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  1. The body always changes over time and spiritual and meditative devotion can def heal things. But can a body always be perfect? No it gets pain and awakening to consciousness relieves that burden.
  2. Sure he looks fine most of the time, it just really rubs me the wrong way when people take this process and visibly corrupt it with their minds, it's terrible I think, doesn't mean they are inherently bad, but if anything would be heresy it's trying to own this 'teaching' which is not a even a teaching but also and I think a relationship first of all, if 'teachers' don't get that part right they aren't good teachers, hence the wrongness of it. Not to mention you can make people lose trust in the good and the real if you mess up.. and extra involve yourself karmically too in wrong ways, like Bentihno obviously did or does, despite all the good. But despite all the good can still be largely not good if it's not great, because it's not your job to play god and take up responsibility that's not there in the first place. If it's not totally good it cannot create anything like it or more. I hope I take this advice myself and not forget it ^^
  3. It's pretty easy to say all the right things and have some experiences, it's also not that hard to try and one up people with that, uh Benito seems like a perfect example of spiritual mania and eventually cult devilry. He was a big fan of Bashar, so in that sense understandable, he he would copy his strange concepts, of densities etc. Pretending to know what that means. And other strange or messed up stuff. He seemed like a snake then and I would say this really strenghtens that claim. It's sad because you take everything that spirituality is suppose to be, but still slightly bend it to yourself and create a subtle but ever more foul mess. Becoming a spiritual leader is not some easy job. Leo gets criticism too, but he has the guts after all this time to admit he still has ego to let go off, and so do I btw, how easy but dangerous to try and sneakily forget that part, and try to rationalize all sorts of subtle devilry and hypocrisy with ,oh it doesn't really matter', etc. It's tricky man
  4. Good points. Not to condemn the tradition as a whole* would be a better statement, I'm really appreciating the tradition or part of it atm. But it's powerful, to always have had a grudge against it, and to now see that with right understanding it is completely loveable and powerful to be able to love that name, as a symbol of the heart that has guided and build and protected even my civilization for a long time, despite the faults and dogmas. For sure a part of my ego was the rejection of it, resistance to it, precisely because of the wide spread hypocrisy associated with it. Dan's nice to listen to also, a real gem, more interesting than a lot of common spiritual teachers. Edit, wew nice quotes
  5. Ye, and every night the whole thing disappears also, maybe even every moment. Though global warming can seriously, or will seriously make havoc afaik,.. But reason for drama? Well it has also always been the case that every generations dies anyways, and that this is indeed effortlessly dreamed up, so enjoy it while it lasts. Also I have heard various teachers say, and seems very true, whole life tends to live in zen except (most) humans, so no real need to pitty our specialness either, but it's also special for sure and especially with affection for the good, dharma and love.
  6. I don't want to present myself as an authority, but I def. Have a sort of love hate relationship with Shunyamurti. No doubt he's spirituality advanced, but I guess he is filled with the mad scientist archetype, always talking about his theories and the apocalypse etc. With an imo sort of, sort of, arrogance to it, which is probably just his love for thinking or what ever. I appreciate it more when a speaker like Adi Da says it's all bullshit what the guru is saying and you are not suppose to meditate on that, that is in my experience also, it's about love, simple love, and simple live, fuck off with your endless and disturbing theories, life is unpredictable and it's also always the same, yadayada, chop some wood, eat some, fancy this fancy that, ain't never going to change much, at least not so much in the relative, why think about life, just life it and have some trust in goodness and god and you'll be fucking fine.
  7. Well, study is rather boring and useless, albeit good to some degree, compared to meditation, prayer and loving. Because a lot is involved, also a reason why this process takes time so you don't sabotage yourself too much, destabilize in relationship or functional or become delusional. Because there is truth to some degree to magic and all. Also related to this process. This man is also very interesting to study, he was devoted to satan (or dark forces, or perverted ego in otherwords) and evil. Take it with a grain of salt, he can dramatize also in my view but a very interesting story and quite genuine imo
  8. "If he dies, he dies" - Rocky IV "This is Spartaaaaaaa" - 300 "Life is too short, stay weird" - Deadpool Right. Jk
  9. Ye, sorry but there isn't such meaning at all, it's free and about your love and life. Hard for the previously conceptual ego to swallow perhaps, after years of living in reverse, but just by this error people can drive themselves mad for years and years, practice loving and befriend the silence, hard at the start maybe but very very worth it.
  10. True perhaps but the process takes time and for good reason, nothing wrong with that albeit ultimately that may not be true, condenming yourself is the worst. As Frank Yang just said, if he would have been given that awakening 1 year ago he would not have been able to handle it, who hasn't had that happen as well on drugs? Peace And only manifestation is horrible sometimes, still consciousness isn't
  11. Ye Frank looks legit, has always been really obviously genuine I think, see thanks for sharing
  12. Your ego still tries to overlay things with 'special' meaning, that is all, no?
  13. Edit: removed some, dont want to divert from Dan for now, the video is really good.
  14. No one just goes ill, in fact, no one is ill. Some have suffered from such abuse at a young age the person gets stuck in defense thinking. Aside from that, the biggest danger is becoming unstable, egoicly too hyped and distorted to be able to function after a big awakening, with no guidance or community to fall back on. Then going off about to others who label you as crazy, which may hurt your life further. Best to have some stability, self supported life and relationship with god before to be safest. And if you need help, seek some spiritual or christian community, don't just accept the idea your ill, and possibly suffer the stigma, that can be a danger in and of itself, and most psychologists are materialistically biased, deluded, even angry therefor and also have an institution, job and status they want to protect as well. They are not so safe.
  15. Traumatic upbringing is usually the main factor in that kind of thing. But think about it, most people are paranoid and belief the voice in their head, it's to different degrees. Psychdelics are quite safe if you don't over do it and already stable, meditating and have some wisdom. Otherwise more so it can be dangerous for normal folks in terms of a crisis that messes up their life, which was probably already not going the best.
  16. Seems like you are new to this path, and get 'too hyped' by the phenomena and go into a hyper mode. Very understandable, but you must learn to remain balanced, stay drama free and continue self enquiry. Drama and experiences are all ego or bondage afaik. Bipolar is just a word, you can't really Be ill in that way you see, it was a mental state, that anyone could cultivate, in theory. It's like saying 'I am a depressed person' after having or being able to know sadness for some time, as if it's incurable. Western psychology is filled with know it all ego make pretense, aversion towards truth even often, really trash. But you gotta abide by the rules and respect culture to some degree or that's where you will be put. Getting an enlightened master is helpful, and not what most people think, they are not there to teach but guide a bit and be great and inspiring, give darshan. Take care and respect yourself ok, seek good understandable wise company.
  17. Case by case thing. Though the most truthful answer may be we already are, but are obscured by the mind. The mind can continue to create ego sense without the body, it does so in dreams, so how you dream may be indicative for that. If you are a non fearful devotee, all dreams are good.. -idea of heaven is interesting though, people assume it must exist, but it must be a heart thing, you see because in heaven, are there man or woman there, can they have sex, would be boring without and with it they can create all the same problems here, heh.
  18. Could be that he is not awakened, some people like to do some exercises and just keep it at that, reap some benefits and stay rather ordinary. Spiritual masters are not normal and don't seek to be liked, so most people like to avoid them as the plague.
  19. There was some video were they were given puppies which was very successful. Also there are 2 vipasanna documentaries in prisons on youtube that are interesting to watch
  20. I think ur right but most children are still generally pretty happy. As far as enlightenment and 5meo goes. This is a process if transforming your life from (years of) untruth or unlove to truth and love, and your personal culture around with it to some degree. Even with a whole culture for it, masters and practice, it would still take years on average, which is not to say many lay devotees didn't do it, it would not be an easy task. Therefor you can't assume some psychdelic, will just do it for you, no matter how helpful, but also possibly destabilizing. Spirituality is a complete lifestyle, not a hypeful phase or habit or holiday. That's also why it's good to have a stable enlightened master or group in your life, perhaps for in the holidays, so you don't have to do it alone, and in the west (and east) there are good teachers available, it's not really that rare. Even christian groups, islam to some degree (sufism), jews, all actually use this principle, and not all are so lost even even all of these have oneness and infinity and we are god in it.
  21. To worry about imagination and other people that haven't the slightest thing to do with your life is the slickest devilry
  22. Don't underestimate the love of god and don't underestimate the subtle conditioned ego to try to claim it all. You can't be stably enlightened with use of drugs only, you have to really incorporate it into your life. China tried that once. Easy to say but this is obviously true. I guess psychonauts don't like it when it's called drugs but it's still also drugs innit. But i have no idea about martins life, but there's plenty of happy examples out there, like children for example
  23. Ye look. Or he says some great things, which he doesn't, too much shit in it for real. Or he's partly delusional for real, which he is, and is a spiritual teacher like that. You really want to make that mistake? You know what that can do? Look at Nintyananda or what ever that derp is called, and what a terrible mess he made, ye it's all good in the end, who cares, he was a high yogi, but got polluted by fame-power, perhaps lust or what ever, mental highs, lies or fear, and made mess of people. ok this talking of mine needs to stop as well, it's just fun, perhaps useful to learn from, I know that for sure, oh well : )
  24. Having had a major awakening on mushrooms 8 years ago, a manic time after that due to various reasons, and practicing diligently since, had multiple trips after, sat with teachers and am doing fairly well, though I am not fully realized. I like to make this thread if people feel like their life's are unbalanced after a 'forced opening' on psychedelics, which is usually a good recommendation to get started I think, to know there is more. But breath work also works, a bit more slow but less hectic, and meditation which is the goal in and of itself ultimately. 1. Don't talk about your spiritual awakening with people. Yep. You need to be stable and get used to it first. You don't want to have a teacher role as a noob. It's overwhelming for you and can only disturb others. Of course you can, but don't take on the messiah complex role to any degree at all. That will fuck up all your relationships. Everyone is taught they should be superman, good doer, a saint, and safe the world, no, you are suppose to be happy and not be a suffering fool. That's good enough, being a fake is not. 2. Investigate teachers in your area, someone with more expertise can be really helpful, no need to follow them, just be critical and real like a friend, if they are legit to any degree, they would encourage that too. 3. /Find a sangha or group of people, meditation group, it's nice to have some peers or aquantences to start with, but a group is nowhere near as good as having a real teacher (with a group), blind leading the blind, but having friends is good of course. 4. Don't confuse God with conditional love, the universe talks to people in subtle ways, we are taught to behave like slaves when it comes to the spiritual, or be 'sinners' and feel guilty if we 'fail', that is really not how it works, and it's within you anyways. You could say only assholes need to listen to God, good people are fine in and of themselves and acting in wholeness already, so don't be an asshole to yourself. The universe just loves, it doesn't care or need you to do anything ultimately. Don't confuse developed spiritual people as better either, or always right somehow, no, well some may be, should be rare, and mostly not. You can just make your own decisions, be rational, that's just as good if it's authentic and honest. But also don't be surprised your old life has to crumble. So don't make too stupid or irrational decisions, the point is to become an adult and make your own decisions. Try and avoid any guilt trips and or over the top future hopes. You can havr a stable simple rational good life, God tends to be very supportive, the Bhagavad Gita says 'Always guided by pure reason'. The ego always wants to be over the top complicated and special and grand, or dramatic fearful. This is the thing that needs to be tamed and noticed the most in such times. 5. You can seek refuge in a spiritual community if all else fails, ashram or (hippy) work exchange farm/commune. Workaway/helpx are some sites. European rainbow gathering facebook group is another place that often helps hippy travelers for instance. 7. Keep eating decent and sleeping! Respecting the basic needs, yes some need less, so what, it's still important. Ask for help if you need to. Don't abuse drugs. And aside from that rejecting sleeping is the nr. 1 indication someone is being in a manic situation and worsening it.. And if you want to go crazy... You can play stupid with your life for a while if you want..could be a valuable time to learn from..but don't expect to get happier and it's not needed. And it may hurt your reputation for the rest of your life. Not to mention becoming some confused wanderer is terrible for most people, you don't want to be sleeping on the streets. Nor would you want to end up in the spiritual prison of the materialists and poisoned to numbness (psychiatry). But that may be a result for a while if you aren't going to be respectful or careful. And I hate to say this, but psychiatry may have some good sides to it. But in general not a place where you want to be, actually I learned most of these people weren't so crazy or dysfunctional, mostly unmotivated and rejected based on some experiences or by self will. Kind of sad and unnecessary. Better to find a good community or ashram if normal doesn't work out. And remember the goal is a happy (stable) life free of (negative) mind completely first, not becoming genius/healer/or special role posessed with more thoughts. Take care lovers.