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  1. WHAT I HAVE DONE SO FAR I have registered for my math classes. WHAT I NEED TO DO The next big thing will be developing a studying habit, attending class, and trying my best to do these classes. THE NEXT STEP Finish Calculus and Advanced Functions Grade 12 math classes.
  2. WHAT I HAVE DONE SO FAR Decided I want to become a pilot. I don't have any education, any experience....NADA. All I have is the determination to do this. WHAT I NEED TO DO The first thing I will be doing is going back to high school to complete Calculus and Advanced Functions (Grade 12 Maths). I will need a minimum grade of %65. THE NEXT STEP Register for these classes in an adult high school.
  3. I have a fear of success and a fear of failure. I am scared to work for my goals because I am scared things will get hard and I will quit. Please tell me if there is anything I can do? Do you have a similar situation that you would like to share with me? And how you overcame your own demons? Thank you!
  4. Sounds like schizophrenia more than anything else
  5. Hate to be devil's advocate, but aliens are such bullshit. It's just a great scam for people to clench their teeth into. If there are aliens, we would have encountered them like in the movie Independence Day, not like the movie Men in Black. Intelligence is probably very rare in the universe, and take into account the vast distances they would have to traverse to reach us. Who knows, maybe they exist, maybe they don't, but this story is most definitely another Roswell sympathizer. That Jaime Maussan character seems to have been discredited in the past for creating hoaxes. What do you want me to say? Astrology is dying so the next big racket is ufology?
  6. Yes, I definitely have a perfectionistic delusion similar to or exactly like yours, all though by now, I hope, it has calmed down somewhat. In the past, I was driven by fear (stress, pressure, anxious thoughts) to get things done that I didn't want to do. With meditation it's hard to feel the same stress or pressure to motivate myself to work. So in a sense meditation backfired for me because now I simply don't give a damn. However, I realize there is more to it than that, and I must keep my faith for the process.
  7. Thank you for that analysis. I know I don't love myself fully because there are still issues within my life that I feel I am in a state of being "stuck" with. For example, I hate the idea of work. I am petrified of work, or doing things that I don't feel like doing - a typical Millennial attitude towards living (not that every single Millennial rationalizes this way). I have been trying to accept myself as I am for a long time, yet every single time I am reminded of that I need to "get things done", I procrastinate. I really want to make my dad proud because he is a hard working man who has always valued doing things, even if it meant sacrificing time for things you like. So you see, these little inner conflicts are a part of my daily reality. Well, the way I see it is that my question is an idea, but my state of joy is idea-less. It' s a battle between trying to logically appreciate life, and just appreciating life as it is. There is something in my head (and in most other people, I am sure) that wants to understand things, to organize the universe, and to have the answers laid out on paper. Slowly, but surely, however, I am seeing that it's an exhaustive, counterproductive loop. The only way to have the answer is to stop looking for it, and convince myself that regardless of the answer, just be. And what I really understand now is that life is a process by which I keep on reminding myself to love and accept. Thank you for that poem, it's a beautiful way to look at things. And here is something I noticed: When I am on this forum - I try to rationalize my existence, When I meditate - I sense the subtle nature of acceptance, And when I live my daily life - I try to rationalize my existence and sense the subtle nature of acceptance at the same time, It's all a battle within.
  8. Do you ever have your own thoughts?
  9. If no other person can make me happy, then how can I, another person, make myself happy?
  10. Get a job as a bouncer. It worked really well for my self-consciousness.
  11. @Jordan wang You should have just slowly turned your head towards her while you were going down to the beach, just stared at her for a little bit, turned your head back and locked the doors
  12. @Steph1988 Of course we should have empathy. Even for Hitler. All though, that's just an extreme example. But if I bring up a conversation about how it's important to see everyone's point of view, and that includes some of the worst people of our society, I get in trouble with that person every time. I am sure they lose respect for me right away. Still, Dalai Llama is right, everyone deserves compassion.
  13. @Visitor But if the ideal self is what motivates us to change, how do we change once we abandon the ideal self? Do we accept ourselves fully, and then change comes naturally? For example, I have been struggling with bad habits for a long time, and I have been trying to accept them as they are, and accept myself as I am, yet I am still doing the same old things over and over. What gives?
  14. It seems to me that people are afraid to be as they are so they create these attitudes. Just be, man. That's all you need.
  15. Why are people sassy? Is there a psychological explanation? In case you don't live in North America, sass here could mean something a little different. But basically, it's when someone has a cocky, over-confident, sarcastic, and zesty attitude. It's hard to explain. It's kind of like everything is a joke to you so you can poke fun at it and not worry about consequences. I notice it more in younger people. Is it some kind of defence mechanism to compensate for their ignorance?