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  1. So I am at that stage of life where I am 18 years old and childhood is closing. for the last couple of years I have been fed the idea that the only way to succeed is university, I had even been able to trick myself into the idea that this was what I wanted. I have only just recently admitted to myself that studying engineering and university is not what I wont although the issue is I still really don't know what I want. I told my mum that I don't want to do engineering and she said ok that is fine and then hands me a book that the school has provided me with all the universities in my state with all the courses and said go find one. I tell her I don't want to go to university and go the self study route as mentioned by Leo which she and my dad don't understand and say that it isn't possible. They also said I need to find out what I want to do within the next month so I can apply for a course. I assure them again I don't want to go to university and want to learn on my own terms and also do the life purpose course. They then say that the life purpose course is a scam and learning online is a scam because all they want to do is take your money. I showed Leo's video on what the life purpose course is about but only after 5 minutes they said they don't want to watch it and proceed with their day. They also say that not going to university will waste all the money that they used on sending me to a prestigious school. My questions are how do I convince them that I don't want to go to university and that I want to work on finding my purpose in life instead of flicking through a book half assed and choosing a career that im expected to do the the rest of my life. Also how to show them the life purpose course isn't a waste of money.