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  1. The source is doing just fine Its an enormous privilege to suffer, to think linearly, to be here in general. When you'll get off this shell, this will become evident.
  2. haha, same here, but that stopped after a while, only the shaking remained ... both of them really annoying.
  3. Sadhguru has interesting insights about it.
  4. I get it quite often, more like clockwise spin, but sometimes left-right or front-back like this.
  5. One has to be a chameleon my friend, when talking with such people, morph your values into theirs, morph your language also. Make sure they see that you understand all their stuff. Why they do it. And only than you will be able to influence.... just some of them, the ones that have started to have suspicion of their current stage, just carefully, and with careful language point to the limits to their current stage ... If some go out of their stage, more will follow. This is way harder than it sounds. But I've seen it work. Be careful not to be seen as an obstacle, traitor, enemy,ill minded. This stuff is sticky, hard to wash.That's my observation.
  6. Its and attitude of a person. We have to deal with that, it does not make it some human made systemic oppression. Even if all the people did that to you, its still does not make it. It is influence that goes way beyond humans and their doings. Its quite intriguing and scary at the same time... how people do not realize their smallness, they think they know big, they can point stuff. fix stuff, because they perceive it being wrong. In the end they end up making it way worse.
  7. Nop, No skipping, but you can delude yourself being an octave higher. Easy to do that. Usually blue has some antenna for green, being on the collectivist axis.
  8. I would agree, the benefits seem outweigh the oppression aspect my a significant margin. It takes extreme amount of ignorance not to see that.. Also people tend to see systems in some form of isolation. O, its capitalism, and there is oppression. Than oppression must come from capitalism. This is the standard linear thinking people take, i mean i don't blame them, that is the default way. It never occurs to them that maybe the oppression thing has nothing to do with capitalism, the west, or humans themselves. Maybe its some other system far out from all of this human mess...... mess.... perfect mess..
  9. I ll say its its way more sophisticated than that. -Ideologue that tells the both sides of the story, not really an ideologue. -Person that promotes individualism to such a big degree is leading people out of blue into orange. Not wise versa. -I would agree that he has an agenda, and that he is purposely repeating the same things at every speech, as a political leader, using it instrumentally, one might say. But I would strongly disagree that he is doing this for the given reason. I would say its for promoting individualism as a way to stabilize the left-right identity politics mania. In that regard he is fighting against the radical-left as much as the radical-right. Its just the left that is popular and less demonized. So I get it why he likes to spit on them so much. There was an interesting case in my country. Trying to be more egalitarian and inclusive, we are an EU candidate. They lowered the body weight and strength requirements for fireman, so there would be more women, it was unfair and oppressive, woman could not get in and be the cool fireman. There was a fire, a family of 4 people died, 2 of them under the age of 5. the firegirl didn't have the sufficient strength nor weight to go trough the door. When her colleague came and helped her break it, it was too late. If you lower the requirements for being a engineer to 80 IQ, in the name of eliminating systemic oppression. We should not wonder why that building fell and killed all those people. "You are wise when you know that "evil" is not elsewhere" would be the proper quote. It has just a nice ring to it you know, when you are trying to eliminate systemic oppression, be more inclusive, tolerant, you must be good , good hearthed also, doing the good and the right things, and that guy over there doing the same things as me, must be doing them for the same reason... what can go wrong. Its actually simple, it makes sense. This is the stuff he is warning against.
  10. That's no problem mate, you can point at exactly any structure you desire and be right. There is a tyrannical aspect in any system, in any structure, he likes to preach that, maybe because he got it quite right. The reason he preaches that I would say is because of the failure of many people to see the non-tyrannical and protective part of it. They preach of oppression against some ... group. At the same time sitting on a laptop, eating chia, under a roof with no danger to be attacked or killed by anything.
  11. He also points out that IQ is good for some things, it also has negative effect. And that there are many other things of value in people that have nothing to do with IQ. Also criticizes far right groups on many occasions, especially when it comes to radicalization, and talking in racial waters. So, it does not compute.
  12. Its interesting to observe. People go into self-help, personal development. they learn the ways of the social constructivist, Anyone can be anything, babies are a white piece of paper, differences are insignificant, the end goal of your life is to be happy, self esteem, waaa. .... That is how you get into self-help. People let that sinks very deep, a foundation it becomes. It stays there...Quite empowering paradigm, but quite limited also. And than you find a guy like this lumped into personal development circles, telling you: Not anyone can be anything, babies are not a white piece of paper, differences are significant, the end goal of your life is not to be happy. Imagine the trigger. Yes the obvious reply is, ego games blah blah, ofc. Dual perspective, blah. Sure that. But speaking of the "human world" there are quite a few pros/cons coming with the biological shell you are inhibiting. And sadly it has become a taboo, to point that out in our modern society. Fingers are pointed, words like racist, homophobic, bigot are uttered at every turn. Avoiding some pieces of the puzzle at every turn. If you avoid fitting the puzzle on these basic "human levels", how can you go to the "beyond human levels" ....ones that are so much more difficult.
  13. Couldn't find shorter videos from Buhlman. They both seem quite Yellow, going into Turquoise. They both have some great lectures at Monroe Institute, you''ll find them there.