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  1. Ye resting in awareness works.. Thing seems overwhelming until it doesn't. But no free will is the nail on the head to learn to kill the ego, i couldn't accept it at first, but it makes perfect sense when you think about and it helps with shame and fear, acceptance. Because you didn't create life, and you are the product of everything. Ye, we seem to make own human decisions, but it doesn't make sense when you think about it. Maybe not nice to hear at first, but it should help eventually, and the ego likes to deny it I guess, so is life. Be well
  2. Still gotta go deeper with meditation and self-enquiry, witness being can't be afraid -and all thoughts are untrue
  3. Do what you can. Weed is good and not so insanely overwhelming for helping a glimpse. Do japa to keep the mind from wandering too much. And meditation can be easy like when laying down. Gaze a real master in the eyes. And try just to stop whining.
  4. It is created from an existential light force, just because it did. It involved no God, no creator, the existential force exists simply because it just does. There is therefor (obviously) also a existential reality, that you did not imagine, but actually live in. It is from and with impersonal Consciousness, and therefor made of 'mind', but it is more real than what you can imagine with a personal mind, because reality is prior to personal mind, albeit personal mind can have a role in apparently altering some of the manifestation, to various degrees, at times. But it never reaches an actual complete control, because complete, meaning engulfing all aspects, is already to be beyond the personal mind, in which no such motivations exist.
  5. Everyone gets a little taste every once in a while, in fact every night. Most just aren't interested or skilled or brave enough for more, and that's fine. Love is always also present to some degree, it's not all or nothing.
  6. The higher power decides mostly how long and how much dreaming you can have, and where you end up.
  7. Ye, it can happen, and in my opinion, also related that much of the worldy business and science activities are a by-product of shadow neuroticism (not all ofcourse and much of it is certainly good and necessary). But there's also a lot of tribal warfare going on that doesn't mingle well with we are all one and nobody is really better than anyone else.
  8. Guy looks nice to be honest. But enlightened or not, saying you are enlightened will tend to have a lot of consequences. If you're actually enlightened maybe wait at least a few years, for obvious reasons. And people also often think they are enlightened after a first glimps/energy awakenings.
  9. It's luckily never ever what we think it is.
  10. I found setting a strong intention/prayer is good for lucid dream work, not just for becoming lucid, that doesn't really matter that much, and will become natural as you practice meditation/seld-enquiry/ada, but for going deeper into the dreams and letting go, facing fears. Because fears/resistance is also what doesn't allow us to go as deep into the dreams or enlightenment. That should also make dreams as intense and freeflowing as possible, up to a point where doing anything at all deliberately is kind of out of the question, because it's all happening rightly. Sounds boring perhaps but it really isn't. Makes dreams refreshing as well, al though sometime it's like Jesus Christ what was that, or not even sometimes, but always good benevolent dreams, if you see it's for letting go
  11. Are you sura Harris is an atheist? I remember him saying that's a misunderstanding iirc despite popular belief, just very critical against aspects of religions, probably biased materialist but even that .. I mean, the brain is the infinite also.
  12. That sounds cool, I would say that that experience was real, and yet it's one perspective for one time, not so much more true than any other experience. But because it's a more expanded or connected state, also more true. Though possibly still, or probably still, doesn't come close to absolute reality, or complete absorption (but I'm a noob). Ty for sharing
  13. Good post. Otherwise the individual tends to think it's somehow more than the individual, but it isn't. The body-mind personality is a perception which is completely absent 'there'. In the same way the universe isn't created out of imagination (albeit it is imagination), as that seems to imply someone imagining a universe really hard and then creating it. It just appears out of itself with no volition at all, it appears out of profound magicness nothing, albeit it does consciously care for itself thereafter.
  14. It has nothing to do with meaning, this is mental mumbo jumbo and it doesn't help trying to say it like you understand it