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  1. @Leo Gura Is it a coincidence that AI was created soon after they came?
  2. They’re here, boys! After 200,000 years, they’re fucking finally here.
  3. I thought you already knew how to get 1 million subscribers.
  4. Of the Democratic Party to be more accurate. The economy wasn’t doing well, a third party was running (disaster for party currently in power), and there was no policy change in Obama’s second term.
  5. @Someone here You have an avoidant attachment style like I do. There’s no need to fight it. Monogamy just isn’t for us. I recommend either settling for a few friends with benefits, or having multiple girlfriends (who are only dating you). You won’t be able to settle for just one girl.
  6. You were really famous in 2015-2016, before you took psychedelics.
  7. That’s a strange conclusion to come to.
  8. It will be much uglier than that.
  9. Not wanting to give birth to children ≠ not having children. What happens when she is pregnant and abortion isn’t possible?
  10. Incestual relationships have a very high chance of produncing children with severe genetic issues. The same chance as you crossing a freeway with eyes closed and keeping your body intact.
  11. @trenton It will produce offspring with severe genetic issues. Even if you don’t want to have a child, it could still happen. All the suffering that child will go through will be on you.
  12. In Ken Wilber’s model, there are four stages above turquoise.
  13. It’s not bigotry to say that there are two genders. A man can never be a woman. Accept that.
  14. You said 6 years ago that you were in the middle of writing a book. What happened?
  15. There are only two genders. Full stop.
  16. @DrugsBunny Obviously whatever makes you happy is what you should go with. But the extreme is pretending like a trans woman is identical to a real woman, they’re not.
  17. In his book Theory of Everything, Ken Wilber describes today’s right-wing as a healthy version of a lower level, and the left-wing as an unhealthy version of a higher level. He sounds a lot like Don beck if you ask me.
  18. @LoneWonderer Definitely read ‘the holographic universe’ by Michael Talbot. All your questions will be answered.
  19. Up until recently I was convinced that all right wingers are Orange and all left wingers are Green. Now I’m not so sure anymore. You just shared in your blog someone who understands reality very well (we can assume tier 2), but he is a trump supporter. And I’ve seen too many people in tier 2 who are right wingers and conservatives. I guess how aware you are doesn’t translate to which party you vote for.
  20. Different people have different ideas about awakening. If they’re not allowed to express their unique views on it, what exactly is this forum for?
  21. An empty mind is necessary for truth. To get to truth, just stop believing any thought. Full stop.
  22. You used your mind to come to that conclusion. But the mind is the creator of illusion and falsehood. It is what has created everything we call “reality” out of thin air. Nothingness is the true nature of reality. I hesitate to say that “I am nothingness” since “I” itself is a mind creation, a part of the illusion.
  23. @Leo Gura For me, there are two different states. The first state is where you are inside the illusion of the mind. The second is when you are fully aware of the illusion of the mind. Instead of living as a character of the movie, you are now in the theatre watching the movie. You are fully conscious of the world created by the mind. Outside the mind, there’s Nothing. So you can’t have different things outside the mind. Either you’re in the movie or out. There’s no third option.