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  1. @IJB063 Read the book its really good. Like I understood it the person has the feeling of free will in the moment, but you have to be aware that everything happens according to the cosmic law/gods will and that there really is no doer of things. The concept reduces guilt of actions and hatred but is still a concept. So yeah in a sense there is no free will
  2. If you are interested in the Topic: Free Will. I would recommend the book "Confusion No more" by Ramesh S. Balsekar. Pretty much you have Free Will, but its "worthless" because you have no power over the outcome of decisions, as well as no power of your options for decisions that mostly come as thoughts.
  3. mine too especially am i using the right technique?? at the beginning. Now i just do nothing for 20 minutes LOl
  4. thx for the reply. Yeah i often see them going or notice them as i am telling myself a story. your approach might be a good one.
  5. hi iam new to this forum, so my question regards seeing your thoughts comin and going. i have been meditating for three months now and i only am aware of my thoughts as or after i been thinking them, is there some kind of process until u see them "comin" to u? sry if somebody already asked this. Also while aware of my body i feel a burning Sensation in my stomach?.