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  1. 'I don't exist' and 'I am (or life is) perfect' I like. They are helpful to shape your mind, to get into the right state of being in life and to create a conscious distance between thoughts and who you really are as consciousness.
  2. Actually had a dream related to infinity this night. I was looking at a void and I could project these concepts of art into it and multiply it by as much as I want, and I could project a lot, into different ways, and I had this realization that this can be just infinite and fear came up. I'm sure it was tiny in comparison to a 5-MeO breakthrough and it wasn't actually really a special experience in terms of ultimate feeling but I am having tears in my eyes writing this, so mystical still.
  3. I have heard voices in deep meditation (especially on weed), before I go to sleep and sometimes in dream encounters of which I know they can be intelligent entities (had a confirming experience once of stuff that was shown in my 'real life') (the latter 2 should be pretty common for anyone, but yes, it happens very subtly so the higher energies don't interfere with your path here). And sometimes I belief I get a wisper in real life but then it's harder to distinguish from my own mind though I belief I am getting better at it (been having this only semi-consciously for the past year or so). So when I hear these subtle voices in meditation, it's an interesting and a bit of an exciting/intimate experience, but not mind blowing or really amazing, just fun/interesting. What makes it challenging and intriguing is that these subtle voices are playful, extremely cheeky and they are in 'very quick real time' with your own thoughts, so often it can be like getting your mind check-mated and you don't know what to say or do because you are in awe of their quickness/intelligence/wittiness, at least in my experience, kind of what you would expect from higher beings. So basically every time it gets me to look at certain parts of myself that I suppress; not by force or directness but through intelligent statements or wittiness, so what usually happens is that I hear something or get a response my self-conscious ego kicks in and I lose connection because of the fear/ego that kicks in and I have to do some inquiry. So as always, the path of meditation and ego dissolution will grant the fruits, in order to be with the pure you need to be pure. One last thing: 'What makes these voices different from ego-delusion?' or 'how to tell the difference?'. I know how sounds and voices are from the fearful subconscious sound as well, over the years I've learned to distinguish the difference and as the ego purifies there is not much left of it. The difference is easy to tell, one has a desperate/forced vibe to it, that you can kind of sense comes from your mind, always related to a fear or perhaps arrogant sense of yours. This can of course be used in a positive and constructive way by using it to face your fears. The 'true subtle voices' are simply of a distinct different vibe, quick-cheeky-confrontating-playful (opposite to the fear ego) and it feels as if it comes from an energy that's simply different from your own personal self. - So if you think it's all easy when this opens up to you, that these beings will just caress your ego out of it's misery: be prepared to be schooled and humbled and perhaps frustrated because you cut yourself off all the time because of the stubborn mind's ego tendencies, or perhaps you do a better job than me.
  4. This is ridiculous. You mean that if you avoid self love by the act of giving makes you a 'devil' (a very unnecessary extreme noun to use), but choosing to help others selflessly is an act of connectivity itself, whether you are completely aligned otherwise or not, it is a helpful step in the right direction.
  5. As Martin said, ego comes back in, there is still unconsciousness that believes itself to be the body-mind-personality that can one day die again. Apposed to nothingness. All masters know say is the illusion, they have awakened permanently and spend decades integrating it, that is a higher standard than one girl with one 5-MeO trip. Don't worry, just meditate.
  6. The sound is neutral. The world is just a picture inside consciousness. But the meaning you create with it, at the conscious or subconscious level certainly may influence you.
  7. Why don't you ask him to elaborate, how are we suppose to know? Interesting that he said that though, I resonate with it, the Self is infinite after all. I emailed him about it, I proposed why I believed in non-physical realms to him, he said something along the lines of 'when everything is one intersubjective experiences are expected'. So I don't think he doesn't belief it's unreal per se, but it's unreal ultimately, just as unreal as this, whereas Terrence kind of puts the experience on a pedestal and Martin just likes to make fun of that from what I see.
  8. And one thing I noticed that really gave me a lot of confidence in the process of some sort of 2012/'5d ascencion' stuff is that I see how truth is contagious. Awakened people create more awakened people, positivity/truth reflects back negativity really strongly, which forces all of us to deal with themselves. That's why they nailed Jesus to the cross, darkness cannot handle light. But now there is the second coming of the Christ consciousness.
  9. The problem is suppressed emotions, trauma, a delusional ego and no awareness of true spirituality. Not some arbitrary label, you always have free will to still the mind, think positive, face trauma and rest as sane still awareness, don't be fooled by society's scapegoat of being a victim of developed mental illness.
  10. Doesn't smoking it (freebase) work just fine? edit: Compared to vaping.
  11. When fully healed and realized I think it should. If you know yourself to be the pure field and have awareness of that, you know you transcend the body-mind/ego and thus transcend pain, transcend ideas of loss or future gain, transcending ideas of lack of love/connection.
  12. Yeah. Our society loves to be the victim of things, 'oh, the weather sucks, the train is late, he did something inappropriate, now I feel bad just because of that, having nothing to do with my own mind', psychiatry is largely an extreme expression of that: 'I am the victim of broken brain, life is flawed, where is the superior human made pill that can fix me, I can't do anything.'. Whereas you can always think positive, (learn to) still the mind, face the trauma that stirs up the mind and rest as peaceful awareness. Talking to reveal suppressed trauma is good, teaching people the above concepts is good, but when that is put onto the background of that materialist victim sense, it's baaaad: toxic ineffective medicine AND teaching people they can't do anything about it. And nature made mind-medicine, they are called psychedelics.
  13. Does anyone know how weed highs get affected after 5-meo?
  14. God is also you. Do you prefer the first or latter reality, go and choose, you choosing is the way God is playing the game.