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  1. Well given almost all rape and murder is done out of fear (a calling out for help), that makes it unlikely the someone who knows it's oneness would hurt itself, given it would not see any benefit in it. But I guess it can occur in some scenario's though there would be no ill-feeling in it, no judgement or hate, so still very different.
  2. No one can assure you enlightenment exists, though you can meet people who've claimed to have awakened and speak/be with them (and experience glimpses of their state), and that's the best evidence you can get. However, we can know what un-enlightenment is, and there are degrees of it: being identified with beliefs, thought, and body, which we know can diminish (so it can end completely), and unenligthenment is constantly thinking, which can stop as well.
  3. From what I know it was a good place in general, Osho's cool, and the followers I met were good people. A few things to keep in mind: he was extremely popular all over the world, and he taught not only non-duality but also sought to piss off all the status quo's, making fun of everything, including his followers and his own views. Now, especially back a few decades ago, that doesn't rime well, and given how toxic people are, you can't expect less than a huge pile of reactive vomit around it, both from the hyped or frustrated followers themselves and from an more frustrated world. This is the trailer by the way, actually surprised to see a majority support Osho still Also, he didn't buy any of Rollce Royces himself
  4. That's good commitment. But eh, in the case of actual suicide, you'd be probably going into another body (or have be it a failed attempt t for what ever reason), because there's still too much attachment of self. If you really want to let go, you can already do so right now, your body is not preventing that, your mind is.
  5. Regarding the idea that there's a lot of suffering vs a lot of non-suffering based on the pleasure-pain idea isn't entirely true. In the most central aspect, there is always absolute peace/joy/safety, no matter what arises, children and animals are closer to this, the natural state is true happiness it self. Then in the relative, there is pleasure and pain, which are truly are quite dismal. - Humans are just so ignorant of source that we think our the pleasure's/pain's are what it's about, completely overlooking our self created tornado of mind suffering, which is really the issue, and which is like a self-created dream, based on the fear of the imagined future. - And experiencing incarnation(s) of forgetting of Self serve a purpose, for the unique experience of being able to experience awakening out of suffering because it makes you grow as the particular linear being. Once you are finished with the human experience, it has grown you as a spirit, being wiser, greater, unique. Also, I've had 2 glimpses of animal consciousness and it truly great: natural, free, feeling at home. So don't worry about suffering, focus on your own transformation process, the universe is you, you are good.
  6. Had some weed edibles yesterday, got me closer to that space but didn't let go fully I think weed now, after having gone pretty deep with 5-MeO, really offers a nice gentle psychedelic push. It's funny, still every time it happens I just can't belief how real, and just divine that space is. Also it left me with a good imprint as to what it is we're looking for just 'feeling-awareness' and that only, ignoring sound/image arising
  7. It can be a very helpful source of personal guidance, awakening/energetic catalysation and a good friend. But the master comes and goes, appears and disappears, so ultimately it's still useless, this about slowing down and stopping the mind, the beauty of it is that you don't need anything to have, do or know, to experience that.
  8. At the end of the day, words are just words and only direct experience matters <3
  9. Why make a claim and provide no arguments? No, it's not debunked.
  10. Also the body composition changes every moment, and on a cellular level almost completely every 7 years, as well as our DNA. Can you be a past body?
  11. Physical suicide likely gets you to unconsciously incarnate again because you couldn't surrender everything prior to death, and so the mental tendencies you can't let go off will cause you to want to play out a new persona again.
  12. It's cool that he's promoting some form of Dharma to so many people pretty successfully, he teaches right speech/action and karma yoga in a way. Yet he says that the way out of suffering ends with this kind of picking up responsibility, which is finding (arbitrary) meaning in service, whereas that's just a stepping stone for ultimate surrender. And that's kind of dishonest, to say that is should end there, because he had a mystical glimpse himself
  13. And I forgot to mention it can put people on the brink of insanity or make them insane (for some time), if they aren't somewhat settled in consciousness and don't have the wisdom of knowing that no thought or feeling is ultimately true. But that's significantly harder to do when your system is being flooded by triggered feelings/thoughts because of the energy awakening. To me it seems like playing with the mind, and playing with energy (which would be the better scenario, as apposed to people (unconsciously) doing it to gain special experience or siddhis to put on their spiritual ego resume). That can be fun, it can be healing, or it can be destabilizing, and (relatively) rarely awakens people out of ego (compared to other practices). To each their own, but if your goal is permanent happiness and freedom, I don't see why one would want to go this route. Because self-inquiry/doing nothing gives you best of both worlds: -It gives the highest probability of permanent awakening (which is always the nr.1 goal) -It heals the systems also because the contractions are based on 'I-thought' trauma's/suppression - It allows for the energy to gently awaken on it's own, but at that point it's more of a reflection of the already open state you're in and doesn't tend to cause turmoil - Also asana yoga is good I think, all exercise is great and important imo.