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  1. Staring at the inner sun is probably a quicker way to attain all those benefits and more ^^
  2. Who says they aren't. Just through habit and fear we go away from it, it's not inherently hard however.
  3. Working on yourself is the most effective billboard there is, and then you'll be happy too, because they'll just see the truth of your vibe and become in love with your charisma. So really focus on that first, because if you are half-assing it and being preachy, it might even put people off. - But I found that introducing people to enlightenment is usually done most effectively by talking about the natural state and suppressed emotions. Explain how the natural state is one of peace and joy, just like they knew as a child or can see in (young) children or animals (so far everyone I spoke to about this had a positive direct insight of this, as it is so obvious yet so forgotten collectively) And how by negative conditioning and suppressing emotionality, we have burdened ourselves, causing the constant high or low levels of anxiety and depression. And that very concretely you can show them, if relevant, how all these suppressed emotions are stored in chronically tight muscles along the spine And so that where ever they go and what ever things they have: this inner state is what dictates if you actually feel really good in life or not. And from there on maybe you can add in the other side of the coin of awakening into pure consciousness.
  4. It just triggers feelings that are still suppressed in the subconscious, the sound/visual data is just shaping a neutral movie.
  5. I would say define waking up, as waking up. It's the big shift that happens instantly, and you realize that you are nobody and that this is a dream, and it's not some insight or intellectual thing, it's a huge shock and a knowing. Being a mess still continues if you were a mess before, but it can probably quickly be changed as you are not really afraid to let go off emotions anymore afaik. Enlightenment is being completely purified (and knowing that you are nobody), having been saturated in that light that you exist as embodied love and have let go of all baggage, and you radiate that literally physically. And to my research, despite there being great finishes of the old and being completely into the luminous, both waking up and living as light will keep on deepening forever.
  6. If you look right you can sometimes you can see kids, even babies, being completely aware of other people's ego's at such a deep level and mischievously playing with them, meanwhile the adults have no clue a master is playing with them
  7. Allow the panic, that's when breakthroughs happen, that's when you can see all the fear and see it for the illusion it is, it's not uncommon for people to awaken that way.
  8. Being reminded just of the fact that YOU and EXISTENCE exists can be immensely confrontational. Because you are not really happy, you don't live in the natural state, in unconditional love, but being completely used and identified with a normalized character burdened under it's own emotional suppression we almost all learned through our parents, friends etc. So congratulations, now do the workless work consistently and become infinitely more happy than you could have imagined.
  9. Awakening can be described an instant recognition, a massive insight that shifts you permanently. Enlightenment in my view is when one has also cleared all his old baggage and embodies and radiates that light to a high degree (literally physically, electromagnetically, I've seen some teachers have amazing effects with this). They go hand in hand, when you have no baggage you can let go super easily and when you awaken you can let go of baggage more easily. Edit: As to why, you can't answer that.
  10. There are soo many. But I like David Spero a lot. ('stuck' is not some fearful term used here btw)
  11. Maybe you need to get in tune with nothing more
  12. Listen to the beat of the heart, and just meditation, mind=body.
  13. Nice songs Maybe we can make this thread into one of with songs with lyrics only OP? (a mod can change the title also I think) Because there is already a huge thread of music but so many people have posted their favorite nice sounding ambient tune which I think made it not as good as it could be, because all music is spiritual already generally somewhat, but what tends to separate all music and music for this vibe are it's lyrics (though I must admit, some lyricless music can be super deep as well).
  14. Because life is also fucking exciting, a thousand times more so when you can be your natural self