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  1. My approach is that the river of life itself is going towards the ocean; you just float with it. Wherever it takes you is your home. And while you are floating with the river, you can enjoy the sun, the trees on the bank, the birds and their song, the stars in the night, and the moon. The whole existence - all is available to you because your whole energy is open, is not engaged, is free. Just follow the watercourse way. Be relaxed, and allow life to take you wherever it is going. Don’t be bothered that it should reach some specific goal; it has no specific goal. Just go on dancing with the river, singing with the river. You have made it a battlefield, fighting with the river, and then you are in trouble. You will never win, and you will never be able to enjoy a single moment, because every particle of your energy has to be put into fighting. Don’t fight life. But all the religions have been teaching you to fight life, to be anti-life. And they have created a poor humanity, which has forgotten to laugh, forgotten to dance, forgotten to sing; a humanity which knows only one thing: to fight. Stop fighting. Every river reaches the ocean - and without any map, without any guidebook, without any guru. It is in the very nature of the river that it goes on flowing, and because it is not going upwards, there is no struggle. It is going downwards, so wherever it finds a lower level, it moves in that direction - and the ocean is at the lowest point, so no river can miss the ocean. The ocean is your goal; the ocean IS God. If you allow yourself to be taken by life without fight, you will reach God - nothing can be a hindrance or a barrier to you. So if you feel that it has become a battle, nobody else is responsible except you. And it is in your hands to change your direction within a moment. Don’t fight.and to be defeated by life is not a defeat; it is our life: to be defeated by it is our victory. The moment you start understanding this strange statement - that to be defeated by life is our victory - you have found the very secret of all success, of all blessings Osho.-
  2. it's a comment for the video...
  3. You will always put enlightenment away from your hands
  4. i'm excited to see what news he bring to us, even if he dies due to a letal anal dosis or he manages to progress towards the embodyment -Buddha Leo Gura in any case he is a hero,
  5. each instant has his own dignity, it is worthy to exist, you have entered here to read some argument but this is a non-argument comment
  6. @Leo Gura rewiring brain is a believe there is only this instant Leo
  7. Leo knows that he can't answer to this
  8. @Jed Vassallo There is no me in enjoyment, you are not an entity separate from laughter as the life that you are in the body and in the mind you experience yourself as joy, laughter
  9. So i was sleeping and the scenario of the dream was a bathroom -that i never met- and i was playing with the physics of the mirror that then became in two, one in front and one in the back, i tryed to turning one into a air-bag like pink sustance and then i notice there was no face of me that the front was also the back and then get out the body that was standing between the two mirrors with no face totally separated from it in a new perspective with no body, then the dream totally change and i was just walking feeling in my face but suddenly a new smiling me appeared in front of me, pretty handsome and well dressed so when i see his face this was connected to my face with a no colored air-like substance