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  1. Certainly wouldn't hurt, certainly with bigger doses yeah, though I guess if you're off by some, you can chose to be the trusting type and let faith have you. I had a friend whom at burning man had a shaman who gave people 70 MG to tug on, fucking weird but apparently you'd be fine in that way too
  2. Bunch of wacky nonsense not based on actual experience or logic. You can't damage an aura or subtlebody or what ever, just like you can't damage a dream body, you can only damage an apparent physical body (which these things don't do), all appearances are gifts to awaken to love and growth. All psychedelics are gifts, made by the Self, safe, just don't abuse them, else it will be such a shift that your daily life, mind and body will just have a hard time integrating it.
  3. I've done 5-meo after eating with no issues I'm quite sure (I had eaten) Btw, in hindsight, a scale is not totally necessary, you can simply take a very tiny amount to start with and learn to estimate that way.
  4. This docu is really good
  5. You cannot damage a subtle body, it's like air, you can only restrict the flow of it through your physical body through unconscious fear. Also I don't buy into stories of possession, perhaps just as in physical reality, unconscious weak minded people can be influenced, and yet even if that would happen, it would ultimately be for the sake of waking you up in the play and won't violate your free will. Not to mention the whole ego structure of conditioned emotional suppression is based on denial, and just as people come up with excuses why they shouldn't let go or be themselves freely, this fits that idea.
  6. Going through the panic and seeing you are untouched nothingness is like the end of the path, so by that standard, I wouldn't say you're a beginner.
  7. Lucid and more spiritual/deep dreams come naturally as a byproduct of your practice. And another good reason to practice continuously, your practice will come into your dreams as well.
  8. 0.5 grams... Nah, even a medium dose of 2 grams can be underwhelming, just do a mild dose with proper intent and meditate on it. But weed is a psychedelic light for sure and I think it's amazing, how did you use it? Just meditate on it and see what happens.
  9. The problem is thinking about spirituality/life, it's not something you put a problem solving mind on like were used to, which only ends up in a paradox. You do the spiritual practice and let it serve you, you practice loving, and you just enjoy, that's spirituality.
  10. Suicide comes up a lot here, and understandably so, our lives are often difficult and unnatural as well (no living community, we even work more than we did back in our hunter-gatherer days, we live in cities/small boxes) etc. And suicide is even the goal you could say, but not of the body, but of our attachment to ourselves as a separate body. So here's why the body/physical universe from my understanding has a purpose: - It exists. - You cannot kill the mental body ( - In a physical body you can experience the collective human path of transformation/awakening, live a unique enlightened physical life and help and love others. - If you kill the physical body, you will be faced with the still unresolved subconscious: like the potential you still have for bad dreams: So you will then be faced with yourself, a mind reality composed of the mental tendencies of bodily/mental identification of attachment and fear. So if you cannot let go of yourself, you will probably reincarnate anyways. Not as a judgment or punishment, but out of your choice to resist the fullness of God/Self, and you'll come into another body to complete your growth process. (I once asked before I went to sleep about why I shouldn't kill myself with the intent to learn more on this: I had a realistic nightmare of being in a cathedral. Yet I knew it was also a mental realm, so I could use my power to alter the dream. Though I didn't like it there all together, the cathedral reminded me of the fear of God I think, and the raw stone of the raw reality. Then I saw a guy, and I got scared, I thought maybe he would kill or hurt me. So I tried to burn/freeze him with my mind to scare him off/kill him. I got spooked by that realization of me being a killer and I tried to run, and the people came after me imagined. Then I chased women to have sex (though I never have to rape for it in my dreams), for pleasure and it was unsatisfactory because I was still not at ease/afraid.. When I asked this again later, I also had a dream of a grown man in a baby's body, but the man was looking unconscious and a bit dumb, bewildered, frozen in unconscious fear. Which explains why some children are born very bright, and some are not. and of course Buddhism/Hinduism also talk about reincarnating depending on your level of consciousness). One last thing, a teacher I trust based on direct experience as well, namely Bashar, also says that physical life has the purpose of shaping your spirit. You have the physical life experiences under your belt after the life, and that grows you into a unique being, 'like fire to solidify clay'. And so after the physical shaping you can live forth as an (evolved) human spirit. -- Here's a cool excerpt from an awakening and of really amazing life story: And I just heard: 'For this, you're born.' I think btw suicide is different if the body is like old and sick and stuff and you do it with consciousness, you can say your goodbyes and love properly too. After all, everything is Self created, there will never be an outside source judging you. Peace
  11. Every glimpse I still go: OM MY GOD THIS IS REAL Ohhhh
  12. In my experience, sitting still, awake and seated, meditation is probably gives the best results. But if you practice a lot, you might feel burned after some time, perhaps conscious napping will be of aid. I have found to it to be an easy yet still effective tool for consciousness work. It's underrated maybe because we might associate it with laziness and feel guilty about it. - So here's how it works: go lie down, go into semi-sleep states, keep your attention with awareness, so try not to fall asleep to easily, and just meditate throughout the waking or dream state. It's different from wake induced lucid dreaming because with LDing, you try to focus on going into a dream world, but here we focus on who we are. - Here are some elaboration based on my own experience (and having studied LDing for some time). Also, it will be subjective so follow your own experience or intuition. -Lying down on your back is probably easiest to stay remain as awake as you can, but lying on your side can be just fine as well in my experience. -Try to be as still as possible and rest the attention in the still Feeling Being that is I Am (awake stillness is the gateway to the absolute (awake stillness = same as not knowing). -At some point you will feel good/relaxed, at that point, you're probably close to falling asleep: now you must watch out that you don't enter sleep unconsciously out of habit. So do something to keep yourself awake, though just noticing it might be enough, I tend to focus on my body and do some deep breathing, or open my eyes, but also try not leave your relaxed state. Now you try to remain awake and enjoy the relaxed state to continue your spiritual practice in, at some point you probably will fall into a dream, yet maybe you can even continue the spiritual practice in your dream (to me this always happens because it's what I am always doing when awake). -Use waking up also as a practice to see the similarity between the dream/waking state: an arising in the mind. Peace
  13. I would say just meditate and study non-duality, find a good teacher. Maybe after a few years of meditation do psychedelics if you are sure, if you feel like taking it, because doing this from a young age is powerful as it is. But schizophrenia is just higher weirder degrees of believing in thoughts/ego. And sometimes unresolved trauma/suppressed emotions, manifesting out of the subconscious, as hallucinations, and sometimes mixed with psychic senses opening up.
  14. If you know how much weed or thc is in your edibles then you should be able to dose just fine. Great tool imo, a psychedelic light, good for self-inquiry imo, but just try it out yourself. Might want to get something with CBD (indica strains have more of it afaik), because studies have shown it can lower anxiety