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  1. I meditate 20 minutes every day. and its hard to not focus on the pressure. I feel like its an energi of some sort. If I move my head it kinda startes to mimikk the movement just abit delayed. its really wierd. I have done some research and I think it might be kundulini symdrome. I have opened a door to energi that is stuck in my head so Im working everyday now to get it to spread more into my body.
  2. So I had the wierdest dream last night, I dreamt that I was inside a room, the roof was opened up and a big giant picked me up, lifted me to the next floor. When I got to the next floor the roof opened up again and the same giant lifted me up the the next floor but I was still in the same room. The roof upened up again and the same giant lifted me up once more to the next floor and it just when on an on an on until I suddenly realized that I was inside a strange loop. At this monment I was sure I was on a psychedelic, so my mind started to simulate a trip. Things strated to became really vivid. The fear of not knowing kicked in and I was about to loose my sence of self, then I woke up. When I woke up I had an intense feeling of afterglow for about 15 minutes just like the day after you take mdma if ever have tried it you know exactly what I mean. im really curiuos of what this dream could mean.
  3. Fall in love with the process. not the result. If you focus on the fun, you will stick with it until your good enough to be successful.
  4. I dont know how to explain it. its a moving pressure, it feels like energi, and its really uncomfortable. Sometimes when I meditate, I can feel it go down my spine an spread a little bit.
  5. I have been following actualized.org for 2 years. And i have had some spiritual awakenings, and This pressure have slowly gained in my head, its moving an it feels like energi. Im becomimg Really sick of it, it takes all my focus! How Do i Get rid of it? I have done alot of psychedelics and it just makes it more intens during the trip. I have tried sensory deprivation tank. I have tried observing it. I feel like I have tried every thing. I have had this pressure in my head 24/7 for a whole year now. I just hope Im not goin to have This for the rest od my life even thoug I am kinda getting used to it. If anyone know anything about what this might be or what couses this. Let me know?
  6. yeah I have that too, the inner bitch. I guess just accept it as it is when it comes up. and just be aware of it. try finding evidence to you beliefs. ask your self what is this feeling of self doubt. give thats part of you love and self acceptance.
  7. Name: Kasper Lexberg Age: 19 Gender: Male Location: Oslo, Norway Occupation: Music Producer Kids: No Hobbies: Music, being creative, the nominus, meditation, flowstate, mastery, playing piano, nature, psychedelics. I got into personal development in 2014 after doing mdma for the first time. From there I started reading about ego death and I thought it was too interesting to let it be. And 1 day I stumbled upon spiritual enlightenment thru Actualized.org. back was 17 I had agner problems and I was also diagnosed ADD. I had real concentration problems at school and would get lost in thoughts. I was known as the silent kid in class so I dropped out of high school each year. During that time I did not have many friends and was really shy. I got obsessed with producing music. The only thing I felt like I mastered. Which I am still doing to day. Now I make music everyday. Personal challenges I've overcome: Real Anger Problems Finding a Life Purpose Could not concentration, Was very shy, introverted. Learning music theory and Piano Drug abuse Quit cigarettes Enlightenment experience. Social anxiety What I'm working on now: Working on enlightenment Working on improving my ability to see consequences of choice. Dealing with my mother that has alzheimer disease and major metal problems. Working on Mastery
  8. You are referring to the ego as if its a real thing. If you do enough introspecting you will notice that the so called ego, is just the feeling of thinking. The feeling of having an ego behind your eyes, is the same feeling as thinking without knowing that you are thinking. everything that you can feel, hear or think in the present moment is just something that arise in consciousness. your awareness is not in your head. everything is appearing moment by moment in consciousness.
  9. Hi. I was diagnosed ADD. And I dont like to look at it as a disorder. I look at it rather as a gift. One thing that I have noticed is that I have had problem with is the ability to see consequences of the choices I make. I could not focus. everybody at the school knew me as the quiet kid in class that did not do shit. I had really bad self esteem. When I was 15 years old I got obsessed with skrillex, I could not believe how it was possible to make such complex music, so I downloaded fl studio and after that, I found my life purpose. I have always loved being creative. I stopped taking ADHD meds 1 year ago, seriously the meds fucked me up. And also feel like Marijuana has help me allot. I fint meditation much better solution. Meditation for me is the key. If I find something interesting I get that hyper focus. That flowstate. And when I saw the spiritual enlightenment video I though it was too interesting to let it go. And after a year of following Actualized, now I get really obsessed over anything. I love everything, I fint everything beautiful. We are all complex machines. we just have to notice that, just noticing it enough to get you started. yea. what about you?