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  1. No worries my friend, your English is perfect! As far as your dilemma, please do yourself a favour and stop thinking that somewhere out there is an answer that you will read and go, "Aha!!!! Everything makes sense now!!!" There is no such thing. I've been looking and looking, and now that I am finally not looking, I will tell you the ultimate secret to self-forgiveness and pain release - patience. You don't need any help. All you need is to keep doing what you have already started. Do your meditation. By the way, there is no such thing as different types of meditation. It's all the same thing. It's all about acceptance. Answers won't come right away. In fact, I've been doing meditation for 2 years, and the first year you won't get the kind of pain release you're looking for. You may not even get it in your second or third year, depending on the severity of your case. The point is to have absolute faith in this process. Put all your money on the table and say, "Meditation is all there is." So to answer your question: Keep on going, my friend <3
  2. Naruto is the bomb!! All though, I gotta say, they took it too far with the whole Boruto saga. They should have ended it with that episode of Naruto and Sasuke, and that would be satisfying enough! Grrr........
  3. All the songs from the documentary Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told are very good and emotional. All though the director sneakily used other artists' music and did not bother to credit them, you can find most of the music used in the documentary right here:
  4. I wouldn't buy gifts for girls that you're only freshly dating. A gift is a gesture for someone you care about. When you buy a gift for a total stranger, or someone you just know but not emotionally involved with, I mean, can't you see how that may come off. You're already saying, "I care about you", when you don't even know the person. It's just really unnecessary. The only gift you can give for someone you just met is your attention and a willingness to try things out. Later down the road you may buy something nice and expensive because you love them and you care for them, and you want to show them your appreciation. For example, I bought my girlfriend roller blades, and I had not motives other than saying, "I hope you will enjoy them because I care." I can imagine going on a blind date with a pair of roller blades. I am pretty sure the girl would think I am crazy.
  5. Very good question. I think most definitely if you are a creative soul and want to expand on that, we definitely need more creative people in our world. If you want to be a video game developer, you can do great things. For example, you can make phone apps that will really help people connect and meet each other without insecurities getting in the way. This is what the Pokemon game did (you know the one that was super popular last year). Or you can make playstation and xbox games. It doesn't matter how senseless, violent, sexual, or gore they are. What matters is the level of creativity you put in it. Put real human value, human spirit, human potential in it. Decide that before starting any project. And be aware of that low level thinking behind consumerism. Say to yourself, "Fuck the world, I am going to do things without getting caught up in all of its bullshit. I am going to use my energy for what I believe is right. I am going to follow my intuition." Take Quentin Tarantino for example. Many believe his movies are violent and unnecessary. But you can sense that he is extremely creative, and uses that creativity to share his passion with the world. In the end, his movies tend to be a great movie watching experience that millions enjoy, and appreciate.
  6. Not sure exactly what you're asking, but I am very much interested in the last century as it was the most humans ever accomplished. For example, with the invention of the car, the urbanization, computers, etc..... Last century was definitely a significant one for our history. And one HUGE (if not the biggest) thing to come out of this century is consumerism. Consumerism is this sneaky way to put emotional value on things to make us believe that we need them to be happy. For example, you must have the new iPhone, everyone has the new iPhone, you will stay connected with everyone at all times, and will never feel lonely or sad because it has so many new and cool additions. What a load of horse shit, pardon my French! But that's essentially what was created in the last century, and if you're interested in the exact events that took place, I would suggest looking up Edward Bernays - he was one of the most influential figures behind consumerist culture. As a fun side note, he is related to Freud whose big idea was that humanity is evil because our subconscious behaviours are unstable, and we tend to act out in violent ways. And, of course, Bernays used his uncle's ideas and made his own fortune with it. Where the hell am I going with all this? Well, my friend, if you want to add value to people, don't use this emotional-attachment-to-products idea. Will someone respect and admire and love you if you give them an xBox or will they respect and admire and love you if you're a genuine, sincere, above materialism kind of guy? Your choice, best of luck!
  7. I have actually been very interested in this topic recently. What I understand is that women have a certain image of beauty that they have been conditioned to by ways of our society (tv shows, media, magazines, gossip, etc...). Most women aspire to this image and try to compete with others in order to get attention from males. You're right to suggest this comes from low self-esteem, and may also be a destructive body image, BUT... What really goes on on a deep level is that women are part of the oppressed demographic, kind of like visible minorities, the disabled, gays, etc... And it stems from our society (and most societies now that I think of it) being patriarchal in nature. What do oppressed groups do to cope with their oppressed nature? They resent their own values and try to take the values of the dominant group. So what happens with women in this case is that the only source of liberation for them is to get that male attention because there is tremendous freedom in sexuality, and if you are able to get their attention, you are able to control them, or in the least, have a sense that you are in control. I think Freud had it upside down. Women don't want men's penises. They want their vaginas respected. (LOL, I have no idea how to put it more intelligently, please forgive me) My point is that when a women is completely satisfied with her body image, with her level of confidence, with her life around males and females, and she doesn't have any unresolved feelings towards our backwards society by having healthy values of her that's a woman!!! And same goes for all other groups as well.
  8. Ahhhhhhhh, I screwed up. Went back to my old ways. To be honest, I am more happy this way. YOLO
  9. It's okay. The more rejection you learn to tolerate, the more successful in life you will be. You just made a step towards that progress. Try your girl again after exams, and if she says no again, then move on. There are many beautiful dream girls that are waiting to reject you, just as many as there are waiting to accept you. Don't think of it as good or bad, it's all part of the same path.
  10. Love your parents no matter who they are. The last people that we will accept on our journey will always be our parents. Why? Because they know us like no one else does, and because they represent the ultimate form of forgiveness. Have you ever met a person who is unhappy but has a good relationship with their parents? Perhaps! However, the tendency is that happy people are happy because they have no unresolved feelings with their folks.
  11. Not enough evidence that it causes cancer. By the way, we have been using cell phones since the 90s. You'd think there would be clear evidence like the ones seen with the smoking population, but, alas, nothing yet. I remember a time when laser eye surgery came out and everyone was scared that you will gradually lose eye sight. Well, we have had this technology for 30 to 40 years, and everyone who has had laser eye surgery, including myself, seems to go on living just fine. Here is a good quote from a reliable source, and the link is below: "Exposure to ionizing radiation, such as from x-rays, is known to increase the risk of cancer. However, although many studies have examined the potential health effects of non-ionizing radiation from radar, microwave ovens, cell phones, and other sources, there is currently no consistent evidence that non-ionizing radiation increases cancer risk."
  12. Enjoy being young, being drunk, having sex with girls. Enjoy your 20s for God's sake. Just have a meditation habit, that's all you need.
  13. Thanks to @Barna I have been introduced to Matt Kahn's work, and something he said really makes sense. Here is a quote from his video, and the link to watch the whole thing is down below: "The human body is part of an energy field. An individuated expression of the divinity. Every single thing that you feel in this field, mentally, and emotionally, is what is unresolved in the collective unconsciousness of the world. Please know this: every thought that you have is not yours individually. It is a part of what is unresolved in the collective unconsciousness, and what you feel and think, is what you are transmuting out of all fields. You can be in an ego blaming yourself for what you think and feel, or if you're spiritually awake, you can feel and think the same things and say to yourself, "Of course I am feeling and thinking this. This is because this is what the world is still thinking and feeling. And I am conscious enough to realize that I am transmuting this experience out of the world." In other words, what Matt is saying is that Adolf Hitler was a spiritual worker. Lol, I know that sounds crazy, but if you look at the world in this radical way, everything starts to make more sense. This is because all the bad things that Hitler did, and any mass murderer in history did, is that they transmuted (aka altered) energy fields that involved mass murdering and genocide, and took it out of the equation for future generations. Hitler did this unconsciously, of course. I still think he is an asshole. And this is just a really extreme example of what Matt is saying. But the point Matt is driving home is that slowly but surely, we're taking out all the things we deem bad out of the human energy field. Here is an easy to follow example: you go to work and tell your boss he is a dick. The reason for this is that this is still part of the human unconsciousness, this huge field that we are all part of, and even though you told your boss he is a dick, you just contributed to this energy field by taking out a little fraction of the anger and hate the world still encompasses. This is if you're an unconscious person, which the majority are. If you are conscious enough to see this field, if someone flips you off and cuts you off on the road, you will be able to say to yourself, "Ahhh, this person just took out a little fraction of hate and anger that the world has still to work with. Good for them!" You see, this means that everyone is a spiritual worker, and everyone is contributing one way or another to the field. And maybe one day, the field will be free from hate and anger. Look, I am not giving his idea justice, please watch this video. It will help you so much with your realizations!!
  14. Actually, if you don't feel like meditating then don't do it. If you don't feel like doing something, just don't do it. If you force yourself to do something, you're not going in the right direction. Just enjoy your apathy. You're punishing yourself because you want to be somewhere else, but you just need to realize that where you are right now is where you need to be. Enjoy these days when you are not doing anything because it won't always be like that. The feeling that you're stuck is only there because you think you're stuck. Just say to yourself, "Things are a little slow right now, and it may continue for days, weeks, or even years. No problem. I will not rebel. I will enjoy." There were days, weeks when I didn't meditate. You don't need to meditate if you're not motivated. Here is something important: you can't generate motivation. In other words, you can't force yourself to do something. Do you feel satisfied after you forced yourself to go to the gym? Maybe. BUT it's not the same as if you have the motivation to go to the gym. Right now your motivation is not to be motivated. Sometime in the future, there will be a new motivation. Maybe after that you'll go back to your apathy, and maybe after that you will have a very productive project, and after that back to apathy we go. That's just life. And your only goal is to realize that none of it is bad. Everything is fine just the way it is.
  15. Long distance relationships are pretty hard. We are meant for closeness and intimacy, and you won't get that over Skype. My view is this: if you really love this girl, then suck it up, stop feeling neurotic (by the way, you're feeling neurotic because you don't fully trust her, which makes me think you don't really know her that well), wait till August, and lastly, accept the possibility that it is not meant to be. The problem is your relationship is very fresh and not very grounded. It takes YEARS to develop a trusting relationship, unless you're a little older (adults are generally much better at generating trust and acceptance for each other). If you're young and she is young, chances are that by August, either you or she will slowly forget your good times together, and may want some new experiences, possibly with someone else. Young people suppose to have sex with many, many, many people. It'll make you a better person when you're older. So I wouldn't get attached. I think you need to hook up with some girls who live in the area. If you have a lot of love to give, give it to someone within reach. Of course, I could be very wrong about all this, as my answer is only a generalization based on life experience and observation. I know what it feels like. I know you really, really want THAT person, and you want to be happy with that person. But I am sorry to say this, life is real. If you don't know what that means, you just have to go through it to understand. Good luck, and spread love!!!