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  1. The reason Europe is so developed is because it was the scene of two devastating world wars, unlike the us, which just fought from a distance.
  2. If you look at the brexit vote, Scotland voted against leaving, but England with a much larger population voted to leave, as a result the UK left the European Union. Immediately after brexit, Scottish nationalism skyrocketed in Scotland, and all polls show that Scots now want to leave the UK. This is because they voted to stay, but a larger state forced them to leave. Unlike other countries, each state in the US already has an ego, if you will. Each has a flag, a defined territory and a government. It won’t take a lot to stoke up independence movements in those states.
  3. It’s a trade off to keep the states united. If the smaller population states had little power over who the president would be, resentment would grow, and sooner or later they will demand independence. If you want the states to be together, each would have to feel that they have power over who their leader would be. This means that popular vote won’t work.
  4. Electoral college ensures that states with smaller populations get a voice in the elections. Otherwise the president would always be decided by the larger population states. If that was the case, they would leave the US because they want autonomy.
  5. The vote for brexit was 52%-48%. You can hardly call it the ‘people’s choice’. Governments exist precisely because the masses cannot make good decisions. Good decisions have to be made for them.
  6. Desantis is only 6 years older than Leo.
  7. Chasing things that won’t make you happy. Dabbling with different meditation techniques. Not working hard enough; laziness. Abandoning meditation. Getting distracted by the external world.
  8. Leo you’ve always been a kind person. You can do this for us.
  9. Leo is too shy and weak to deal with people face to face. He can never start a cult.
  10. Whether you hate him or love him, you have to watch this video if you want to be successful.
  11. I would be careful with the fruits. The sugar in it causes an insulin spike in your body.
  12. @Leo Gura I am enlightened, have been for the last three years. My family and relatives are some of the most unspiritual people you will find. Nobody in my extended family knows anything about enlightenment or spirituality of any kind.
  13. Becoming a president is successful. Owning the most towers in NY is successful. Becoming a billionaire is successful. You would not achieve a fraction of Trump’s achievements in 100 lifetimes.
  14. @Leo Gura Taking other people’s models and changing it to fit your opinion is definitely not something that should be done. If you have a different view from Beck, you should use your own model, not take his and ride on it.
  15. Just because we don’t agree with him politically, doesn’t mean we should throw away his good stuff.
  16. Trump is an ENTJ, while Leo is an INTP. They have the highest social compatibility of all the types. In another life, Trump and Leo would be BFFs.
  17. He interviews absolute nobodies, while you are an enlightenment teacher with over a million subscribers! You should be at the top of the list.
  18. It’s the parents duty to keep the child in check. Unfortunately Biden’s parents are long gone.
  19. It’s because Biden still eats ice cream at his age. Very bad mistake.
  20. @Razard86 Trump is very good at controlling what other people see as true. If everyone believes something is true, then it becomes truth, or so he thinks. I also love the way he nonchalantly says that he was right about everything.
  21. He will be 83. It’s far too late. If he serves one term, he will be 87! He was born when hitler was still alive.