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  1. No one knows whats going to happen in a second, and no one knows whats going to happen after death, and in fact no one knows what's going on right now.
  2. As for the value of psycho-analytics with a therapist, to investigate beliefs and point of view.. that sounds like much of what a good friendship is suppose to consist of, which has other benefits as well. I think having a sangha and or meeting the others/building and having friend(groups), is an important and perhaps underrated aspect of the spiritual life.
  3. Yeah. People used to smoke 10x - 50x extracts as the norm, get intensely super high for a short time, all get freaked out, or mostly freaked out, but traditional use was chewing the leaves (0x) and then you're suppose to get this mild-intense trip for 30-60 min. It might be a real nice psychedelic, that's a level just in between, weed and mushrooms.
  4. Any nutjob can have some understanding of non-duality. I used to follow Bashar, he's impressive, and there's some truth about his whole ordeal (but this guy is probably one of the 1001 spiritual ego's that tries to imitate him), but even Bashar talks shit sometimes, because you can't speak about the truth and because.. ? : even if some 'advanced' alien has positive intentions, and so does Darryl, how does Bashar even know if the correct translations are used? How do you even translate properly what some being wants to say, how do both parties even know? Aside from that, things are subjective. It's a mysterious joke of a process the uni made and you shouldn't just swallow all their words as truth, in fact any model of reality is false period. .. The worst part that screwed me over at the time was that I had to listen to my higher mind, and that the higher mind talks in imagination... that you should like, wait for images to receive. It's just bullshit, there is no higher mind, and there's nothing to achieve, no authority, imagination is just one of the ways the universe speaks, but there isn't a higher in it...
  5. Really liked this quote from this trip report: 'We do not serve God, God serves us, we worship God!' On that psychedelic note:
  6. You can imagine your fears into reality to some degree, and you can see collective energies or energies beyond your own mind. People who suffer from schiz. experience both to some degree. Seeing energies beyond your mind happens instantly, without your mental human thinking of it,, delusions come from your own mind activity, you need to become clear in yourself to discern. Some may say: 'it's all you, it's all coming from your mind', nope, there's also something as pure knowing consciousness beyond the human mind activity.
  7. I wouldn't say so, it's just a blessing imo, but I haven't finished the path yet. You may notice more suffering in the world, but if you don't take false responsibility, and stay grounded in your own god-devotion, you know that you can help them (eventually), or that they will be helped eventually, or are already being helped even. It does take big balls though and it certainly isn't always easy.
  8. I actually think that aside from the 1h - and do retreats advice, also equally or more important is some sort of routine with non-dual study as well, and consistent practice during the day (enquiry, mindfulness, japa), practicing loving/honesty (huge) (really confronts and heals, makes life easier as well, happiness), and also prayer is good. (Ideally a meditation sangha as well.)
  9. Meditate before and after sleep. If you want to do a powerful but hard technique, wake up after the first round of deep sleep for about 15 minutes, go back to bed, lay on your back, don't turn and be still and you might be able to consciously enter a dream or psychedelic state (if you manage to focus some on staying away and not give in to sleep, which is hard). This method is called WILD (wake induced lucid dream).
  10. No, not always, some animals like to play and show affection towards others, they also like to rest and meditate..
  11. They don't use human ego mind, but they may be so immersed in god-consciousness, that they actually know without knowing. I mean, if I think of my glimpses I have at night, there also isn't a human knowing there either.. Oh and by the way, if you pay attention, animals can smile :)
  12. By the way, the animals are enlightened statement is not just some wishy belief I hold, I've had 2 enlightenment experiences with the felt experience of one being related to being a bear and one to a cat, not like I was a cat, but the state of consciousness.. eh hard to explain, very deep and harmonious though. And I was looking into a cat's eye the other day and the light was reflected so deeply in him, I actually have no doubt they live in a deep state, very present, pure, just also the eyes of animals, 100% pure.
  13. An enlightened guru doesn't just look at you and ka-bam, al though that might happen, you sit at the guru's feet and meditate on him, stare into his eyes, and then certainly you can open into something greater, happened to me a few times and I always resisted it as it got too real for me at that point. Donkey is living God, humans are too busy thinking about what's God.