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  1. Thank you for commenting! Very well-thought points. Especially I liked this one: I think the term enlightenment deals with a transformation from a thought-identified state to a non-identified state. If there didn't exist the capacity of thought-identification in the first place, it doesn't make much sense to call it an enlightened state. So one would indeed need to rise up from the complete unconsciousness to a regular consciousness and continue on to a higher state of consciousness etc. So there are no shortcuts. These folks just are at the beginning, not the end. Great points, thanks for commenting!
  2. I work with the mentally disabled and/or severely autistic population that mostly fall to the stage beige in spiral dynamics. These folks exist in a pre-egoistic state, are mostly or completely dependable on others, and have no consciousness to speak of. Some people point out that since these people could care less about their survival, have no sense of self and/or other (theory of mind), and go purely on their sensorial experiences without much planning that they might actually be closer to God-consciousness than us, who are able to trip into our own ego and survival. Any thoughts on this, do you feel like this is a pre/post fallacy?
  3. Oh okay, I see. I might have misunderstood you there then. Thanks for the reply, Leo!
  4. @Leo Gura You mentioned in your latest video that you don't anymore invest in stocks. I too have stopped that a while ago for the same reasons you mentioned and have been getting a lot of shit about that from people. They just can't fathom that. May I ask do you have any other ways/methods to handle your money, since you have renounced investing in stocks? That seems to be the only advice nowadays and it's really frustrating.
  5. Hey folks. It has been great talking to like-minded people here in the forum and in real life. I don't know if any of you have already had this idea, but does anyone have an interest in for example weekly group Zoom meetings discussing Actualized.org ideas "IRL"? Like a set time and a video call link, and people can come and go as they wish?
  6. Quite accurate, this actually does feel like I have a fist in my ass :-DD So yeah, maybe relaxing would make it more playful... And breathing. Jk, thanks for the reply, you've got a point ;-)
  7. Thank you. This was well written and I understood what you meant by it. Especially this one was great: It's good at highlighting how the ego makes things seem worse than they actually are, that is actually one of its main skills. It is true that all of this is just my imagination. But it sure feels so real and I'm compelled to believe. Because... If I didn't believe my mind, who would I believe then...? It sure is a trap.
  8. Hey all! I've gotten to meet such cool people through this offering, thank you all for participating :-) I'm so happy to be of assistance. There are still a couple of client spots open for participants, so if you're interested hit me up with an email!
  9. You seem to be correct. Luckily, I've laid things down so that this change is going to happen nevertheless. But it seems futile trying to get her on board without kicking and screaming all the way down.
  10. None taken, thanks for replying. I had to read this several times since there's such a nuanced concept to be felt. I believe I understood your idea there and checked out the link. Integrating and living that seems a bit difficult, though. But yeah, you surely got a point.
  11. It sure is... There's clearly still something she's after, otherwise, this would be settled.
  12. I wish I'd get your input on this. There are changes coming in my life that I've been looking forward to for a long time. I've done my groundwork well and feel like I have all of the bases covered to finally change things. My ego doesn't agree. She's making a huge deal about everything and freaking out big time. I've tried to do an internal inquiry to make her feel better about things and get prepared. I've tried to avoid fragmentation by understanding her and her concerns. It doesn't seem to help much. Do you have any tips on how to approach this thing? I feel frustrated, cause I haven't bulldozed my ego and I'm taking things slow and responsibly. Yet she doesn't seem to be satisfied until I change my mind and stop the progress altogether.
  13. Thank you for sharing, Leo! Glad to see you again. (It's kinda funky hearing Leo speak Russian for the first time.)
  14. I'm a late bloomer or something, but I took the course 2,5 times. Meaning, took it once on whole and was still confused (clearly not ready, I had very poor knowledge of myself). Some time passed and I started it again, but I dropped out after dabbling around (0,5). I finally committed to it and took the course again on whole. So yeah, hours... A lot. But what else am I going to do to kill time between these two eternal darknesses, eh? And yeah, it definitely was worth it, I'm pursuing my purpose at the moment fully committed. Edit: I believe I purchased the course in 2017 and for the last 6 months has my purpose been clear to me, so that gives some more tangible reference maybe.
  15. Hey Actualized.org members! I've been a long time follower of Leo's and figured I'd might find some like-minded and interested people in here. My life's purpose is professional organizing. I've received certificates in several countries in organizing courses (Europe and United States) and started to have clients who to help with home/office organizing projects. If professional organizing is unfamiliar field to you (as it is to many), then let's just say it's Konmaring your sh*t out. As an organizing coach I'll help you strategise, implement and follow through on your project. I'm currently studying in a coaching program and specializing in organizing. As a part of the program we need to have several practice clients who we don't know in advance (via video/audio calls, 4 meetings, 60 minutes a session). Since I've renounced social media a long time ago I have no interested going back there because of this. Rather, I wanted to utilize my current interests and networks on trying to find these practice clients. Check out if these apply to you and you'd be wanting to participate and help me with my studies: - Strong spoken English - Possibility to have video/audio calls - Motivation and resources (time, energy) to tackle small organizing projects at home or at an office - Possibility to work in Eastern European Time Zone (UTC+2) There are no costs to the client. Your participation and feedback at the end of the sessions is the best reward. If you're interested you can contact me at reetevim@gmail.com