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  1. 'Becoming' 'of' But self-obsessed crap is just some functioning,, so you mean,, you can live in such away that's very free of 'mind problems',, okay, but that's not complex.. .. 'Becoming aware' .. 'of' .. 'nothing' and 'everything' .. 'Realizing how' 'God''''' 'WORKS'' THROUGH - Sorry I am being a bit facetious, but you see how silly this all sounds, this, working for 'insert dualistic concept'.. is the mind problem of becoming and gaining, sorry, you can't reinvent life, it's already done.
  2. 'Each realization'? What do you think I mean with realization? It's about seeing you are not in anything, it's absence of self-obsessed crap. You have no idea if a mule is not aware of God. Why wouldn't it be a normal day?
  3. Realization is akin to magic powers, witches and evolution now? It's said that after realization, you realize it was always already the case, so you we're enlightened at birth and after and now. Illusion falls away, you don't gain anything.
  4. Degrees of awareness about it sounds misleading I think as it's not about becoming aware, even though it appears like that, it's stranger than it sounds even right, but it's about destroying the falsehood we project over it. I also feel like saying 'your will' creates the universe is misleading, if you have an existentially alive electric grid that just exists.. no one made it, yet apparent minds can appear in it.
  5. Can you really say you created the universe, or did it just appear, without effort or will? If it just appears, i.e. like a dream just appears, and everything in the dreams are connected.. How can you say you have your own free will?
  6. Well, you're either caught by delusion or you're not.
  7. Tough dude, but tough situation can create fertile powerful ground for great change, and we can create quite something with relatively little, like a pen paper, voice, art of loving good honest stuff. Good luck!
  8. It's in some way the only true 'teaching': -this is it, there is only what is appearing -it is nothing/an appearance/infinite [you are not the appearance] All else is kind of bullshit. But I think self-enquiry and doing nothing meditation are amazing tools, that should be recommended to a seeker. - I think Jim's great, I was at the Amsterdam meeting, good time. Also quite different than watching videos, from the videos I got a more authoritative 'cold' impression, but in person it was more casual, cozy, nice. Also such a non-duality meeting is a nice way to interact with people, you know, whom are in the same boat, not much seriousness, so you can joke around easily.
  9. Maybe you can enjoy this dutch gem, I've heard often that English speakers can sort of understand a bit of it and the lyrics are simple
  10. The whole universe conspired with you to have it be that, that "you made" "that" decision, and no one is responsible, everything appeared without reason, (this is your experience, when you wake up (in the morning, in a dream, now), it appeared without your decision.
  11. In the moments you feel really alive, which may be a moment of adrenaline, fear, is that not happiness as well? That is also a moment with less or sort of no ego I think.