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  1. The questions are just pointers to feelings, which are always deeper than thoughts.
  2. Mantras are great to control the mind, change your brain/consciousness/habit from worrying to being focused and centered, which will help to go and stay focused on the awareness/beingness to eventually breakthrough into self realization. TM is kind of scammy though, they sell a secret mantra from a special teacher which is nothing more than a sound based on your age. You can use any kind of word, I would recommend something that you feel most affinity with, perhaps 'love' or names of the referring to the One are usually recommended, and doing it with love.
  3. Ahh, his book profits go to kids in south India, that's always good to hear.
  4. A very interesting character that I see as absolutely awake. He says all the good stuff and just is a joy and love to watch:
  5. Same goes for singing. Everyone can have an amazing voice if they let their soul and passion shine through, it's good spiritual practice too because really putting that sound out of you can flare up the ego quite well.
  6. I belief you can connect with such an archetypal consciousness field of great love that exists as a doorway into more of yourself and eventually self realization, but 'she' is not the point just as 'you' are not the point, 'kali' and 'John' are thoughts ultimately that have to go.
  7. Scientists might be having a little bit more of a hard time in than others general with awakening perhaps because of the strong indoctrination of the ego that has to figure something out, and when it gets it it's a good boy. Well, turns out there's nothing to get because thoughts and concepts are just thought and always belong to that imagined self, the real you can only be.
  8. I don't think so, you help the mentally ill.
  9. It's so funny the most profound truth is the most simple obvious paradox, what a paradox again!
  10. I use it sometimes, edibles are great, otherwise the experience is always so short. Had my first semi-bliss like experience the other day through self inquiry (or another good label for it, the feel 'I' mantra), where i could feel the field of consciousness all around resonating with parts of my body, it was wonderful and it has deepened my every day consciousness and practice permanently. drugs ftw
  11. You ARE love, but the mind obstructs it with the defensive ego it has build around it self.
  12. I've been having really good results with Zen/Self-inquiry. First notice there is: -Feeling/Consciousness that is baseline Then notice there is: - Mind activity on top of that based on identification with the thoughts. You meditate on the baseline feeling of being/awareness, when every you become aware of having become lost in thought think 'I' and see that you come prior to the thoughts and meditate on that again.
  13. You are used to suppressing emotions, that's what's causing the struggle. You simply need to stick to it, go deeper and feel what's there to feel and allow yourself to cry like a baby. Try this meditation
  14. By the way always you can just ask God: 'What should do I here' Not only does it always speak to you through your inner being but in my experience it's very generous with very clear and synchronistic signs that can come very rapidly, and or maybe in a dream.
  15. 'Be careful, you can fuck up your brain' The brain is a reflection of the amount of unconscious baggage you carry, mind control and conscious awareness you have, tied into a collective game of other player in world, but that is secondary to your own control. I say it because I belief the biggest danger is thinking you have no control over it and that the outside world is dictating your state of being, which it can't. But yeah, now INTEGRATE and MEDITATE, you have the right amount of will but you need to do it in a balanced matter to train your mind to go deep without substances first.