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  1. Listen and think until you decide he is wrong and then go on your own path Pre-edit: if you never think he's wrong, you're not thinking
  2. @Primeval I haven't read the previous replies, so sorry if I'm repeating other people. But isn't part of the problem you have based on a set of rules that God is or is not? Maybe god is an arse hole. Maybe God is like any number of people who play the sims right now? Maybe god doesn't give a shit about you, has no intent to make anything 'better', not send you to 'heaven'? Then what? Don't be offended. Actually think about the possibility. Then what?
  3. Not bothered reading the rest of the responses. Just a cue to make sure that, if other people are criticising the video, and the only defence you bring is "god did it", that you are 10000% correct in your analysis, and there's not, like, a tiny chance of a chink you are not?
  4. @Telepresent you choosing me disagreeing with you? Remember to not be annoyed!
  5. So I'm not going to bother with this much, but given you mention atoms gaining energy, please explain that. I don't want a formula, just a lay explanation. Or might it be that you're bouncing a blindfold hypothesis. That's not inquiry. It's not anything
  6. @Psychonaut I'm sorry, but no. We have no way of knowing knowing that a plant is 'trying' to grow, that a chicken is 'trying' to eat. Not in the sense of 'trying to grow' that you ascribe them Reexamine your assumptions
  7. No, to hell with that. This question should be able to be responded to without recourse to the drugs the op presumably didn't want to use in the first place
  9. "I am convinced that some dreams are spiritually orientational and show signs of future ( I got some)." Sorry, I may be late to the party, I've not been here in a bit. What has convinced you? Why? What's the difference between dreams that are spiritually oriented, or those that aren't?
  10. @Name its almost like Leo didn't know what he was talking about, wasn't it? Almost like all the advice here which is supposedly universally profound but which ends in "maybe you should see a professional" by be suggesting something?
  11. What do I know? How do I know it? What do I believe? Why do I believe it? Who do I believe? Why do I believe them? What do I want? Why do I want it? What do I resist? Why do I resist it?
  12. Question the veracity of those answers. Do you know them to be true? How and why? Have you been told them and are believing because someone you hold in high estimation says so? What are their qualifications? Maybe people say they're enlightened - how to you know this is true? How can you know? How do you even know there IS such a thing as enlightenment? All the answers you are bringing up rest upon foundations. Examine the foundations
  13. The majority of what motivates you is not intellect. Perhaps it's worth questioning the value judgements intellect makes on the bodily aspects it does not control
  14. I like Jed Mckenna's deconstruction of this question. The tree makes a sound because the question says so. The question establishes that the tree and the forest exist independently of observation; therefore it stands to reason that the sound is also made independently of observation. If you feel like arguing with that conclusion, I would suggest not focusing on the conclusion, but the point it is making about the question
  15. Don't take what he says as read. Check for yourself
  16. What is your objective? Where are you going? If you want to reply with "enlightenment" or something like that, try not to use the word and be as specific as possible in your meaning. You don't want to asking one thing, and getting 30 comments pointing you somewhere else
  17. @Rujan Mehar Bajracha I'd urge caution for one reason: assuming you live in a similar society to mine, you are as yet unable to earn your own keep, support yourself. You are still under the expectations of parents, teachers, etc. By all means explore this, but be careful about what "going all in" means at a point in life where you are societally vulnerable. Being able to support yourself and survive is a key, otherwise how can you do the work?
  18. @Truth Addict Infinity is a bitch because it doesn't really align with the way our minds work. I'm not going to try to argue anything about what infinity may or may not be, but I will argue that it is an inevitability. So this doesn't mean that 'reality' (whatever we think of or mean by that term) is infinite, but that it must be couched within infinity (and weirdly, therefore also be infinity itself, even if 'reality' is not infinite - as there can be nothing other than infinity. So anything finite must be a defined part of infinity, therefore infinity itself... see what I mean about it not being the way our minds work?) Anyway, it's as simple as this: Picture a finite thing. You're picturing it in a space. What are the boundaries of that space? You're picturing that within another space... keep going indefinitely. You'll hit an infinite "amount" of spaces and an infinite "amount" of boundaries - it will never, ever stop. It might sound unsatisfying if you want to make infinity a thing, but it's not a thing. Thus you're not going to be able to think of or picture it. You can also do the same thing in reverse (which is useful, as we tend to think of infinity in some way as meaning "really big", when all it means is not-finite). So picture the tiniest thing you can think of. What's it made of? Ok, so what is that made of... ad infinitum. But we can argue infinity as a certainty: Infinity must be, because we have two options; 1) Something exists. Therefore (as above) it unceasingly expands to infinity. 2) Nothing exists. Therefore nothingness is infinite, as there is nothing to bound nothingness. Either way, infinity is an inevitability. ... But that doesn't necessarily mean that what we think of as reality is infinite. Or what we think of when we imagine infinity is infinite. Or anything else. Just that infinity is inevitable, and our minds aren't really made to get it.
  19. @Serotoninluv it@Serotoninluv @Serotoninluv Excuse the editing, my phone's gone mad. But it can complicate rather than simplify things. We're about simplifying, right?