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  1. Mooji has a lot that are pretty good
  2. Egos love this though, nothing cooler than being someone with 'insight', at lvl 2.4, 74% clean chakras, deeply studied, master at shielding and removing negative energy and going towards buddha-hood extreme special state. even though there's some truth to it, but spiritual ego is probably an underrated trap on the path because most people in spirituality fall for it to some degree, and just looks so 'cool' it seems, hard the accept the kiddo playing in the mud is doing better than most people whom fill themselves with these concerns.
  3. This is a good example of how Awakening is ultimately part of a grace-controlled reality, and not a materialistic equation of 'having done X retreats or X psychedelic amount, and now I have it', no, deep humble embodied desire to surrender, being utterly self-less and loving and consistent practice are required. Not that M. Ball, was not innocent or genuine in his journey, but possibly a bit naive and childish, and thus unconsciously also still a little ego-centric about it, he also used to have a half-baked materialistic presumption, which would fit this 'chemically induced enlightenment'. So he had a lot of deep experiences through 5-MeO, then had a permanent shift afterwards, talked about his enlightenment (fair enough, it was a genuine awakening right), but then was hit by the mere simplicity and depth that would be reached normally in meditation and going into the deeper consciousness through the gate of sleep. That terrified him, it was a glimpse of deep awakening beyond his self-induced routine, and was or is still left a wreck because of it. . Yet Ramana among others talk about always being awake, God conscious, even in the deepest mode of sleep: --- I know a teacher here in Holland whom experienced something similar, he had spend a lot of time on this journey, and at some point he was really good at self-induced meditation and creating 'blissful' states and whatnot, he started teaching, yet he was actually addicted to his meditation states, was not deeply awakened, and had a strong subtle spiritual ego, until some almost spiritual death event would overtake him, and he was left in suicidal panic, despair and depression for quite some time, and a lot of shame probably, because he proclaimed himself to be an enlightened teacher already, imagine how painful that must be, trying to be a light to bring people home, to the ultimate, yet yourself losing faith in it. Later it brought him to a deeper surrender and true enlightenment/awakening in his own words now, Ad Oostendorp is his name.
  4. I think ridding yourself of all defilement is overrated, I think it's good to become aware and have seriously worked and studied with your own emotional body and healing for some years for most people, but a human functioning will always have aversion, conditioning, desires etc., right, even though there can be a totally different way of experiencing it. perhaps unless it's completely permeated by some meditative state, but for what purpose, afaik, true deep awakening should rid you, first of the self-image that makes you want to look perfect, and second to be free to be a bit of a messy human if you want to be, and probably will be, but realizing you're not bound.
  5. It wasn't really a negative experience overall, I loved the content, I guess it helped me grow and get into this overall, it was entertaining, it's just that any belief is wrong, period, and he said this also,'enlightened masters go beyond beliefs'. He's also a rare case in the sense that Darryl is really in a flow of deep passionate energy you can say, assisted by some real beings I'd say, as you can see, he's extremely powerful in presence, charisma.. it's cool content, and often nicely synchornisitcally tuned to the questioner. That though, makes it extra dangerous is some ways, because it's still a human filter, and no one knows how that works, or what the energy really is, I'm not saying it's demonic or bs like that, but when you listen to him, well, I tended to belief all of it, but that's a huge dogmatic functioning not based in truth.
  6. Fascinating stuff, I was a huge fan for years, huge, I have watched most sessions including the old ones (the old ones are coolest because there was a tight niche group and it was pretty intimate), started the Bashar forum. However, it is dangerous stuff to study... Lol, that is a bit of a joke, but not really. It actually messed me up, I was such a believer, so impressed, studied way too much, also was in a bad period in my life, and about 16 years old, isolated etc. But even without me being vulnerable and obsessed, it's still crap teaching ultimately, albeit very impressive and entertaining, because none of it, or quite little of it, that is being shared, is actually true, it a show, (and yes, a fancy 'awakening' show to some degree), but a show that deals in illusion, and gives stories about illusion.. Nothing inherently wrong with that, though to some degree it is I would say, because it kind of is... because when you actually think the beliefs shared are true... they are not. And it will delude you and increase neurosis, perhaps by a lot. (!: there is no higher or lower vibration, no higher mind, no real other entities, no higher or better dimensions, and none of the information that's practical is inherently true, even some false ego beliefs of darryl may filter through), assuming Bashar is pure and all-knowing.... It's not that channeling is fake, or that Bashar is fake, both are real experiences to some degree it seems, (experiences btw! perceptions! has nothing to do with transcendence, truth, enlightenment). Even though I will give the 'Bashar' entity dream the benefit of the doubt, one must also understand that this whole human channeling thing is using a human to translate certain inspirations or energies through his mind/beliefs, it's also not really that pure in that sense, and again, experiences/inspirations are never even true, they are mind ideas, that may have some relevance for someone apparently, but there's no real peace or happiness to be found in them.
  7. Ah, rapé, doesn't do anything but rape your nostrils, truly fitting name.
  8. Pretty sure coma dreams are pretty common and no they don't all claim heaven. The potential of things that can happen in dreams is immense, same with psychedelic trips, in some rare rare cases one can live a long realistic, just as realistic as this, life in one of them.
  9. No, sometimes psychedelics don't even work at all to induce an experience whatsoever. Adi Da said that that enlightenment, is given by grace, I agree, and I think you can say it is given when one is fully 'mature/ripe/deep/devoted' to love or truth. Psychedelics and practices, and life, all push to to become ready, but it is not a materialistic equation, reality is also magic-intelligence.
  10. He has good teaching, I never have seen or felt that he's off. And even if he is somewhat off in some way, his behavior doesn't seem too bad either, although has been made some allegations against. Anyways, if you want to test and investigate guru's, let me tell you, you have to visit them in person, at least in my experience, the screen never gave a good representation and direct contact was always way different (and much more positive).
  11. 721 books in one year? You will be creating an obese monkey mind
  12. Thought that popped up today.. In a video game, how can a character in the game, move it's body, move itself forward? From where does it get the momentum, the energy, to push and move itself out of it's position. It can't when you think about, that's why the whole video game world has to be re-created, at every new step, moving with the character and as the character.
  13. 'You must enter into love-communion. So our way is characterized by, not by renunciation and self manipulation, but by a moral conversion, by natural lawful disciplines and via the continuous process of self transcendence, through love, '