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  1. From a European's perspective, the 2 party system is quite weird, it's so divisive it's insane, on reddit you can't make arguments these days which when they are in favor of either democrats or Trump, the consensus of the sub reddit will just downvote you. There are only 2 camps and they are at war... In Netherlands we have about 12 parties, right and left wing in total, and right and left aren't very divided, at least nothing compared to what you have. Each party will get X amounts, out of the 150 seats, and they have to negotiate together, the parties, and come to a majority, left and right wing parties then sometimes have to rule side by side with each other, offer compromises to each other to come to terms with each other, and so usually there is pretty balanced 'middle way' that comes out of this, and I would say our politicians are quite harmonious with each other (especially as apposed to England).
  2. I think we have some control. But a separate God doesn't exist, there is magical law of attraction and law of karma, but no God to want anything. Pretty important to understand, else you start thinking your suffering is somehow the will of some really big asshole somewhere, nah, you gotta take care yourself. Prayer to the universal energy and beings, as well as devotion or love practice, is still legit however, so there is a loving higher power in a sense, but it works together with beings, and it's not an entity, it's also even not you, it's beyond the ego or entity, it's the existential force.
  3. Yeah that's what I thought as well. You hear on all the news: 'oh shooter walks in restaurant because of 4 chan conspiracy that hAs nO EvidDencee'. Sure. No evidence. Uhuh.
  4. Very helpful to observe. The dreams after deep sleep are usually very trippy and deep, actually all of them tend to be. But when we wake up and are too focused on the personal life, they just seem like, ahh that was nothing for most people. no. when you are in it it's like, a new life and just as real. Osho spoke all the time and contradicted himself. But that can be a part of it, but there's far more too it.
  5. Yeah or being abused by extremely mentally ill satanic worshippers, for some reason prevalent in the higher circles of hollywood and D.C as they want to take their so called power, addiction to deeper pervesion..... just the tip of the iceberg of videos
  6. No it's not. Well depends on how you define punished, but served justice and be put to jail, and help these people be kept from damaging others and themselves... "Justice, not revenge". If you've seen some of the damage they caused, you wouldn't speak like this, I think it's a topic of research still new to you. Seeing some of these documentaries can make you livid truly. I can very much understand OP. It's also true that helping yourself connects us with the good and also helps the good overall, we don't necessarily need to bust criminals but that's good.
  7. Also the idea some personal god, specifically makes events, (as appose to the natural Existential force in combination with the conscience and law of Karma). Is not only false, because there is no personal God, but also cruel. That terrible things happen, through people sometimes, due to emotional confusion, is not planned or created from a personal God to impose upon you. - these things happen, and sometimes they are unfortunate and cruel, and that can be a real pity. Saying that it's the will of some outside force, that is personal and wants that for you, can keep in place some really twisted guilt based beliefs. Pure consciousness doesn't want anything. Be well.
  8. Ye, I am sometimes given bits of a loop, can learn to handle it bit by bit. But it's not like there is 'the loop for me'. People want to try to classify life and put it in a box ' oh so it's a loop', well life can be like a loop, the mind thinks that any big new spiritual experience it has must be like it, I had that a lot, it's an interesting tendency, but not true. And in deeper meditation all questions of loops and even all experiences are gonner, so it's not really ultimate or has anything to do with the deeper dimension of pure consciousness.
  9. I had some experience with this and it was horrifying. It can reflect how stuck the person can be in it's ignorance, repeating the same things, and it's just not working out, again and again and you know no alternative. It wants it to work out, in the world, and tries again, but it can't so confusion and panic start and increase, until you surrender out of it, probably not even very likely, so something greater stops it for you. That is the hard part of spiritual life in the beginning, we cannot find peace in our mind habits, it's just not in the world or in the mind, mind or world may be expressions of love at some point, but if we are self focused, it's like hell, albeit a neutral hell perhaps at times,. Gentle but also hard. Especially without meditation /enquiry experience and a little wisdom, and even with this, this experience can be most mortifying, because it actually looks like you are stuck, but consciousness is not, but you don't know that and we can only find that in quiet peace, you can't find it via your habits or conventional ways, it is actually killing you then through your own repetition. Not easy to realize in just a trip,, that's why the extreme effect will wear itself out over time. I am just learning in years of practice sober. If this triggers fear there's no need, just keep practicing and notice how it works, and then stick with it, and make it part of your life, your life is not just some silly fault either. edit: not to forget the sheer shock of the experience, something so new, yet real and transcending in a way, totally shocking, totally shocking.
  10. That made me laugh. Ye God oughtta take a big fat break from his neurosis. I happen to watch the Prince Andrew while reading this, and I find it remarkably funny, he is the mind playing the denier flawlessly. Normally Sir. We discuss your mind in high regard. Your work. Your duty. But now, you are being accused of molesting and abusing the innocence of your true nature. My crazy sex convicted mind? My friend? No no. We just meet. very sometimes. But.. but. He brings the most extraordinary things together. Coming from acedemincs, united nations. I party with him? No no. I have never really partied with him.. I am Married to God. but. No. I never really party with my mind. Certainly not with my mind. No no. Do I trust him. EH eh. I am engaging person. The opportunites to learn.. Yes. It's absolutely vital. His girl friend invites me. He was a convicted sex offender? No I had no idea. It was well known ? Well. Not to me. No. I still went to his house? No. Yes. To tell him it was over. I stayed for 4 days? .. I only met in the hall... This young girl said she sweated all over her? No . I cannot sweat. (but if you are in the rajas period, the energetic time, good luck trying to calm the mind)
  11. I'm just sharing the truth so people can come to peace and freedom, and to do that, you have to throw all these beliefs, which which hold absolutely no truth in it what so ever, that's just the way it is, you can waste years otherwise, based on utter nonsense, truly, because you have some sound error addiction in your head, it's just useless, keeps you from peace AND it's always false, how truly sad is that, no wonder you feel offended, no wonder people don't want to start real spirituality why? For some single error that has become your addiction and the addiction is literally more empty and useless than anything else, and in fact does you (constant) harm, truly intellectuals are often the most fallen in this entire universe, and they unnecessarily drag other innocence with them, create a culture on it, a life style, it seems normal but it's not. Truly contemplate this, if you feel offended, that means I hit a mark, I cannot even offend an innocent child or an animal with words as such, they would just laugh awkwardly, like, okaaay rambling mad man, but if you are thinking all day, you may feel like I just stabbed you in the thigh. Based on what? This world won't get perfect, and ideas are even more empty and flawed, but you are not, truly decide to work to go beyond this suffering mind through practice (karma or love yoga, or jnana meditation yoga) and your sufferings will come to an end, not within a day, but they will.
  12. I don't want to be offensive, but it's just really strange to me people like to have these soul beliefs. It's just not true and there is no other way around it. When you are suffering, and you feel like, 'man, i don't want this', there no one else, no higher mind, that thinks: 'no no, this is what i want'. No. And planned is even weirder. Who planned that the soul would plan to make this plan? Who is that? Ever experienced that? No. There is no before this life, or after then. And quite frankly, not even a soul at a deeper level, thank god. Mind can't grasp that this comes out of nothing by itself, not even by choice. So no answers, lie in this world, so it is, hearing this may result in frustration, so it is then, thinking won't help you, you need to practice. This is the tough pill and the only one that works. Reading books, entertaining ideas, is literally the opposite of spiritual practice, interestingly enough, of course the entertainers don't like to give off that idea, but this is the harsh but useful truth.
  13. Ye is that your experience? Consciousness may not have any karma, but living beings can sure create a fucking mess and you want to stay away from that, people can try to justify all sorts of hypocritical nonsense through spirituality, not saying you do it, but it's a slippery slope to even talk about it as such. - Oh ye, I figured out what irks me about this PUA talk on here. No, it's not bad to talk with girls. But Jesus, if you had a spiritual awakening of some kind, the worst thing to do would be to try and program yourself again into some manipulative needy seeking based mindset which is what PUA is, 99% of it, as now finally someone authentic, please don't waste it!
  14. You still believe that Leo? One thing is quite clear to me, and that's that fundamentally, No One, made this. The big bang wasn't like: yo let's exist to day, no, it's an infinite bang and no one made it. -So God did not create the universe, there is no God. But people are like Gods. And there is the synchronistic happening. There are spirits. There are dream realms. There is intelligences. Conscience. Love. Karma. All that's real. There is the loving Heart that can be very aware or interconnected, that is a God force, consciousness. BUT, it didn't make it self, and did not make life fundamentally, where would it start, in it's infinity? You didn't will or wish yourself into existence, that's the miracle of it also, and you don't bear any ultimate responsibility then either, that's freeing.