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  1. After years consuming this content, I see myself disagreeing more and more with some of these ideas. - Forcing yourself to do stuff: "right action", self-discipline, "you are disrespecting life by not doing the work"... It's a bit like religion, where you must feel guilty when you are not doing "the right thing" (even when I took time to write and dissect my true values, long term goals that I would want to achieve) - "Life is beautiful", "block your negative thoughts", "you can be in awe just looking at your hands, nature, etc". Toxic positivity. I think life doesn't have a lot of value, but I feel much better when I wake up accepting this and having low expectations. Like... chill... life is mostly suffering for no good reason. Just do what you want, that's what will feel the best. Everything is in constant decay, let go of trying to make it better. Let go. I'm nihilistic and cynical I guess, but now I think that's the right way.
  2. @Brandon Nankivell @supremeyingyang It's nice to read this guys, thanks :]
  3. @r0ckyreed Looks good. Thanks for compiling these! (this guy I think is one of those fake-ish success gurus, but the content for this topic looks good)
  4. @MrBean I agree, trying to build it now! @supremeyingyang Definitely. I keep this in mind all the time. @Flowerfaeiry I think you are right that I don't need to call myself lazy, and make an identity of something temporary. I think I'm not pushing myself in an unhealthy way these days, as I have in the past. That's why I'm trying to figure out a way to make myself naturally want to work, instead of forcing it. For making goals small, I think I'm finally doing it right. I'm just doing 5min/day of working in my resume/github(for software jobs). This is my second day doing it. Hopefully I can build momentum from this. For unintegrated trauma, I might have something, because since many years I clench my teeth in my sleep (still researching to try to fix, but it's sticky). But I think this doesn't block me from the things I want to do at the moment. Thanks for all these ideas!
  5. maybe this is too obvious but it works for me, and I would try it before getting on medication(if you haven't tried it already): Run. Run as far as you can, until you reach complete physical exhaustion. (perharps on a treadmill if you can't leave the house) I think this always gives enough "neurochemical" relaxation. From that base I find easier to do more advanced stuff like meditation or doing therapy on myself with self-help materials, to get more persistent benefits.
  6. @Ulax I knew about that book, but I had not payed enough attention to it. Actually, the concepts in there, which I recently remembered from other materials, are the thing getting me to take action today. Reducing the requirements of taking action to the minimum, building habits from ridiculously small beginning steps. This is actually working for me. Hopefully I can build into bigger work habits this way. Thanks for the reminder!
  7. @BipolarGrowth Thanks. It's great to hear that you are able to go for the necessary materialistic stuff after awakening experiences. Momentum and physical exercise, noted!
  8. @itsnutsandbolts Thanks, I think this is great advice. It makes sense to stop just consuming and focusing more on action, on smaller steps. @Razard86 Certainly I have some lack of confidence because maybe I won't have enough energy for commitments would have to make in a job or anywhere, but its all subjective and this feelings can be controlled I think, as you say. Thanks. @Yarco Thanks, it's great to hear that stuff like this worked for you. I like the idea of playing this again and again as a way to brainwash myself and get more of that warrior energy. And it's something very practical, for sure I'm going to start putting some of these in my phone. (I'm going to have to find the ones that feel the least cheese for me at first though lol)
  9. @hoodrow trillson yeah, it seems important to not fall into those victim mentality traps, thanks! @Osaid Thanks this is great. I'm already doing the research about my interests and options. And I think you are right about the fears towards having discipline and obligations, so I still have work to do. And it is very inspiring to know that you were able to grow out of the situation. Thanks!
  10. @Kksd74628 thanks, sounds like good advice
  11. @Someone here I also think about it everyday. Like, I think rationally it is not worth it, all the effort and the bad things one has to endure, to get the good things IF you can get them. It feels like the good doesn't compensate the bad... BUT personally, after all this self-help, my self-esteem is high enough to the point that I could never do something to hurt myself. I can only think about helping myself. And then I watch some war movies like 300, Braveheart, Gladiator, Berserk... and I see these characters smiling in the face of hardship... which helps to change the perspective.
  12. I'm curious about this, because I'm really stuck... I'm just another self-help junkie so I have consumed all the content, I have done the exercises about finding your values, visualizing, defining goals, breaking them into smaller goals... dissecting my limiting beliefs, optimizing my diet for energy, etc... And I'm still stuck!! For many months at moms basement. (And not pursuing financial independence, and living in a place where girls are more abundant so I can get some success with that..., which are my mail goals) Maybe I'm really addicted to comfort, or I don't care enough for some reason, or I'm too unwilling to force myself... Perhaps all the enlightenment stuff totally destroyed my ambition... I don't know... Do you guys have any resource that helped you do a 180º turn from lazy to driven? (I ask for something specific like this because I have already consumed the commonly recommended stuff) Maybe the answer can't be simple but I'm curious for recommendations...
  13. @Rishabh R I would try the classic advice for doing meditation from somebody like Eckhart Tolle. Leo probably has some specific videos about this. Basically sit quietly, focus on the present moment (noises, your breath, the sound of your thoughts inside your head...) Look at your stream of thought, without identifying with it. Just observe it. (Instead of being controlled by it, become quietly conscious of it.) I think that should fix it. Be careful what you wish for though. Become good at this, and you might start to care too little about life