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  1. @wesyasz Did it after my Ayahuasca experience, it really hits you hard. I felt my brain was on fire...but it gives you a state of calmness afterward.
  2. LaBerge is not your ordinary scientist. He is the Einstein of lucid dreaming. Most importantly he does not buy the materialist paradigm. He has an embracing attitude and doesn’t take himself to much seriously. As far as I can see he has a fair understanding of non-duality.
  3. Are you on a healthy diet? Do you get enough of sleep? I gave L-theanine to my girlfriend and she felt dizzy for like hours, but with me it work just fine. Again, this shows us that nootropics, just like psychedelics have different effects on different folks.
  4. Look at the work of Mark Hayneman, read his books UltraMind Solution and Food, What The Heack To eat... Lots of insights there!
  5. I’m my case, I just told my father that .. “hey I’m using LSD and it’s really great, it helped me quit smoking and alcohol” The mistake most people make in introducing psychedelics to friends and family is that they go something like this: “A giant snake was eating me and then I realized that everything was consciousness” type of thing. Yes, you might be at Stage Green, but other people are not. So do not try to force everyone into the spiritual side of psychedelics. First, you try to remove the stigma, as I said above, once you’ve laid the ground, you can build up from that. Good luck!👍
  6. It is not what you learn that matters the most, it is HOW you think. Adding new stuff has some benefits, but you should focus more on how you process information. Content doesn’t matter.
  7. A perfect example of Stage Orange greed screwing the environment.
  8. @SQAAD You need to transcend the need for sex. Don’t demonize it, don’t repress it. (Since you want to be celibate). A lot of bad stuff happen from this. Take a look at the Catholic Church and how many sex scandals took place. Why? Ask yourself. Demonization of sex will bubble up in ugly ways. Be careful. Even if you fail to withdraw from sex and find yourself secretly jerking off, love that part of you to death.
  9. His book I, Reality and Subjectivity is one of my top 3 spiritual books of all times.
  10. I use this: And have had some really nice results, but this is more of a long term stack.
  11. In theory, everyone here in this forum is Yellow-Turquoise.
  12. @Jetam Keep the eye on the ball, brother. Let VISION be your fuel.
  13. That the problem... Conforming to everything Leo says. I don't want to play devils' advocate here, but sometimes it is better to doubt the shit out of everything. Make your own judgements and deductions, don't just wait for Leo to agree or disagree. B.M might be enlightened, sure granted... but as we know that is not enough to be a conscious leader.