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  1. @ucan99 Doesn't sound to me like a good idea to try psychedelics in your situation, because your head is already doing too much weird stuff. I think it makes more sense for you to look for something that gives you stability and peace of mind. I would read Ultramind Solution by Mark Hyman and something from Kelly Brogan, or at least research them in youtube. These people are doctors who treat people with psychological issues from the standpoint of physical health. Their approach is to get your body to it's natural balance so that you don't need any of that medication, which usually has strong side effects and can turn you into a zombie (although it's probably neccesary if you don't find anything better). Nutritional deficiencies, food alergies, hormone imbalances, toxins... All of these things can screw up your brain chemistry and make you crazy. Your brain chemistry is probably not good, as Leo pointed out. Researching this stuff would probably also lead you to considering heavy metal toxicity, which is discussed in this forum. If you need short term relief of symptoms like depression or anger attacks, so you can do the stuff you need to get better, I would start with some daily exercise, and meditation. It's good that you are taking initiative trying to solve this instead of blindly trusting your current doctors. They probably have some good advice but it must be put in perspective.
  2. -Can you speak Russian? Can you say a couple of sentences? -Do you know how is it picking up russian girls compared to girls from other nationalities?
  3. @Bojan You need a chelator like DMSA, and also ALA (Alpha lipoic acid). But they must be used following a protocol or taking them can be very dangerous. Research the Andy Cutler protocol. Heavy metals like mercury get stuck in tissues and won't be expelled from the body even after a lifetime. For Omega 3 supplements, some brands specify that they test their product so it doesn't contain dangerous levels.
  4. This is insane. It is so easy to get poisoned. Especially after years of accumulation.
  5. @Cykaaaa To have better job options. I am from Spain and I have an engineering degree.
  6. For the german speaking people here: do you know good sources(youtubers, interesting interviews, documentaries) for self-actualizacion in german? I am trying to learn the language, so I would need some interesting content to consume. The ideal content would be something special that is only available in german for extra motivation, but any good self-actualization source would be interesting.
  7. I can imagine justifying this behavior for myself if I was doing it. "Some guys are good looking and naturals with girls. They have it easy. They can get laid with lots of women at the same time. I don't have those advantages. Life is so unfair. Is it so evil that I try to get my fair share of sex playing the cards I was dealt? Also, these girls are hot. They can choose when to have sex. It is unfair that I can't choose the same way they can. And if they are unconfortable here, they can find another job somewhere else. I'm not forcing them to do anything." (just playing devil's advocate)
  8. Mmmmm interesting, that is controversial then. The people from ACC say that zeolite does nothing, and that cilantro and chlorela are actually harmful.
  9. Also I found this answer, with Andy Cutler answering to a similar question: Source:
  10. I searched for what Andy Cutler wrote about Gutta Percha. He said he has one of those root canals himself, and that it is not a problem for most people. This is the search I did on Onibasu:"cutler"+gutta&submit=Search!&max=100&sort=score&idxname=nn&idxname=fdc&idxname=amc However this is a very specific question, and I am not an expert. Probably you should ask about these things in the ACC forum.
  11. Ok thanks for the warning. I have read their book, lots of posts in their forum and listened to a few interviews done to Andy. Today the ALA arrived. I'm taking 25mg. Took my second dose half an hour ago. I felt euphoria after taking the first one, which might mean there is mercury there, but I guess it might also be excitement from trying something promising, or placebo. Also felt a slight headache after 3h, when the second dose was taken but maybe still in the stomach. Who knows. I will have to wait and maybe increase the dose.
  12. You don't need lots of money to solve the heavy metal issue, because you don't need any clinical test, and you don't need to go to any doctor. And the main chelator you need, Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is really cheap and sold as a supplement everywhere (it should be a prescription medication because it is dangerous without a protocol--> read Andy Cutler Chelation). The cheapest doses come in 600mg pills, which is too high if you have mercury in you, but you can reduce the doses mixing it with something like corn flour. The only test you need is a few rounds of chelation, starting with a low dose and increasing it. If you feel any reaction it's because mercury is being moved around inside you. That's how you know. (this is something I am currently trying myself, so I have not enough experience yet, but it seems to me that these people in the Andy Cutler community know what they are doing. Leo recommended this.)
  13. Very interesting. Reading the Andy Cutler stuff I saw that they allow you to make rounds "as long as you can tolerate". So I will consider something like that to accelerate it. Good to hear that it worked well for you too.
  14. I know, I have done exactly that but thanks!