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  1. You can couch surf and hitchhike and travel cheap that way Also, if you are good with women you could maybe just hop from girl to girl using tinder or something
  2. You contribute by working on yourself, finding and radiating the love of the Self is the greatest service you can render the world, also if you live in the west, we need a relatively low amount of jobs anyways to ensure basic goods for the people. You love peace and joy the most I think, but anyways, what avenue would grant more freedom you think? Aside from having or making a lot of money in a short time through whatever and then living of that for some time. Or maybe find a job that would allow you to meditate.
  3. - Become a monk Upsides: dedicated schedule, friends, maybe a master (maybe a +, you might get interesting people visiting the monastery) Downsides: maybe dogma, probably you'll have a difficult time having sex or doing drugs, you're not so free to roam around (though you might have trips/exchanges with other monasteries or places). - Do work exchange (for ashrams/spiritual retreat centers), work 4-6 hours a day (maybe more in some places) in exchange for shelter/food) Upside: Friends, free-er than a monastery, you can travel, maybe you can also make some money on the side through creative efforts or what ever - Become a beggar People will think stupid of this probably but honesty not such a bad choice if you live in a western civilized country/city, some beggars a lot of money too, and you could meditate all day, maybe with a sign ('addicted to meditation'). Upside: free time, free as a bird, money, adventure, Downside: might get harassed at times, not legal everywhere. - I'd recommend everyone to do this if you don't feel like you have enough time to be dedicated to spirituality with a 9-5 or w/e, it will make you rich in true worth beyond belief. And after a few years of dedicated spiritual practice it's probably quite easy to be successful in whatever you do, because it will make room for your natural talents to open and be expressed, and through your trust, love and synchronicity it will be easy and successful. In fact this is already the case, that you are supported very well, but we tend to be supported in lack and failure because these are the ideas we still hold on to. But you can be successful if you dare to express yourself and see the abundant synchronicity, but it needs to be based on truth for the sake of your own happiness, peace and integrity and for everyone else's involved.
  4. I've experienced psychosis and openings. Spiritual opening consists of emotional openings, perception opening, sensing opening, consciousness opening. It is what it is, an opening. Psychosis is just believing strongly in thought/story (usually related to fears around the mystical/God), which can project itself perceptionally from the subconscious through imagination sometimes, you just have to learn to get to know yourself to distinguish whether you are doing so or whether it's genuine perception.
  5. You've opened yourself up with 5-MeO-DMT, Martin Ball says that normal trip afterwards become like hours of 5-MeO again
  6. So with plugging the stuff just stays in automatically? Except if you fart I suppose. Anything else we should know? I guess some papertowels in your underwear shouldn't hurt.
  7. Wow that's fucking neat, how did you find that out
  8. This guy is actually a perfect incarnational deity on how to socially interact
  9. This one's also really good Pamela Wilson
  10. It's not so much about me or them, looking at their faces opens my heart, and it's a very easy exercise as apposed to meditation sometimes, I find it incredibly useful, also the light of the universe (of your computer screen, pictures) also is God/intelligence, it's also not an accident that I think all religions have meditation practice along with worship in them. Love you Leo
  11. It's just spirituality on steroids so you need the same basic info, which in short is, just be and see that everything you can observe is not you and does not touch your being, so be open and let go of it all (or embracing all, same thing) by doing nothing.
  12. He's great to watch, made many appearances on talk shows lately. Great eccentric and confident, pretty wise and he's staying honest and humble enough about his own sort of flaws, really cool