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  1. Thank you for your kind words.
  2. I've never been too close to my childhood family. I'm seeing them once-twice a week, talking with them about pretty shallow stuff, since I've never in my life felt like I have become accepted by them. Recently things have gotten a whole lot worse since I'm developing spiritually. I have real trouble being around these people. All they do is criticize other people and talk sh*t about other people. Extremely rarely do they talk about themselves or developing on the inside. I'm not trying to be holier than thou, and I've tried really hard to be patient with them. Trying to direct the conversation to more optimistic things and trying to remind them that other people are people too. And I've tried to apply that to myself too. I'm just starting to be so tired of them. And the holidays are coming, I'm getting bummed out by having to spend time with their negativity. I've watched Leo's videos about "exploiting other people to grow myself" and toxic, victim mindset people, and it helps a bit. I'm just... I'm not trying to be a better person than them, but I'm starting to be really tired. They are not bad people, but I don't appreciate them criticizing me and others all the freaking time. What can I do to manage with them?
  3. Had a similar situation with my ex-boyfriend. Now he's an ex. No other person is worth sacrificing myself. And no sane and/or worthy person would not ask me to do so. EDIT: I have to add that the break-up felt awful and was horrible for the both of us. But totally worth it, unfortunately.
  4. INTJ because of theoretic way of thinking combined with future-oriented outlook. Also structure gives good foundations to execution. Yet, downside is possible rigidity.
  5. My chronic fatique was due to underlying anxiety disorder. Psychotherapy has helped with it, but also helped me to develop better habits to support my energy levels. I also had a long road to discovering that, because legit physical problems come to mind first. But nothing like that was found. Only psychological issues.
  6. This might be an ignorant question, but doesn't that lead easily for you to "carry the problems of the world" and other people on your shoulders? Or does it give you peace of mind to accept things that happen to you and other people, and not trying to solve them?
  7. Read the work of a woman called Brené Brown. She has a lot to say about authenticity.
  8. I recommend checking out works of The Minimalists. Also Zen Habits, Becoming Minimalist and Courtney Carver have been helpful for myself.
  9. I feel often the same way as you do. Try Leo's tips from the video called "How To Exploit People To Grow Yourself". It has made me feel calmer and helped me to turn inwards.
  10. Does anyone have experience with core values being wrong and/or changing because of mental health issues? I suffer from several issues and I'm currently working through those with a therapist, but I have a feeling that the core values that I have found at this moment are even slightly affected by my issues. For example, I value simplicity, but it appears to be linked to my sensory overload and anxiety issues. Also, I value independence very highly, but I don't know if I would value it if I didn't have experienced trauma related to trust issues. It's also unclear to me will these traits ever leave me, or are they now forever a part of me and my personality, and the only "cure" is to learn to live with them. Only time will tell for sure, but I would like to know if anyone has any experience with these?
  11. I block outside noise by listening to tracks with nature bird sounds in them. I use headphones. I don't like classical music and music with lyrics disturbs my concentration.
  12. I find that the limit between my so-called higher and lower self is not that clear-cut as you present. The line is more blurred, which gives more wiggle-room to work with them, even when I'm not feeling at my 'highest' self. Also, don't be so harsh on yourself. We all struggle, and the fact that you're trying to become conscious of your states is a wonderful start. Good luck!
  13. I feel like internalizing the information and applying it in my life on a practical level is more important than cramming through large amounts of facts.
  14. Leo mentioned in one of his videos that he feels like that deep down people are not monogamous nor polygamous but polyamorous. I would like to know more about Leo's views on this topic. How do rigid and patriarchal societal structures limit our way of relating to others? And what might be the benefits for our personal growth and development if we choose a polyamoric way of living? Also, what kind of personal growth does it require to live in a polyamorous way, when society judges your choices and pressures you?
  15. I think this is the real core point in here.