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  1. Yeah. It's not just the form's entire website that's playing up for me
  2. It definitely comes down to specific techniques and exercises (Cookie Cutter Program). How can we learn if somebody simply says "Personal Development and awaken". We learn how to do things through instructions.And in this post i was asking what those instructions were. Your answer provides nothing but abstract statements and insults that you use to boost your ego.On the last point, it definitely isn't a ridiculous question to ask.Somebody could know the specific exercises Leo used and might be able to point me and other people in the right direction of what videos of his to watch.
  3. @kieranperez Not too sure how I'm indulging in projections? All I've done in this post is point out the drastic change in his personality from old to new videos.And I'm curious as to what techniques you guys might of think he used.An abstract answer of "Personal development and awaken" isn't gonna cut it. Like what specific exercises. Positive affirmations? Practising talking louder infront of the camera? That sort of stuff
  4. Has anyone else noticed the major difference in Leo's personality from his older videos compared to his newer videos? In the really old videos his voice is monotone and quiet whereas in the newer videos he's much louder and his voice changes pitch quite a bit.He uses more lively facial expressions aswell. I'm wondering what techniques he used to change and if he uses his new personality in real life or maybe his old personality is the one he uses outside of videos and the new personality is used exclusively for videos.Thoughts? Old Personality : New Personality : Interestingly enough there was an intermediate personality between them that used more facial expressions than the old but wasn't as loud and vibrant as the new Intermediate Personality:
  5. Has it ever occurred to you that your so called happiness is what causes your anxiety, stress, depression?True happiness is uncaused - Anthony de Mello