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  1. I see humor as the little strings that keep us attached to the divine. Without it we will become lost in the material world, by taking it too seriously, and giving it too much weight.
  2. Seeing opportunities where others see barriers. Great ideas start with just simply observing in peace. Most people can’t even do that.
  3. There used to be a karma and ranking system, back in the good ol’ days
  4. The first nation totally run on delusion you mean. I mean apart from the US
  5. Tool
  6. He’s a homosexual, he means islam rejects homosexuality
  7. You are on a hamster wheel regardless, might as well pick the best one, right?
  8. When looking at your videos your presentation skills seem fine. I only see some insecurity coming from you, it seems you aren't commiting to the words you are speaking, there's a layer of hesitation in your communication. If you just keep practicing and growing in confidence this should improve.
  9. That doesn't mean you can blame the Quran for the fundamentalism. The proof for that is that Christians, for the most part, have grown out of such extreme fundamentalism while the Bible is just as violent as the Quran. You can use the Bible just as easily to justify extremism and terrorism.
  10. It's not the Quran that gives Islam a bad rap. It's the fundamentalist extremist terrorists in the west. And of course the fundamentalist backwards countries that are ruled by Islam like Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Old Testament also has similar passages as the Quran with a lot of violence.
  11. Of course there are islamic fundamentalists and legalists who take the Quran literally, and demand that sharia law is followed and enforced by the latter, with the sword. But this won’t work, it’s not sustainable to deny progress over a long period of time. It can cause for stability in the short term, but the resistance of (moral) progress will create danger and chaos in the long term. That’s why you also see more Islamic scholars nowadays who don’t take everything in the Quran literally. At least, they are willing to interpret the texts through a contemporary lense.
  12. If you deny the existence of time you also have to deny the existence of space. Unless you can prove that space exists in the absence of time.
  13. People on this forum will probably say that a stage blue Islamic society is better than a stage red tribal society. Thus Islam serves its purpose on the road of societal development.
  14. You could say the same about woke fundamentalist leftists. It’s funny that people on this forum equate fundamentalism only to right wing people, because there’s as much idiocy going on the left. If you don’t recognize this you are probably in a ‘paradigm lock’ yourself.