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  1. Don't sleep with a guy on the first date, if he's really into you he will wait.
  2. Musk is already advocating for the highest value there is; free speech. Not only that, hes even investing billions of dollars to defend it.
  3. I mean; your comment is just full of assumptions. I don't respect a promiscuous man any more than a promiscuous woman. But I do recognize and respect people's freedom to live their live in any way as they like. I also respect it if a person becomes a pimp or a drug dealer, they are free to do so. But that doesn't mean I can't have my personal opinion on that lifestyle or the people that live that lifestyle. And that's kind of the problem of this forum. Leo Gura does neither respect the people that have a different opinion than him, nor does he respect the freedom of having a different opinion.
  4. I have an opinion on political issues yes. But I'm quite moderate in my views overall. The thing is; if you question Leo Gura's woke politics he will place you on his hit list. I remember a conversation with you where I said that a woman that has slept with 40+ men is slutty, which in my view is not an outrageous assesment. And I got points for that for apparent misogyny. If I look at Leo's post history in the Dating section I can dig up posts that are way more 'misogynistic' than that. But yeah, the hypocricy is real. Sorry mate, I can't access the politics section any more. And Leo also deleted several of my posts so I don't know if it's still up.
  5. Hey it's the clone account again that doesn't seem to get banned Maybe I should make one as well
  6. I'm not pro-Russia nor far right. I'm a centrist, but that shouldn't matter in the case of a ban/restriction. I called Leo Gura out on conflating racism with benefits for handicapped people, which I thought was a very poor comparison and should not be used in the same sentence unless you explicitly explain the difference. In reaction to that he took measures against me saying only "high conscious" people are allowed on the political forum Yeah, real high conscious stuff Leo. But anyway, Leo Gura hates me for some reason and he has radicalized the past couple of months if you haven't noticed
  7. Hello, I would like to delete my account but haven't found an option to do so. Could someone please direct me toward this option. If it's not possible, could maybe a mod delete my account? Many thanks
  8. Apparently Will Smith is in India now hanging out with Sadhguru, lol.
  9. Racism is specifically mentioned in this thread. And usually when people speak about racism it is in regards to black people. And again; comparing racism to handicapped people is an extremely poor comparison. If he was trying to make a meta point he should have clarified further on that because the kind of marginalization handicapped people experience, and the kind that black people experience are vastly different. And further; it seems you are alluding to 'positive discrimination', which is of course also discrimination. Which, in a way, is even worse than 'negative discrimination' as the positive kind is mostly unconscious discrimination. They engage in racism, but aren't even aware they are doing so.
  10. Are people here seriously comparing black people to handicapped people? wtf Lol. That's not even remotely comparable unless you are seriously racist.
  11. Is a man homophobic if he doesn't want to have sex with another man? The answer is quite obvious
  12. Could you explain? Do you think he is on the CCP payroll as well? lol
  13. So you are arguing that everyone that is born with a defect had it coming to them, as they were terrible people in their supposed previous life. How do you know this? And then you go on a tangent that people should have a license to have children. And who will decide the prerequisites to have children? Is it you? I don't see how this relates in any way to your first supposition. Maybe you can explain that as well.
  14. China is actively buying Western influencers to spread propagandic lies. It would be very foolish to think Russia doesn't do the same(Patrick Lancaster and Coach Red Pill for example). It's like the video says, these 'influencers' are probably paid a nice wad of cash and apparantly they have zero moral or ethical awareness to do whatever their bosses pay them. People should be extremely skeptical of pro-China and pro-Russia western influencers. To Leo Gura: This is not a conspiracy theory, stop censoring me.