoops to do it? I appreciate any feedback on this, thanks so much.
  9. Just a quick question to let you guys give your input on... I've shifted my meditation and determination-sit practice towards the early afternoon (rather than post-wake-up) because, for me, grogginess = mediocre meditation. I'm noticing, however, that this derails my mornings. I start my day by writing out my mission statement, doing a "concentration practice" and light yoga. However, without meditating, I feel a heavy state of low-consciousness. I don't feel as sharp and clear-headed - even with the activities I do first thing in the morning. I feel unable to fulfill my mission statement and a level of consciousness/awareness during these hours. So, I'm wondering - what are your morning routines to start a conscious day? Do you allow a shitty meditation session in the morning, and a better one later in the day? Or do you do something completely different? Let me know - I'd love to hear your guys' input. Thanks!
  10. @Elton Awesome insight, El. Thanks so much for your thoughts - the more I think of it, I definitely agree it is priority #1. Appreciate it, more clarity now!
  11. Hi there, I'm a 17-year-old in quite a bit of a stumping moment that would help greatly to hear some input on. I'm on a path to head for college this fall, and I am worried I might stunt my growth if I do not focus years of study into myself now, rather than my career and education. I feel it may distract or stunt my life to go head-on into these things, but then I feel it may be unnecessary to dive into self-actualization all at once since it is a life-long process. Anyway, here's some questions I have in this topic, any thoughts or concepts are appreciated. Thanks! What are your thoughts on taking a hardcore, intensive retreat to study consciousness and self over attending college? What if you seek college to fulfill your life purpose? Would advancing in consciousness enhance the other, or would it only prove to place one "behind the mark" career-wise? Would it be best to focus on a balanced life, without concentrating one or the other? Does this all depend on personal preference, or how much work one needs to do? Or should self-actualization be one's #1 priority, as it spreads throughout all facets in life?
  12. @gleb No problem whatsoever, I have a certain sympathy for your position - I'm glad you found it useful!
  13. Incredible how similar we are. I'm 17 and started this process with Alan Watts in my hand, too. Heading into similar Environmental Science fields, nice to meet ya! We have the same obstacles as well. It's practical to start implementing conscious habits into your life as a start. This is how I've been tipping my toe in the water: cutting the ceaseless haze of clutter, distraction, and media (only keeping what has value to me) consciously meditating during prime hours of the day (important for newbies) positive affirmations healthy food, exercise, and being indulgence in books and media that fascinate you and stimulate healthy ideas purpose (why are you even doing the things listed above? What are you working towards?) Habits, for the most part, should implement in intervals. It may be difficult to balance and ingrain several at once to the point of it collapsing. This is completely dependent on how you function. If you find you are rather easy to adopt a new habit and stick with it, go for it. But don't feel you aren't making progress if your habits take time to develop. So, where do you embark on those less black-and-white areas? You may have a similar struggle in which the areas that you need to zone-in on are not clear. With this, it could be useful to narrow down and "map" where you're weak in with Maslow's Hierarchy. Be certain you have a rigid, permanent foundation in each tier before working towards the next one. This is a great way to start. I recommend dedicating hours of your day until you discover what these areas are for you. I find the only allusive part of self-actualization is sifting out what this means for you specifically, and how this applies to your journey. But also remember and take comfort in knowing that you are not far different from everyone else. Their paths will follow foundationally similar to yours. Viewing your life from an outsider's perspective, or a clear, third-eye will help in this same way. (Another exercise for this: ask yourself, "If I wasn't afraid and I knew I could not fail, who would I be and what would I be doing?" This is great for de-cluttering your brain and picturing your most ideal self.) But also remember that you are constantly changing. You are an endless, un-static being. Your ideal-self today may not be what they are tomorrow. This is where you can simplify your ideals for self-actualization and truth. The more you work at this, the more you'll gain momentum throughout the areas of your life. Your purpose for truth and contribution to the environment will be your drive. Work at these things for that - the world desperately needs you to, and you need you to. It seems you're also struggling with your authentic self. And I know you've been viewing Leo's material for quite some time - but have you viewed his "Understanding The Authentic Self" video? This will shift you in the perspective you need to be more authentic and "you". There are some abstract ideas that you may struggle with, but he compacts it into pretty digestible forms, so you should be good. Allow yourself to take the time to understand what he's communicating. I haven't really dived into neurosis yet, but I'm pretty sure it's carried along the way with healthy habits and the "ideal pyramid". Un-wiring personality traits is tiring and cumbersome, so you may want to focus on these separately. From what I've read, the order of which you go about these is completely up to what you feel is most urgent. Everything will take time and effort. You can short-circuit and go to meditation retreats, or build up to it in a more comfortable process, just remember to stick to your truth, work hard, and allow progress to show in its time Would love an update to see how you're doing, I needed to hear from someone who's in a similar position. I wish you luck!