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  1. " They can bring a lot of good things to your life but they can also harm you forever." Eh no.
  2. is in complete alignment with the infinity, oneness, ancient understanding, the LOA and the Bashar's teachings One of the most awesome things about this infinity stuff by the way is s that infinity goes both ways. So in every point there is infinity, in every light point, water thingy, space in the air etc. So every point actually contains everything and is in everything, which makes is this impossible one thingy. And so obvious too right. And it's all consciousness, so it's this infinite magical thing EVERYWHERE, and we're just in one realm.
  3. Fearful thoughts arise from negative conditioning/trauma which stems for the sense of separate self
  4. @Leo Gura Are you sure you need to vape freebase? edit: oh wrong thread
  5. I would use simple 1 word phrases but with things you resonate with like: God - Love - One - Infinite - Thought
  6. It's a mindblowing game, created for us, as it! Amazing.
  7. Does not work with freebase (regular) 5-MeO right, only with HCL (salt).
  8. Remember, the topic is intended for songs with lyrics, there's also an ambient topic. Which sense because all songs are inherently as spiritual and, but lyrics on this topic sets these songs apart from the billions of diverse sounds which are, as apposed to this, very easy to find abundantly.
  9. No, it's waking up from this nightmare of the ego. Then suffering is seen as temporary and necessary as one (small) part of the path.
  10. The dude in the video is lying, correlation =/= causation
  11. #43 on trending. 4 Million views, awesome. He came out really well in this video, I bet he has inspired many people.