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  1. What don't you understand, the natural state is one of wonder, the ego state is one of shallowness and manic assumptions, it's a spectrum by the way. Perhaps you are unfamiliar with that child like state if you had experienced enough trauma before the age of 4/5 or so, but it will become clear as you progress.
  2. The child like state of wonder and adventure comes back as the assumptious ego with it's constant worry fades. But yeah, it's not about a constant manic like happiness, that's just one state and far far far less important than the peace/freedom/love that is your true nature.
  3. What Shin said and I think people still don't belief it can work for them. That might sound strange but how often have you heard some say: 'Uh oh no, I can't meditate, my mind's craazy' after it was brought up lol, used by the scared ego to hold them hostage, and they belief it probably also because it is not yet that common to practice and people love to give the benefit of the doubt to the what the mass thinks.
  4. Keep this in mind: - You don't know what you can handle until you've experienced it. Have you not already experienced gruesome things that you now look back on as doable, whereas you would not think you could handle them before hand? - Physical pain is not inherently painful, the attachment of the mind with it's suppressed emotions and despair creates the suffering around it (because it stops it's ability for pleasure seeking). -Moments of grace happen to people in deep pain (showing nature likes to limit the suffering when it goes (too) far) - All masters whom have suffered some of the greatest agony don't look back at that and think: 'that shouldn't have happened, too much!', no they all say, it was perfect, I learned from it, it wasn't real, in fact they are grateful to have been able to know the human experience at that level. - At the moment of realization we will remember the same, that it's all perfect blissful love, don't worry! Focus on the good, practice, else you are just recreating what you say you don't want.
  5. The only 2 options you have are joining the army or going into marketing
  6. Which one are you attending? So far this one seems to be my favorite 400 euros for 8 days
  7. The culture is nice, too bad I dislike 95% of all psytrance except for infected mushrooms that's just brilliant.
  8. There's only one way to find out. The one's that experience it all say it's the absolute and there's no question, also many of them experience the deeper states sober afterwards. I also don't see why a chemical can't produce that effect, we are the infinite dreaming a human reality and in that reality there are rules, why can't a a neurotransmitter also be a gateway for consciousness back into it self?
  9. There's soooo many states to be experienced, don't think you've seen it it all lol
  10. You just practice, and let the results motivate you further. It took me 2 years of on and off practice before I really got into it, and at that point I was suicidally depressed, so I had to. The ego tendencies may be strong but they are so full of shit you have to realize that and just do it anyways, it's a billion times worth it despite all the cynicism that might say no. Perhaps take glimps with psychedelics. Also, if you don't feel like doing your session, weed can be great but keep that to once or twice a week.
  11. The thing with humans is, most of the time it depends on the energy that you have with it as to how they will respond. If there's any validation seeking (which be aware, with family members should actually be quite common), there is a higher chance they will blow it off. Show in behavior would be the best by far (let them ask why you are so peaceful). Second, maybe question them if they think they are their thoughts and body and why? And casually present a few good arguments as to why that's maybe not so: the body changes, thoughts change, awareness seems impersonal and so universal and just see what that does
  12. Usually it's 3-4 hours sitting, 1 hour in bed, 1 hour dancing alone consciously (to combat the sitting, and it's nice). Yeah, it's so worth it. I'd recommend anyone spends at least some years doing this, either by quitting your job and living cheaply or joining a monastery. Because this investment will make you an incredibly radiant and brilliant person that will be able to also make you succeed in any field you chose, and because you will be living consciously with God and riding the synchronicity.
  13. I've been somewhat serious since I was 18, and got very serious 5 months ago: I am 21 years old, I meditate 4-7 hours a day and I making tons of progresss: emotional cleansing, sometimes deep experiences, more peace etc. I think there might be some correlation between an older body/brain and development but not ultimately in the slightest. Consciousness beyond space and time, a 10 year old could be much more aware than any of us, and these things are of course reflected also by the brain, the brain/body is ultimately nothing more than an idea and always a reflection of consciousness.
  14. The same thing. You cannot undo awareness, but you can do nothing else and just be aware.