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  1. 1. The Buddha said there is suffering, not that life it self is all suffering [and that there is an end to suffering] 2. One can have sex and create children without agitation [craving for reward] 3. You can feel good and be happy
  2. Ultimately, no one can really say if it's a good idea or not, you should try to guess that for yourself. Even no one really knows what schizophrenia is, and in my view it can be different things. Namely, 1. ego projection/neurotic fears, dysfunctional/dishonest thinking/behavior (from trauma, or just frustration with life) 2. Sensing things that other people might not sense (and using that information confusedly, dishonestly or unskillfully, due to point 1). And actually in my view is most always a combination. - But schizophrenia is a mental habit ultimately, you can recover from it with the right wisdom, practice, help. But you can call psychedelics forced openings, and that isn't always so useful, I think especially in an already pretty hectic western society, for sensitive individuals, and you can easily get good results with committed meditation anyways, but it's no danger ultimately, but still. Also, you really do already have a psychedelic trip every night, especially the first 1 or 2 dreams after deep sleep, and you can become conscious thereof.
  3. Yeah, how could one know, who would be there to tell you? But it seems though you can get so enlightened, you are always beyond birth and death, which occur in the micro moments of life already, that's in my view what is meant by it, 'Your mind is the cycle of births and deaths.' So it possible you can get so enlightened you are in bliss 24/7, no sense of doer ship, plunging into nothingness at will, non-attachment, unending love, what Ramana talked about his whole life, in the presence of hoards of people being and seeing him 24/7 Waking sleep, also what it's called, having the peace of deep sleep consciousness at all times: Q: For the jnani then, there is no distinction between the three states of mind? (of sleeping, dreaming and waking) Ramana: How can there be, when the mind itself is dissolved and lost in the light of consciousness? For the jnani all the three states are equally unreal. But the ajnani is unable to comprehend this, because for him the standard of reality is the waking state, whereas for the jnani the standard of reality is reality itself. This reality of pure consciousness is eternal by its nature and therefore subsists equally during what you call waking, dreaming and sleep. To him who is one with that reality there is neither the mind nor its three states and, therefore, neither introversion nor extroversion. His is the ever–waking state, because he is awake to the eternal Self; his is the ever–dreaming state, because to him the world is no better than a repeatedly presented dream phenomenon; his is the eversleeping state, because he is at all times without the 'body–am–I' Consciousness.
  4. The mental health problems (attachment to thinking/self) are themselves the obstacle to go deeper
  5. Yes, 'getting the message to wake up', but more importantly, being actually being hugged by peace-love.
  6. 100x more than whom? If you seek God earnestly, you get a response from all directions, period, but you will only respond to the degree of earnestness and maturity. edit: in fact, even if one doesn't seek, you are still getting a response from all directions ^^
  7. Not if you are earnest, it can be done quite rapidly, however most people just tend to only spend like 5% of their time on it. If you are dedicated, you will soon find not much is really in the way except for some make belief pettyful thought addiction and fear.
  8. Q Has man any free will or is everything in his life predetermined? Ramana Maharshi: Free will exists together with the individuality. As long as the individuality lasts, so long is there free will. All the scriptures are based on this fact and advise directing the free will in the right channel. Find out who it is who has free will or predestination and abide in that state. Then both are transcended. That is the only purpose in discussing these questions. To whom do such questions present themselves? Discover that and be at peace.
  9. Given it's not about 'knowledge' but about direct experience or 'knowing-insight', I would talk about people who've done a very good job at living this, like Ramana Maharshi and do meditation(s) yeah Don't 'own it' , as long as you are not fully enlightened you are as ignorant as everyone else fundamentally, if you try to use this info to one-up your ego, that may ensure a backlash. There are actually a lot of people in this field who try to take this info and walk around with it, understand-able, but I pity their souls, for when they may have to face a layer of their un-enlightenment, they may drag others into their crisis, be more ashamed, or create an even more subtle bs ego mask. AH maybe I'm talking too much trash myself again, peace
  10. Me surrendering to the Ocean of God in meditation
  11. Your gf is going to die or leave you at some point and you'll be left with nothing She also can't give you lasting happiness even when she's there So that is unimportant, this is about love, and love is not limited, so if you only worry about serving her, expecting nothing back in return (why would you, isn't meditation giving you everything?), then you'll always be happy, and perhaps, so would she, in either case, you wouldn't have to be worried about rejection then, then it becomes easy to find someone
  12. Peace is here, it's just that we are so used to constantly thinking and wanting to be a good someone, that minds are often severely addicted to thinking (and I think you can say out of habit but also anxiety because it's nature is not known)
  13. How do you do self-enquiry? Self-enquiry is not really something you can do, it's a mindset of wanting to find out who you are, and stopping thinking, being still, being open. As Ramana said: 'Feeling is the main thing, not reason' 'Really Self-enquiry starts when you are off the mental waves, the thought waves' And ' The degree of the absence of thoughts is the measure of your progress towards Self-realization. But Self-realization itself does not admit of progress, it is ever the same.' - Yeah spiritual knowledge is only there to inspire and point, and must be discarded for direct experience in order to progress. Relative knowledge is another matter, but spiritual experience will begin to work in that area as well as you learn to integrate and learn through experience
  14. Life happens within enlightenment, it's not that within a life, you get enlightened, you realize what already was the case There is only enlightenment, and there are only temporary unenlightened minds, or thought forms, or so it seems