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  1. I have not seen free will either but I feel pretty sure I am experiencing it in some form ^^
  2. They just do, once he said: 'Did someone make you ask that question?' The advaita claim of 'no free will' often is contextual more to implication there is no 'you' to 'have' free will, and that the thoughts of '[I am a separate] doer of action and thought' are false, but beingness is full of intelligence and freedom.
  3. Go follow this path and let God take care of you, it just takes commitment to go within, again and again and again, just keep taking the little steps to do that and let the results motivate you further and create a positive feedback loop, use prayer and the guidance in dreams/synchronicity and having a truly experienced teacher(/friend) can be very helpful too, but the real guru is always within your heart. You can be a beggar and be truly happy or have everything you've been told you should have and be miserable, having a stable life can be good and nice but don't mistake it for a necessity. And you will help others the most if you can be happy, instead of being not as happy but successful, but success and happiness are not mutually exclusive either.
  4. What is Truth? A word, you don't need interest in a word, feeling good is the highest goal, which does not mean chasing sensations, but can mean the peace of being liberated from wanting anything at all.
  5. Truth = all about feeling good, so yes, feeling better is a very valid reason to become enlightened.
  6. This sounds like that anti-relativity talk. Ego self story is not real in the sense it exists as words, but body-minds are real in their own right, and not faulty. Whereas insecurity/paranoia just stem from unresolved negative thought imprints, held onto through (collective) habit, and that is often referred to as ego, but not the best definition. An unhurt ego, like a child, and thecommon adult experience on earth are 2 very different forms of 'ego', but both healthy egos and unhealthy egos have a sense of Self, as do enlightened masters.
  7. Of course, thinking is the number 1 crutch and it often plays in on that. From a young age most people were often mistreated, so therein often still lies unhealed pain/insecurity, and from a young age you were constantly given the impression that the most important thing was to know stuff and be smart, and that habit was enforced constantly first by school then by culture/friends. Enlightenment can thus often be unconsciously wanted to be 'the ultimate getting it/source of knowledge' that will make you be special
  8. It's always just as real as this reality if it's truly spontaneous, it's a projection when it's coming from fearful expectations (which may go deeper than you think), it requires being sensitive to our own being to discern the difference, it can also be a combination of both (altering something you initially perceived clearly). But yeah, perceptions are in the realm of the changing, so as you probably it's unimportant for your happiness, a hindrance perhaps for some, though knowing you are being seen and loving what you see can help open the heart.
  9. D.: Thoughts suddenly cease and ‘I-I’ rises up equally suddenly and continues. It is only a feeling, not a thought. Can it be right? Ramana: Yes, it is quite right. Thoughts have to cease and reason to disappear for the ‘I-I’ to rise up and be felt. Feeling is the main thing, not reason.
  10. Psychosis is not just believing in normal thoughts, but in extreme thoughts, but it's both just believing in thoughts. Caused by a sense of fear through negative indoctrination/trauma (often related to the mystical/God), or because one wants to belief more special thoughts about him because he or she feels also scared and inferior. So it's not such a big deal if you understand to not belief in your thoughts, it should end it all very quickly actually.
  11. Not identifying with ego doesn't mean there's no more negative ego But yes, it's possible, it may be a good idea to see some of these people in real life and get to know them Or David Spero is a good example in my opinion that demonstrates this well on video
  12. And feed yourself with the inner light But multi vitamins are not a good replacement for eating healthy
  13. In many cases without having raised it for meat it couldn't live a physical life here though, but it's not really a minimalist/sustainable thing. Animal abuse is a whole different matter of course which is where most meat comes from.
  14. From what I've seen all masters got where they are because they admitted all their suffering and they worked to end it, and they are the happiest people alive. In my view, you are not done, and hiding behind intellectual ego ideas and projecting on people who disagree with you.
  15. Plenty of people have done the 'love hate rice experiment' and posted their findings online, I did it too and it works. What's pretty cool about it is that the jar you project love on significantly preserves it's freshness, but that there are little to no differences in the hate jar comapred to the ignored jar.