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  1. Time for you to drop the solipsist nonsense and start commenting on international events and societal issues. It's much more interesting to listen to and more importantly it's about reality.
  2. That would mean that God gets scared, gets bored, needs others etc.. Your God is a really powerful human type deity. Not an infinite perfect being.
  3. Fair enough man I think I am disappointed at what could have been with both Leo and this place. There was something there at some point and he lost it.
  4. It's a valid criticism. Why would you ban someone for having an opinion? plenty of people can say Islam is bullshit on here and you're not banning them. Is it only the work that is sacred and above reproach? Everyone else is fair game? For your information, I have questioned plenty and this had led me to see how deluded people are becoming and I am voicing my opinion. I have been following Leo since the squirt days so I have seen how this place has evolved and devolved. Regarding psychedelics, do you remember Leo saying that you're wasting your time if you're not integrating psychedelics into "the work"
  5. As a Muslim you might want to leave this forum since the focus here is on taking drugs and thinking you are God. Of course even though they're God they have zero God powers. They also believe in stuff like quantum healing and Alien mice etc. with zero evidence Then from their ivory tower they will tell you that Islam is nonsense.
  6. What about when clubbing in Vegas? do some people recognize you?
  7. I know you just said everything else is junk but any thoughts on IOTA?
  8. Why would God care that he's alone? we care but why would an infinite being need company? He is also outside time so it's not like he is going to feel the passage of time and get bored. And of course an infinite being can create something outside himself. Who made this rule that he can't? Ergo, all this is drug induced delusion.
  9. Yup God has to be exactly how you want him to be or its bullshit. Therefore take drugs and become God. Pretty simple.
  10. I am going to make a prediction that is 100 percent going to come true. There will be no video showing proof of anything. Just talk and more talk.
  11. Why not? why can't God do that. That is after how monotheistic religions operate so not exactly new thinking. I find that you guys are extremely ideological about this point.
  12. I got high a bunch of times and saw all kinds of crazy shit. Then it went away like it always does and I understood that I had been tripping balls. Do you ever wonder what happened to the quantum healing and all the other miracles we were promised by God Leo? So I'll be the fool and you can stay the fanboy.
  13. I used to love and the pre-psychedelics Leo. I come back here once in a while to check in and see how much crazier things got. Sometimes I even post something I feel is reasonable to try and challenge the looney toonery stuff. Now I am just fascinated by the craziness. What could possibly come next after the God Mouse?
  14. How come you awaken to knowledge that you are God but you don't have a single God power ? nothing fancy just something that would go beyond the physical limitations. Maybe a quick levitation? I am not talking about quantum healing or all the other miracles we were promised.
  15. Some animals don't sleep. How about the simplest explanation rather than something which confirms your pre-established conclusion?