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  1. I have done a month of do nothing meditation and now i want to move on with something new but i am stuck I dont know what to continue with now
  2. I am going to give you an advice that is life changing, it changed my life and it changed many of my friends This will be the single best tool you will ever need and that's if you apply it ofc First you take a stick and you hit yourself on the head 20 times every day for 3 months and after that time you will see great results The only way to fail is to not do it
  3. hope is when you for example look at the rainbow and the rainbow looks back at you etc but faith is when you look at the rainbow and the rainbow looks at you and blinks
  4. Its called being open-minded to possibilities, many things point to that most government doesn't want the best for their people and it is more clear when you see how the media will flat out lie, that's why discussing things like going into the jungle and other topics is part of self-development. There is a major difference between contrails and chemtrails also
  5. Anyone know which countries do not support chemtrails?
  6. Chemtrails is most likely no joke, some professors even proved what substances was being carried out in Hawaii
  7. Yesterdays the sky was blue and perfect and today when I woke up all that blue color was white and I see all those planes fly around, chemtrails everywhere... Arent these tools to block our pineal gland.. like flouride... how do you meditate in a country thats trying to poison your brain?
  8. I feel a little vibration that gets stuck on me for 2 min and thats all
  9. Nobody has even got any results, man this feels like bullshit and saying my ego is tricking me might also be bs
  10. I mean the information provided by the book, kundalini is a pretty known subject and I am wondering if the information provided by the book is easily found on the internet?
  11. I assume you could easily find it on the internet Lurtsi?
  12. Is it good and worth the reading?
  13. @Harikrishnan I think it has to do with your diet etc cause if your head is all messy from bad food in general it might play a role perhaps, but I just took 30 min to do what Leo talked about and surprisingly the time flew and most of the time I got lost in thoughts and for 4 sec (at least it felt like 4 sec lol) I lost track of my breathing speed so I had to keep up the speed and I kept getting sucked into my thoughts. Before I knew it 30 min was gone and I stood up "Man Leo that piece of shit tricked me, nothing happened" was my thought xDD then I started walking and felt not dizzy but kinda saw things moving in a way but nothing really happened and I did exactly as instructed in the video.
  14. My problem is that he was sleeping, the body is designed to be in an upright position with gravity so doesn't that play a role? Just like you don't sleep after eating because your body needs an upright position to digest, feel like it is similar to this too?