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  1. I guess that awareness in such an environment means to bring more change into your daily worklife. Change your thoughts in general, connect with people more etc. and if you are unchallenged by what you do then aim for a better job. I can tell that monotonous working wasnt really what made me happy.
  2. Like everything in life it is all relative. When I fap everyday I kinda lose motivation to meet women in real life. When I completely abstain from fapping I will get so horny that it is just a matter of a few weeks till I get to know somebody. I am not representing anyone, I just said how it works for me. Everyone has a unique mind and a unique fap habit. But in the end it all comes down to ones desire to change. There are people who are fine staying in their comfort zone and there are others who have a drive to discover new ways of living and theres nothing wrong about both ways of living. I used to be happy in my comfort zone but now I really want to see how I can change my relationship towards people, making a career in a field that is far from what I am doing now, change my self-perception etc. I am not saying that nofap is the way to go. I just think its a great way to change a small thing in order to have the confidence to change even bigger things. Right now I aim a little too high saying that I will not fap anymore. I will do someday, obviously, in 2-3 weeks. But for now I let my discipline show its warface. When I will have the habit that I fap like 1-2 times a week, I think thats fine. But first I want to discover a few new things by breaking an old habit.
  3. I dont think that "truth" is a requirement for living a good life. I think that "truth" is a neurotic construct that leads to more and more information which everybody and nobody needs. I am a scientist and I do work on certain issues to improve recent standpoints of science. But this is just my job. I dont try to find the absolute truth or something. My happiness is found within my peaceful way of living and breaking certain barriers in my life. And whats the point of knowing the truth that probably nothing really matters? Whats the point of believing in a god or defying him? Whats the point of thinking that nothingness is everything? None of it is absolute. So is the word "truth". Everybody creates their own definition of "truth".
  4. priorities change when you do nofap. you dont waste time on watching porn and masturbating so you can focus on other things. energy you have is used somewhere else. i dont know too much about enlightenment but for me it kinda was a synonym for the mind to become one with nothingness. so if you erase a certain dirty habit in your daily routine you might get closer to it.
  5. @Ilya What reason did you have to try nofap? If you wanna change your energy, procrastination, mood, relationships and stuff then obviously just doing nofap for 2 weeks is not going to change your life. I was able to use it as a first step to get closer to girls, nothing more. If you search for easy solutions then nofap is not the answer. It requires a little more than that. Nofap is just a little piece in a very big puzzle. But it can change everything if you have the right realizations.
  6. only pain? i thought that judging can have some benefits like putting certain people or situations in one drawer and simplify future actions. or do i mix up something here?
  7. @ppfeiff I think that every person on their own have to figure out what they really want from nofap. I know for sure that nofap gave me a tunnel vision. It really was easier to talk to girls. Simply because I was totally horny. Long story short, because of nofap I had the realisation that prioritising is important in my life. Pretty much everything in life drains my energy. But it is my prioritising that decides where I put my energy in. As a consequence I dropped video games, movies, weird people etc. Nofap can be a huge topic. I wont go into much detail now. I think that most people who do nofap have the goal to have more real sex. But the real growth happens not when having sex but the whole journey that involves you changing.
  8. why do you have the same pic? thats not fair...
  9. @Clint Eastwood I had a dozen wet dreams throughout the last 13 years. And only the last one (which is like 3-4 months ago) it was without actually dreaming of something sexual. I was on my nofap streak somewhere between week 2-3 when it happened. What you experience is good. You cant control your dreams completely. You can lucid dream and control your dreams to a certain point but I think the beauty of dreaming is to just let go and enjoy the ride. Because dreams can tell interesting new things about you. Nofap most of all is about letting go of external stimulation like porn and/or excessive masturbation. So I dont see anything bad that you experience while dreaming.
  10. I can confirm some of that. Made the girl curious when telling her about my awesome nofap streak. She probably felt very honored when I decided to have sex with her. We had sex for many many hours. Then I kinda came a little and kept going. But I didnt cum properly, so in the night I woke up and had this terrible pain in my balls. In the morning I decided to get my proper "release". It didnt feel as great as everything that happened before ;D Long story short, I am getting back to nofap. It is not the solution to everything but it is a great step towards changing your life in pretty much every aspect.
  11. Easier said than done. I will try/see. Thx for your feedback. Its just such a big thing and I kinda am afraid. This is not only about connecting with people but also in particular about getting back to the dating scene. I feel really rusty. I am in my late 20s and I already feel like I should just chill and not care about it.
  12. Hey guys, I have a problem with people probably because I usually prefered being alone and play video games. Now that my life kinda turned around and I dont play games of any kind I try to find something new that I might be passionate about. Anyway, I wanna dig deeper regarding " connecting with people". Since I am working I have to communicate with some people. Which is ok. Most of the people I work with are rather nice people. When I am back home I feel tired and want to relax. One of my favorite things to do when I am back home is to actually lie in bed. I dont care too much about making the most out of my day. But still I feel that I am curious about connecting with as many people as possible. Because people are refreshing and they might show me new directions in life that I've never thought of before. So long story short, I think that there are two things that I am struggling with: 1. Getting closer to people. 2. Appreciating them. How can I improve?
  13. if you want to delete your ex from your memories you keep going with your life. you focus on other things. not only other women but other things that you might be passionate about or whatever. you will never forget her, obviously. btw. theres nothing bad about remembering your ex. so before asking yourself how to forget your ex completely you might ask yourself how can you make sure that remembering your ex wont be a problem anymore? because the thought doesnt really hurt you in any way. it is the way how you interprete the thought.
  14. I often imagine life being a ride on a ship and me being the captain. I sometimes take control over my life using the steering wheel. Then I get off the steering wheel and just enjoy the moment, the air, the view and stuff. Know that steering towards a new destination doesnt mean you get it instantly. It takes a while to change the direction and then it takes some time to actually get to the new place. How long the trip will take is defined by you and your environment. And never forget that the fastest way isnt always the best way.