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  1. I’ve learnt a lot from deepak chopra. There’s no doubt that he has a lot to offer in health and spirituality. But some of his claims are really hard to believe. For example, when talking about siddhis, he mentioned that he was once in a train station with a yogi, and chopra had to go because his train had just arrived. But the yogi told him to wait, promising him that he won’t miss the train. After chopra and the yogi spoke for about 30 minutes, chopra ran to the train platform, and to his surprise, the train was still there. It was waiting for 30 minutes! The yogi used his powers to keep the train at the station.

    No matter how trustworthy one can be, it’s really difficult to buy such a story from them. The only question is, why chopra would make this up? And if he lied in this story, how much of what he says is really true?