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  1. Difference or comparison between cocain and 5meo? I didn't take any yet. Serious question
  2. In this song consciousness can take the paper of a woman and then when she shows you the city where no people have pain she start crying. You take his hand you tell you are his friend
  3. Leo gura is simply telling the story that he lived you only can use that for mental masturbation.
  4. @Monkey-man it's mind. The thinker inside you is not the source of your life you are it. The same way conciousness is in the mind is in the body when you identifyed body is taken in a sutil way. When you identifyed you are a smaller you. How to be big? How to surrender? Your conciousness must flow free.
  5. @Jkris Once you know you are not the thinker but the thinker is inside you the possibility of experiencing out of the personality starts. Inside the possibility is included the surrendering of ego. Not because you did something to the entity but because you found the source which brings the space to that and other more energies. You melt with that source and become more alive.
  6. @Marinador is equal to say the difference between the two is so vast that ego never existed.
  7. The entity posses you. It thinks things of your interest but it is not you! To put in words each time thinking is a aproximation of the inner being structure. Then it is always a tiny aspect of it. What can you do? Surrender now
  8. So conciousness can live through self. There is a call in your life that ask you to search life, and life is everywhere. This is it
  9. @Leo Gura That's it Leo That 5meo in your butt worked well Do you find interest on Mathematics and conciousness i think there is a spot to exploit
  10. At least take yourself a selfy