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  1. I am now undergoing several treatments without them having any effect, then I will try the heavy metal test. Two rheumatologists have seen me and their treatments have no effect. Thanks for the advice, unfortunately I can only read a few pages a day. I will read it. Does anyone know Claudia rainville's book metamedicine 2.0 which associates every symptom with a message from the unconscious? Unfortunately for me it is impossible to work now, I have pain even for simple hand movements for example cleaning. Months ago he even tip on the phone.
  2. I quit my job a year and a half ago. There is no way I can work even one hour a day in these conditions. I use the brightness to the minimum and eye protection, it also hurts me to wear glasses. The air here is good even if at work we breathed in many paint gases but I don't think that's the cause. I tried tea and herbal teas with no effects, I think the water here is good. The ophthalmologist says there is nothing about the eye. I am followed by a physiotherapist every week to correct my posture and heal pain in my hands and wrists. I want to learn to meditate more to make the days go by. I'm thinking my throat problem is actually a thyroid problem, because my eyelashes are falling out too.
  3. Hello everyone. I have three chronic pains: hands and wrists, throat and eyes. Maybe there is only one cause, but less likely, I think I have three different chronic pains. It all started with the pandemic, a year and a half ago, I had to change jobs and do a very worn and tiring job. It consisted of moving, assembling, painting large parts of cars all day, many workers had physical problems. This labor has caused me pain in both wrists, carpal tunnel. Unfortunately I was forced to work with these excruciating pains and this, according to the doctors with whom I am being treated, caused me, to alleviate the pain, movements with wrong postures that multiply with my already very wrong posture. Well, all these imbalances according to the physiotherapists' narrative (very credible) have caused contacts in the nerves of the shoulders that affect the hands and more rarely forearms. Proprioceptive physiotherapy is paying off but very very slowly. For many months I had pain to the limit of possible (every minute or less i felt) , even at night and this created an atmosphere of hatred in the house for many months (my parents forced me to continue working or kicked me or out of the house, so continue three months of work). The fact is that I have a lot of pain and difficulty using both arms. Second chapter, 10 months ago my brother took a common flu which he then passed on to me and it never passed, from that time on I still have cough, cold and a very strong sore throat that prevents me from staying out, I feel very l air on my throat and prevents me from long talking or screaming. According to the doctors it is laryngopharyngeal reflux but it's cures aren't working for now. Third part, the eye disease, in particular the nasal part of the right eye has pain, redness and copious white discharge as symptoms, arose when following the many limitations I had I abused films and books even with pain up to make it become chronic. I tried some eye drops that were working but have been on the bottom for two months. In addition to the pain which is the first problem there is also a tremendous boredom given by the limitations I have. Every time I use even mildly the diseased parts my health gets worse. I thank those who have had the patience to read everything. Do you know what my disease is? Heavy metals? I have tried fibromyalgia treatments and antipsychotics but no effect. Can you help me? Some advise? I don't feel depressed but I ll suicide in some months/years if I can't recover