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  1. Listen and think until you decide he is wrong and then go on your own path Pre-edit: if you never think he's wrong, you're not thinking
  2. @Primeval I haven't read the previous replies, so sorry if I'm repeating other people. But isn't part of the problem you have based on a set of rules that God is or is not? Maybe god is an arse hole. Maybe God is like any number of people who play the sims right now? Maybe god doesn't give a shit about you, has no intent to make anything 'better', not send you to 'heaven'? Then what? Don't be offended. Actually think about the possibility. Then what?
  3. Not bothered reading the rest of the responses. Just a cue to make sure that, if other people are criticising the video, and the only defence you bring is "god did it", that you are 10000% correct in your analysis, and there's not, like, a tiny chance of a chink you are not?
  4. @Telepresent you choosing me disagreeing with you? Remember to not be annoyed!
  5. So I'm not going to bother with this much, but given you mention atoms gaining energy, please explain that. I don't want a formula, just a lay explanation. Or might it be that you're bouncing a blindfold hypothesis. That's not inquiry. It's not anything
  6. @Psychonaut I'm sorry, but no. We have no way of knowing knowing that a plant is 'trying' to grow, that a chicken is 'trying' to eat. Not in the sense of 'trying to grow' that you ascribe them Reexamine your assumptions
  7. No, to hell with that. This question should be able to be responded to without recourse to the drugs the op presumably didn't want to use in the first place
  9. "I am convinced that some dreams are spiritually orientational and show signs of future ( I got some)." Sorry, I may be late to the party, I've not been here in a bit. What has convinced you? Why? What's the difference between dreams that are spiritually oriented, or those that aren't?
  10. @Name its almost like Leo didn't know what he was talking about, wasn't it? Almost like all the advice here which is supposedly universally profound but which ends in "maybe you should see a professional" by be suggesting something?
  11. What do I know? How do I know it? What do I believe? Why do I believe it? Who do I believe? Why do I believe them? What do I want? Why do I want it? What do I resist? Why do I resist it?