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  1. @Will Bigger Yeah is controversial, to several cases of anxiety or depresion may help, as Leo said this psychedelics can teach you about context bringing you another context complety diffrent, the problem is only a few people can make sense of the experience, and the most people just stay stuck in their mind or use it for recreational stuff
  3. @Arman He is integrating i was in that phase too
  4. What i can say to you is that W-3 W-6 is only naturally found in the fish & the healthy proportion is 1:1, due commercial marketing the proportion in diet is more than is needed: from 2-3:1 , 10:1 to 30:1 this amount may cause very negative consuecuences on your organism.
  5. @Joseph Maynor It seems that you had a breakthrough recently @Patangbelieving is not experiencing, you are getting too twisted with it's ok thing
  6. @tsuki sorry, fixed @Patang it's sounds very tricky what you are saying. Playing the buddha, false believes does not lead you to ignorance and so on, to suffering?
  8. Which topics you consider as fake, distractive nature, not worth & illusory in the path? What about Tarot, Adivination Magic Paranormal, Mental Powers, Psychokinesis Energy reading Aurea Extrasensorial Perception Entities Oniromancy Geometry patterns, "Don't distract!" Soul Karma Ietsism Subtle body Occultism Reincarnation Astral trips
  9. I don't make it a trouble.., girls love me, i just don't hang out enough (like never ) to have one. and too there is this idea of myself not so good match (no money,living with my parents,etc)
  10. I found this too good, i'm staying tune for more content of yours in the future
  11. Relationships This is not a issue right now, get bullied since primary school to high school (nothing serious, just verbal discrimination),no regrets, this few friends of mine help me a lot not being closed mind respect people..., at the end all of this served to me, to being more open, but still having problems to creating lasting relationships... Working for getting this better through the years... being more friendly less distrusted. I understand that, the more relationships i have the more opportuinities are gonna be there to take so, watching for a enlightened understanding of what relationships are... maybe this take my lifetime to see it... Not being dumb with my family. They trust me, enough for me to be kind in their lifetime. Never had a girlfriend, still young, maybe emotionally prepared but i prefer to spend my time on creating the base of my life...... Doors always open. Career & Next Years So, systems engineering, holistic view, science to model, technique for application, art to humanization. The three dimensions of man, base of mine. Fancy Goal: Achieve it with a very good general average just for the sake of do it right & maybe it helps to get a job. Really understand it at the deepest levels. Ten thousands hours takes to master anything, I hope to keep about 8 hours of daily study for the next five years to achieve it. Developing character. Making Contacts. My life requires a certain level of richness & i ain't gonna be rich enough in my country. must move... Where? Doors always open. A good house. Having children/Luxury kind of life: still too young to know (20). i want the healthiest kind of life in the next ten years. Love for the Unknown... This mistery Life is so close to me, nature always talk me about an intimacy with the whole. I wish to connect this career, technology & society in works that improves those in a healthy way. I already had enlightened experiences, most of them already do not remember anymore, life goes on... increasing my conciousness voltage, working for a deeper understanding of this singularity/dream/me. Special Thanks for @Leo Gura & this forum, i know this gonna be worthwhile reading all of you through the years.
  12. @Grant NZ not becoming it,to be it
  13. reality governed by god is a concept
  14. You are expressing yourself as a unique form of life aka reality, those "others" appears in your field perception and you were relating to them since you were a child, you learned to think in a particular language and it served you to survive efficiently all this years, thinking is basically made of memory, all you watch,said to "you",etc, so since you were a child the center of the experience was and will be your body, you just learned to feel localized that way, enlightenment is about integrating this perception in a existencial one which is already happening beyond thinking.