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  1. the hardest part of life in my opinion is that we find a particular view point and we stick to it and we even mastery it at some point but eventually its get old and we want a new challenge but it is hard to give up on something that we dedicated so much time to but the key to life is not fall in love with these methods or concepts and not to be afraid to try something new or even risky you have to put your neck on the chopping block to feel alive life is meant to lived without regrets as you get older you will have regrets lost love or certain opportunities have been squandered if we just could live life without expecting a certain outcome it would be better more authentic in my opinion we get to attach to the outcome I know we have to measure some things to see some type of progress but the point of all this is to experiment with life and understand what we actually are in I mean this life is so short once you are gone you will be forgotten well most of us so why not make the most of it why keep playing small ball
  2. Thats a pretty good idea for a book. My son tried to be a comedian this was his dream so he got a job at the improv getting up onstage when he could at first he was terrible really terrible but after seeing all those comics come through he started to notice something. Everybody in the audience wants you to talk about something relatable to them that it. The stuff we do when we are alone is the funny stuff. He never really made it. It was a fleeting passion but he did try and thats the hardest step.
  3. I agree with you Americans spend millions of dollars on unnecessary material items. To truly get in a position where you can live your life how you please your going to have to work harder than the average person. And it is a long game so you will suffer and save well maybe not suffer but go without so you can one day in the future enjoy your life. That's one way of doing it but how about getting more creative and start a business but still work and grow the business take advantage of the tax breaks and keep compounding the money in the business use your income to live off. Eventually this will bring you massive amounts of money. I rather invest in myself than the stock market thats just my philisophy.
  4. check out becoming nobody on GAIA
  5. You have to realized everyone is on some type of journey and everyone has a different perspective of the universe. If you believe the people around need to develop to the higher stages then it is your job to maybe try and bring a different perspective to the environment. Some might not be ready for that then again you might be in position to help some one growth or at least point them in the right direction. I work with a lot of people and if your not careful you will begin to develop their mindset just by interacting with them on a daily basis. I always try to speak on something different most of the time I get a funny look from the person but hey at least they know there is another side of the coin from my perspective.