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  1. Ego death is romanticised far too much in the psychedelic community. Ketamine can lead to ego death just like other psychedelics but what matters is the subsequent event; Ketamine generally takes you to the void state but is also very calming which allows you to get comfortable with the void and realise it isn't something to fear. That in and of itself is extremely valuable, however after a certain point is no longer important. Psychedelics on the other hand take you to pretty much all the other aspects of an enlightened peak experience following ego death; unity state/interconnectedness, unconditional love, the Godhead and Infinite potentiality (as well as infinite manifestation). Ketamine lacks a lot of the divinity that comes with the territory, but it could be especially useful early on. That being said combining small amounts of Ket with psychedelics is just another level lol, but this isn't for everyone.
  2. It sounds like you're just jumping the gun my dude, start with much more basic breathing exercises like Sama Vritti and work your way up; breathing exercises are literally akin to a sport, you're not going to be able to run a marathon after a few 10 minute jogs it simply isn't possible.
  3. I mean it's ego activity at the end of the day, there really truly is no such thing as an enlightened person, only enlightened knowing of God recognising itself through a finite lens that has returned to its source, that isn't just some neo-advaita hogwash, that's a real aspect of awakening that requires the complete collapse of all distinctions; the ego -identity is so finite it cannot hold that level of infinity, so it's weird to apply credit for it, it feels more like it's simply being taken along for the ride. "So nonduality probably isn't necessary for awakening, certainly it wasn't in my own experience anyway." There's certainly way more to spirituality then just non-duality no doubt. It's just that for me at least the complete collapse of all distinctions is at the heart and centre of the very essence of God first and foremost, and from that place you can understand its activities in more dualistic ways because from that place springs a narrative. I would say DMT is the ultimate psychedelic for understanding the dualistic activities of God consciousness for example which can be just as important as the non-dual. Adeptus described it as there being the "This, that...and the nothing", with certain psychedelics like 5-meo touching the divine nothing, and psychedelics like DMT touching the "this and that" if that makes any sense at all lol. It's as if the Nothing recontextualises the entire narrative that springs from it. So I think we definitely agree here. Both are important to me, and even more important is to subsequently integrate that with one's human experience.
  4. I should've emphasised that only applies to lower doses of mushrooms.
  5. Yoga is phenomenal, and combined with breathing exercises it will take your meditations to the next level.
  6. Agreed; it’s similar to mushrooms
  7. I think anyone who continually harps on how awake they are are full of shit period. The moment you claim yourself to be awake in such a distinctive, comparative manner is by definition a deviation of an awake state that is solidifying one’s illusory seperateness and is thus no longer awake.
  8. The comedown of shrooms is my favourite part, peaceful as. Bizarre that you have that reaction, obviously the peak is a different story though. I've found low dose Ketamine whilst waiting for the onset of a mushroom trip produces the most consistently non-dual states out of all the psychedelics Ive tried, although other aspects like Infinite Manifestation are better revealed through DMT or Changa, but that's not really non-duality, more-so an aspect of God-Realisation.
  9. You can always tell them to go easy especially above the neck, although with boxing this is a bit more difficult; Muay Thai and kickboxing you can definitely tell them to only tap above the neck so that you still are mindful of keeping your hands up, and theres plenty of stuff below the neck that’s not so risky. A few bruises on your arm or body is fine no big deal. @Magnanimous Go for it dude I’ve trained in Muay Thai for multiple years and it’s been one of the very best personal development habits I’ve ever done, right up there with yoga and meditation. Like I said you can always ask them to just do light taps when reaching above the neck vs other parts of the body where you can go a little harder. But yes there are the occasional big egos who go too hard and if they still go too hard after you’ve requested going easier than tell them to fuck off and walk away 🤣. I’d even complain to the teacher in such a situation. Be mindful of the overall gym culture going into this, you can find places where everyone has gotten all that anger and ego out of their system and are thus very peaceful, humble, friendly, awesome people. But not all places are like this so try a few different places in your area and see which one fits the description I mentioned best.
  10. What exactly would you say makes your worldview better? @Leo Gura
  11. If there was a blanket advice you could give for most people interested in this stuff, this would be it. Currently reintegrating to human life to make the most of it whilst maintaining this awareness. I heard Teal Swan say “Find your alignment before you act”, as literally every endeavour in life will be so much more meaningful, profound and you will have way more strength to deal with the stress of it all because of that temporary renunciation. This has certainly been true for me at least.
  12. Meaninglessness is the doorway to infinite meaning, anything less is no awakening to anything at all IME
  13. Think of it like this: The single eye of God manifests infinite narratives. And also non-duality is only a half-truth, many people on this forum are yet to accept that Non-duality and even God realisation are the beginning of spirituality, where subsequently one approaches the spiritual validity of the narratives that spring from this ground of being, that spirituality is so much more broad and deep than just oneness. It’s so multilayered, it is infinite after all, no?
  14. A finite mind that’s stuck in its own head. Alone as the only human being stuck inside his/her brain. That’s actually what’s terrifying people, and is clearly incorrect.
  15. It’s sad to people who haven’t experienced infinite consciousness, believing their finite mind is all there is; that’s what OP clearly believes. Is Aloneness as infinite potentiality the aloneness the human animal is truly fearing? Or is that fear merely an obstacle the human animal has to go through to experience infinity? All of dualistic existence is a narrative, it appears solipsism is also a narrative regarding the human animal who doesn’t even (ultimately) exist in the first place. Lots more to unpack regarding people’s confusion and the sources of it, helps everyone.
  16. I find Yoga with intense breathing exercises to be much more powerful for reaching an infinite, God-consciousness state than meditation, which is better for reaching No-mind, void and the ever present spacious stillness. They’re really 2 sides of the same coin, but by combining them all you see these different aspects, leading to a more full and wholistic understanding. Yoga is also quite grounding in certain forms (vinyasa especially) which is necessary when going really deep; greatly enhances a more integrated, embodied spiritual way of being. Totally underrated on the forum I think. You gotta get the body involved!
  17. I hope it was edibles 👀😂
  18. Or perhaps another exploration of itself for its own sake? By creating the illusion of finitude the infinite can understand it’s fullness ever deeper. It seems that God is a mystery onto itself, constantly learning new aspects of itself through infinite lenses.
  19. That’s why the ability to flow between the 2 is so incredibly beautiful to me; diversity flowing out of unity. The only trade off is that you can’t be fully in one or the other, so the practice becomes like a dance.
  20. You cannot answer these questions ultimately, the itch of uncertainty will never be scratched, you have to let this go before it ruins you. The light of acceptance is calling you. The longer you sit in accepting these uncertainties the easier it will be. The more you react and try to solve it the more you’re feeding that demon. It’s an addiction. Look into Mark Freeman on YouTube, that’s what helped my tendencies for OCD.
  21. As much as you don’t wanna hear this wanting them to go away is the problem, accepting them whilst being mindful and doing what you value regardless is the solution. Just don’t react. Easier said then done though. Don’t read too much meaning into them either, there’s little to no meaning to them. Look into acceptance and commitment therapy.