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  1. What would be the ancient 5meodmt equivalent?
  2. @Leo Gura non-knowledge?
  3. i had a sense of " i just came across karma everywhere all my life " when i read that 5 meo dmt reply. Well, Leo's video says karma is here in this life plane and not in another like hell or heaven which i'm agreeing because the whole thing must be just one facet of how conciousness manifests and not really the main reason of life anywhere, you know.But i will contemplate on this to see what comes up. ty for the reply
  4. @Salvijus Why would karma appear the first time? create a thread for me pls
  5. Meditation arrise by itself in silence, here two doors: Yoga for the Body. and Concentration / self inquiry / Contemplation for the mind. I would recommend get into the concentration state first, experience it, remember, is like giving a job to the mind so is not meditation, no mind is a vertical capacity and concentration is yet a horizontal capacity.
  6. It's you who is creating the energy bubble Try this, instead of saying i'm frustrated, simply said it in a way you understand that is yourself which is creating it, not awareness which is complete and has no problems
  7. @Leo Gura A video on this will be just gold
  8. Wtf Leo get enlightened now
  9. @Leo Gura Is possible to become conscious of the subconscious mind? have you experience it without psychedelics? do you still consider pot as a non useful tool?
  10. The difference will be, awareness is always there but you often are identified with the mind