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  1. i just wrote whatever popped in my mind while introspecting , i want my report to be true and honest. i did make a mistake instead of writing enlightenment experience i wrote enlightened so that is grammatical mistake. more over i admire leo gura , his videos changed me a lot , no offence intended to him.
  2. this is just a glimpse insight, i want to write this very simple about my 'thought' process i went through during self inquiry . note: i'm doing meditation since last 3 or 4 months, my mind would come to extreme focused state very quickly while introspection. i went to toilet to apply hair ointment to reduce my hair fall , suddenly while looking my face on the mirror,i did introspect a series of thoughts in my head and started answering every thought i generated,questions were like: what is my life? why god created me? why did i come to existence? what is my life purpose? how to live a life successfully? how people lived their life's in last 1000 years? did they live in a right or wrong way? at the end of my life what is my contribution for my existence? what are the step by step levels to live life? why would i want to become prime minister of a country? how did i believe that idea? who gave me this idea? why i cemented this belief in my mind? is spiritual enlightenment the ultimate level to attain? Fuck Leo, he has wrong fallacies about spiritual enlightenment. when he has enlightenment experience ,then he has no self & no self image then why he is shaving his bald head ? if he has no self and no possession over his body , then why he is eating and feeding his body? he said i could have sex while doing enlightenment process , if there is no self in side me how could i feel sex? why would he said that? may be i'm wrong about what i'm thinking, may be he is right. can i pursue my dreams while doing spiritual enlightenment? wait there is no 'me' why would i have to pursue them? then what is this spiritual enlightenment? let me try .. Till this stage i was asking questions to my self and i did this introspection with open eyes and stood there for probably 15 to 20 minutes with full focus.then i started generating questions about spirit. this is not my spirit in my body, this 'me' whom everyone calls my name everyday is not me. (i wanted to register this in my mind to immerse in deep introspection, and i watched spiritual enlightenment video of leo that made myself to ask direct questions). this scissor is 'me'. this mirror is 'me'. this shampoo bottle is 'me'. this tub rubber stopper is 'me'. then i wanted rubber stopper to take possession of my spirit, i imagined that i'm the rubber stopper (it took me a while imagining me as rubber stopper but i was in deep focus i was able to giveaway my spirit , my body was totally absent and my mind was present). then i became rubber stopper,and i took over the vision capability of rubber stopper. this stage my mind was tensed , random thoughts popped in my mind like a fast running horse & my heart pounded insanely. then i could see tub, door, sink, all other things , but i was not able to talk. then something suddenly clicked in a flash and complete silence.i felt nothing but was calm, peace, tranquil, no external pressure only stillness. it lasted for 1 to 2 minutes, then when i recalled my self(me) i understood that the whole idea of spiritual enlightenment is to know that " 'you' are god". this is my complete honest introspection propaganda , no cheesy lines & i know this is just a insight and i'm still long way to go. i admire leo gura , his videos changed me a lot , no offence intended to him.i wrote what ever popped in my mind while introspecting.
  3. Hey leo, i have listened to atleast 100+ Of your podcasts * 3times each, everyday while going to work i would play podcasts compulsorily and they changed me a lot. Recently i watched your spiritual enlightenment video series , im completely disturbed from then. I have some doubts that are mind boggling me. I understood your concepts and im coming from birth place of spiritual enlightenment (india) and I kinda believe there is no self(ego) but, 1. You said in one of your spiritual enlightenment video that we could have sex after enlightenment, if there is no self(ego) in you how could you feel sex, that means are you fucking ghost. 2. If there is no self inside you(leo), after attaining enlightenment why would you eat and drink. If that body does not belong to you , why are you feeding that body. 3. You said enlightenment can eliminate self image problems, why are you still shaving your bald head when there is no self inside you, do you still have that ego to avoid showing your bald in your videos. 4. I want to become prime minster of a country, i have decided my passion after watching your videos. Do you reckon is good to pursue my dreams and change future of a country or become enlightenment and do nothing because there is no self. No offence your reply is appreciated. @Leo Gura
  4. Hey fellas , i always setup goals, write plan, take action for 2 to 3 days and unconsciously i will giveup my goals & start regretting for my actions for 2 days then again watch a motivational video, and Start the same procedure over and over with out any positive outcome. Does it mean i have add/adhd disorder or lack of consistency
  5. i have watched so many videos over years about positivity , every mentor said to hangout with positive people . How are these positive people like? what must be his/ her standard characters to be recognized as a positive person? If they are positive on one attribute and judgemental, neurotic on other attributes are they still considered as positive people my friends, parents,relatives are not thinking like me, acting like me , behaving like me . But, still they are very loving and showing affection to me. Shall I eliminate them for being neurotic, judgmental , pessismistic ? or shall i change them to become positive because they are showing love to me? (But, I don't want to waste my valuable time, and i dont want to loose them either) some people are very kind, generous, polite, funny, helpful, loving but on the flip side their mind is submerged in negativity and they reached to a state were they don't realise they are doing negative actions every second in their life. Shall i elimate them from my life? how can i decide whether the person im talking with is positive or not? How could i find positive people in this modern chaotic & biased society. @Leo Gura @MIA.RIVEL @Ayla @Sarah_Flagg @Kelley White @MonikaBcn @Sarper
  6. Could you explain briefly how could you stay calm in every situation without reacting to the situation, if you are generous could you tell me the steps to attain that tranquility state
  7. Are you serious mate ? She is here to volunteer and spread her wisdom, she doesn't have to know about every question we ask.
  8. I think you have strong misconception about hiring mentors. Hiring mentors certainly helps, for example( there are many videos on internet about body building Which helps the viewer to watch and practise at gym. But, what if the viewer didn't perform well according to video and break his neck? Then he/she has to sit in home for 3months. Hiring mentor helps you solve practical problems, dilemmas, general doubts in mind. Internet video is helpful for mass , but a mentor will focus each case individually). Martial arts people, sports, boxing, entrepreneurs, politicians, every field on earth need a mentor to avoid cross roads and create a straight direction to attain mastery. there is famous quote " you need a map , before you enter woods"- brendon burchard. by the way im not a mentor. ?
  9. My goals 1. Prime minister of india( i want to change 1.2 billion people lives , pull them out of corruption & develop the country) 2. Greatest computer programmer in the world ( i want to leave something behind before i die) macho body( i was always weak and not courageous throughout my life, i want to be strong now) 4. Learn superior english proficiency ( i want the world to hear my ideas and speech) im working on number 2,3,4 right now, i will start working on number 1 after 8 years
  10. Mia. Rivel execellent reply, yes persistence is the key for any area in personal development, yes we all are in wonderland (forum) now.
  11. I have deep belief that if you work 8 hrs on your goals + 8 hrs handling other activities like ( family, relationships, friends, food, sanitation , meditation, gym, driving, hangouts, what ever you like) +8 hrs good sound sleep= 24hrs is very healthy life style and good time management, improves productivity, you can attain mastery over a period of time.