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  1. @Clabber Girl yea I’ve personally purchased the portable one that costs me 900. It’s probably an overkill tbh but it’s been good thus far
  2. Lol I would say it’s definitely overpriced but still technically the best water filter I’ve seen so far
  3. You punch in your zip code and scroll down to see the contaminates in the tap water around your area, it also shows you the appropriate filters to filter out the specific contaminate A 10 Stage water filter called the PrestineHydro, the link explains why it’s the best filter system. The filter is costly but definitely one of, if not the best filtration system on the market.
  4. Lol I remember rali too, he pretty much just teaches Theravada Buddhism now. He has some decent wisdom to teach , nothing Leo hasn’t touched upon though.
  5. @Preety_India you’re a great daughter. Good luck with everything
  6. @Preety_India You could legally kick her out of your house. Although I can understand how you wouldn’t want to throw her in the streets.
  7. @Preety_India sorry man, I know shit can seem unfair. It sounds like your mother is the problem, it’s easier said than done, but you got to get her out of life by any means, no if, and, and or buts, you can do it.
  8. @Leo Gura I got skinner on a only fruit diet. I think it’s matter of your bodies ability to stabilize weight , or state of health.
  9. What problems are you facing that are making you feel this way?
  10. @Loving Radiance it didn’t work for me at first too . idk what happened but it works fine for me after changing browsers, or try registering?
  11. @Leo Gura so do you think it would be a good route if you knew the levels of purity ? maybe using drug checking organizations that uses labs to check its purity levels, org’s like although maybe not as cost effective as just using reagent kits, and using a ROA that is safer if impure. it could potentially be an alternative for people who are immune to plugging
  12. @Girzo @outlandish @Leo Gura Good points guys, thank you for the tips too. hm, on the forum it might just be a factor of not administering it properly, or like you guys said, it could be a purity issue. I thought plugging was more effective in having to dose less? I just finished watching a video of a study showing how intramuscular injection can also be an effective ROA of 5 meo dmt because injecting it has a smoother and slower onset than smoking it. I might just go this route too. This study also has more interesting things to consider. how to IM inject it :
  13. So I don’t really see much around about 5 meo dmt in fumarate. I’ve only seen on reddit some people talking about dosing high amounts (25-40mg) just to feel it when they plug it. Does anybody have any idea about dosages with fumarate ?
  14. @Vignan it’s extremely difficult to have a breakthrough on LSD. I would say LSD is great for amplifying thinking patterns, Fears / Traumas, and it shows how stable the mind is when it’s sober. 5 Meo Dmt is consistent with breakthroughs