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  1. I was just wondering. I have heard people that say that it's not possible because there is always attraction from one side. I have also seen some researches online that say that most men think there is something more than the friendship and women thougth that it's a clear friendship. I have no idea. Women apperantly can put me in the "friendzone" and I could get stuck.
  2. I think a video about this topic would be interesting. Sleep is healthy and and important. Many people dismiss this idea.
  3. I think you guys missunderstood me. I am not against quitting television, I actually belive that people waste too much time on this. I am just giving an example so you understand why I am suspicious. Let's take another video, he said that depression comes from thougths while there is clinical depression which I guess comes from imbalance of neuro-transmitters. Another thing that I have seen is someone who commented on somewhere that he doesn't even solve his problems in the video. -------------------------------------------------------- Now read carefully, I am not against what Leo does here, I never said he is a liar and I don't want to say anything bad about him or anyone who follows him. I, myself liked the idea of his channel and I want to follow it but some points on his videos make me go suspicious, I just want some shit to be clear for me. I am just filling that he tries to build a cult or something, please correct anything I said.
  4. I always wanted to become the best version of myself. I thougth that maybe the videos could help me but now I am not sure...
  5. Do you think the videos and the site are legit? I have opened a thread like this before, but now I add more questsions. I came back because I felt the I am missing something. I have seen Leo's video about television and someone wrote a comment there: I don't want to be negative but he has a few good points here... So I have read this and it's pretty strange. Leo tells us not to watch tv and other videos but then he tells us that we should watch educational videos. He tells us not to socialize (on other video) and then he tells us that we should. He recommends us to to become vegetarian but he also have said on a comment that he thinks Paleo diet is a good idea (which contains meat). I also felt that he is trying to build a cult. He told us that we can watch a movie sometimes but then he told us that watching even 1 hours of tv is bad. It's pretty strange to me. I really liked some of the ideas in the channel but I feel now that what he talks about is not complete, that he says things from his experience. He tells us that depression is only from thougths when it's not always the case. Did you but the life purpose course? Did you but the book list? Are you satisfied? Can you explain things to me?
  6. What do you mean by that?
  7. I stopped watching the videos for a couple of months... I think I am missing something...
  8. So I think I will listen to Leo and see what's good for me. Don't get me wrong, he says a lot of awesome and helpful things. But no partying, no socializing, not reading fiction books... IT'S NONSENSE
  9. So I didn't watch the video completly (I'm gonna do it). I have a question. Let's say for example that I am a teenager, and I smoked a ciggarete. But I didn't tell my mother, I didn't tell her anything. What if I tell the truth only if she asks me if I smoked? Because I think telling her it out of nowwhere is a bit weird and stressy. What do you think about it?
  10. So I've been watching some Leo's videos and now I was wondering something... What do you think is the right order for the videos? I was watching only the videos that had an exciting title or something like that... Should I watch the videos from the start? So I won't miss anything?
  11. But what is the difference between having sex with a partner and masturbating? You ejaculate in both...
  12. What do you mean by awarness?
  13. I am 16 years old and I started watching Leo's video's not a while ago. I was happy that someone actually uploaded video's with ideas I have never heard before. There is only one problem. I watched Leo's video about television and I completly agree with it, it's a huge waste of time. I am not sure but I think Leo said that we should be careful with reading fiction books. I watched another video. It's called "Advice for highschool and college students" or something like that. In that video Leo made some really good points, but then he said that we (Highschool and college studentss) shouldn't go to partie's, shouldn't socialize, should quit sugary stuff and bread, shouldn't get into serious relationships. I can see where that comes from, but isn't it taking it a bit too far? What will I enjoy in life? I like socializing (What is the definition for socializing? Maybe I'm wrong, English is not my mother language as you can see), I really like to go out with friends and meet new people. I quit watching television even before watching Leo's videos, I was happy that people agreed with me. But no fiction books?! I like to read, I like to read some good literature, it is awesome. It really inspires me and teaches me about random perspectives in the books, I become a character in the book, this epic. It can improve my language (As you can see, I really need to read some books in English), it makes my brain happy, my imagination is activated (Unlike television). What if I'd like to watch the history channel, the news and/or watch a movie on tv once a while. I have successful students in my class that don't eliminate television (for example) out of their lives, they keep watching sometimes but they focus more on studying and improving... It's pretty hardcore. I can't suck all the enjoyment out of my life... Can someone advice me something? Does it really worth it? I'm pretty