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  1. @Nivsch Why would I be disappointed if the bombing stopped? But I'm sorry over 10.000 people died in the previous weeks, children and adults too. I'm still concerned about the people who are dying of the lack of basic supplies and is in the Israeli government's hands to stop this, let them water, food, and medicines to survive. This wouldn't be accepted if any other country in the world did that to any group of people. It would be totally condemned and seen as inhuman behavior. Which would be accurate.
  2. An American nurse got out of Gaza, she has witnessed what's going on there, apart from the constant bombing, the lack of food and water is killing innocents too. Before he mentions it, I also thought about how a girl like this wasn't like gang-raped in there. I don't think it's my twisted mind, this image of savages is sold about Palestinians. The main thing is that Israel should stop doing mass terrorism and ethnic cleansing and displacement, which is what they are doing right now. Hasan's comments are on point. Palestinian civilians are not human shields, they are people who decide not to evacuate because they know they won't be allowed to return. Israel's excuse to bomb anything in there is just false. Words of the US congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, Palestinian people are not disposable. They are human beings like anyone else. The apartheid state is a shame. There are a lot of complexities, I won't deny that, but if an ethnic group has much better treatment under the law than another, plus the daily coercion, violence, and abuse perpetrated by the enforcement and judicial systems, and even by armed civilians from one group over the other, this is very simple to understand. It wasn't acceptable in the US, in Europe, in South Africa, and it isn't in the state of Israel.
  3. What the Israel government is doing is an ethnic cleansing and displacement of arab Palestinians from Gaza. That involves making this area as unbearable as possible, if it wasn't hard before, now get some bombs and mass killing of innocents. They don't want them there, they want them in Egypt or wherever, but they are Palestinians from Palestine, they are not Egyptians. Hamas is the excuse Israel nurtured to be as it is, which Netanyahu generously funded during the 2000s and further, this is documented. The weapons Hamas has been using are NATO sourced, from the US. Some people are being so naive about this conflict, forget the colors. After Gaza, the West Bank would be next, very naive to think it's not a Zionist goal to purge that piece of land too. Actions speak louder than words. Israel governments have been showing what they are and where they are moving to for 70 years, believe them. Both sides have to stop killing innocents. Israel can't bomb buildings and ambulances, they have to only target Hamas militants. Those can't target Israeli Jewish civilians either, but they are allowed to defend themselves against armed soldiers though, if they can. If both sides have the right to have a state, then the two-state solution is the best. The approach of Israel is, why should we concede any land, we have an army, and Palestinians don't. This is the core of what's happening.
  4. Maybe we can establish if both sides in this conflict have the right to defend themselves, or neither of them. Maybe then we can start the real talk.
  5. I'm sharing Piers Morgan's debate with Hasan Piker. Both are taking sides, I don't think that's bad. There are some darts, but I like they allow each other to talk and explain. About the Hospital, in further examination of two separate video captures of what Israel has pointed to be a misfired rocket falling, analysts say it looks more to be a rocket being intercepted by the Iron Dome and exploding in the air. If something caused 500 deaths, that wasn't it. More questions I have. What's that damage in the parking? Could a hit on the parking alone cause 500 deaths? What about the building? Was it hit? Again, what caused over 500 deaths? Has that number been verified?
  6. The World Health Organization has denounced that the bombed point was one of the 20 hospitals in the northern Gaza Strip that faced evacuation orders from the Israeli army. The evacuation order was impossible to comply with the actual insecurity, the critical condition of many patients and the emergency ambulance, personal, capacity of beds of the health system and alternative refuge for the desplaced. It was a target and they probably thought that they could get away with bombing it saying they had asked to evacuate it before. But when they saw the international backlash, they pointed fingers at Hamas. I think they provided images of rockets, which later they deleted because the times didn't match. That's not very convincing. A good analysis of the type of explosion comparing to weapons used by both sides would be very informative. I'm not an expert, but here some images. I'm waiting for a good analysis of that, I haven't found any. Hum... Nevertheles, we can analyze things in the context. It's not believable that Hamas targeted their own, they have not done that before and they have no reason to do it. Something Netanjahu has already said is what they did, saying something about our sons and their sons. Bullshit, give me prove. He also said it was a misfire, which is not very believable either. It would be too much of a coincidence that a failed rocket would hit a target like this. Of all buildings, it had to hit exactly this one, and with such a destroying precision. What about Israel government is lying theory? How crazy, they have never done that before. It's not like they are not bombing civilians in buildings anyway, it's precisely what they have been doing last three days.
  7. They bombed a hospital. Over 500 deads. Hard to do something more evil. Injured civilians, doctors, nurses, and people looking for shelter because they thought that a hospital could be a safe place from bombs. So isn't this terrorism? What's the term for this? Now what is the international community going to say? It's crazy.
  8. Because the Zionists don't want it, they want their Jewish state. Israel is a Jewish religious place name, so it's exclusionary to other creeds. The best solution would be the one secular state solution called Palestine, which was the name before. Palestine included Muslims, Christians, and Jews, all of them Palestinians. It was inclusive, look at the called Palestinian Jews, the native ones. There are third or fourth-generation Jews now, I mean descendants of colonizers, and they are from that land too. But so are the thousands of native Palestinian refugees who left that land when they were forcefully moved and their descendants. And, yeah, with the same passport. Obviously, with the individual and collective freedoms of professing the religion freely chosen, or none, like more people do now. Atheists, agnostics and spiritual weirdos like many of us here, I guess. The other solution could be the two-state partition, one Israel the Jewish, the other Palestine, non-Jewish. The Zionists are not serious about it, they refused when the OLP accepted this way, and they have been sabotaging any future chances for it, building more and more settlements in Cisjordania and destroying Gaza, last days more intensely, but it's been the norm for decades. I don't see any other solution, more war more war isn't working so far, and I don't think it will.
  9. What is that excuse that they told civilians to move to the South so they could kill Hamas militants? Don't you see the obvious flaws of that? Here some. It's an overpopulated area, there is no possible logistics to move all of them to other areas in such a short time. Where will they stay in the South, it's also overpopulated. They have never been allowed to leave Gaza, and they aren't yet. They are already fucked up, they have nowhere to go. Civilians moving to the South have been bombed too. Why do you think Hamas militants would stay in a place that Israel has already announced they are going to bomb? That would be plainly stupid. You would have to fire them by surprise. Announcing the attack on a building from a megaphone and telling civilians to get out slowly and in order, is that the way? Well, what's the flaw there? Only civilians, please. Hamas militants stay there so we bomb you. It's stupid as fuck to suggest anything like that. In that case, they would be destroying empty buildings, which is quite bad too. Where are they supposed to live? People need shelter to live, you know? The truth is worse, they are knowingly destroying buildings with people in them, so many of them. Israel has never cared about Gaza's inhabitants and civilians. We know that they have systematically killed them in their daily life and in peaceful demonstrations like the Freedom March shown in Abby Martin's documentary. There were no militias, no weapons, no threats at all there, just people protesting in the border, and they were shot from a distance by Israeli army snipers. They purposefully killed 183 civilians, including children, medics, and press people. Israel's government has never cared about the civilians of Gaza, so don't believe do now, even if they say so. Their recent past actions show the contrary, they are doing exactly what they want now, killing them. There are images of Zionists asking for the extermination of all of Gaza on camera. That's what is happening, It is a genocide.
  10. The situation is horrible, the Israeli government is killing the population of Gaza indiscriminately. So many civilians and children are being killed. The harassing and killing is constant through the years though, but this is like a bigger one. The supply of electricity, medicines, water and food has been closed, it's a genocide. Palestinians in the West Bank live harassed and like second-class citizens too. I had the chance to learn a bit more about history, about the Palestinian Yasser Arafat, leader of the OLP. Surprised to learn that this organization was secular, and they tried to promote the one secular country solution at first, without any distinction of religion in law. The Israeli government refused, the Zionist movement wants a Jewish country, so that wasn't it. The OLP finally accepted a two-state solution, with its difficulties and relocation problems, but, surprise, then the Zionists backed off that way. Why lose territory? We want it all for us. I guess they thought. The Israeli government keeps on its slow pace of violent erosion until Palestinians retaliate like a beaten dog would do, then the Israeli army goes hard claiming the right to self-defense. This cycle is not natural, is promoted with intention. Netanyahu has said he will never concede in anything. The most surprising thing was to learn that Israeli intelligence was behind the creation of Hamas. Yasser Arafat, the OLP and Al Fatah had international recognition, with the Peace Nobel Prize included, so they couldn't let that go on. Israeli money was funneled into Hamas, which was explicitly religious and Muslim, unlike the previous ones, to build mosques and whatever they needed, this is documented because is recent history. It worked, through the years Hamas surpassed Al Fatah in popular support, and it is the number one political party. They became much more prone to violence and more religious too. The goal was to knock down Al Fatah, if the attempt something worse would rise as it did, it didn't matter because a more radical group would have it harder to get international support. Yasser Arafat died in 2004 from a stroke. I haven't researched a lot, but I've read some articles that suggest that he was helped a bit to die, and levels of Polonium were found in his belongings. I wouldn't be surprised, not for anything Israel has one of the best army, intelligence and spying apparatus.
  11. The Israeli government never wanted a two-state solution, that would already exist if they really had wanted it, it was up to them. They push Palestinians at a constant pace until they respond with violence too, and they get the pretext to continue further with their Zionist agenda, building more settlements and killing more Palestinians. We've seen the pattern. The solution is a secular democratic country named Palestine because Israel is a name only for Jews, so it's not the appropriate one. Palestine is not a Muslim name, it's the name of the land, remember Christians live there too. Total separation of religion and state by law, with individual and collective freedom to practice whatever religion each believes in. Equal rights and obligations for everyone. Reparations too, the harm caused to the non-Jewish has left them in extreme poverty, it could be internationally provided. Also for Jewish victims, because there are, but they are already getting it. The right to come back for all refugees. Build bridges, respect and celebrate diversity. The international power community is sided with The Israeli government, so it won't happen. But more and more common people are siding with the Palestinians, the younger generations, the more. People are not blind. Another solution is to create the Zionist dream in a country that accepts it. My suggestion is in the middle of the USA because they totally support them. We move all South Dakotans to North Dakota and we call it just Dakota. Then we name that piece of land New Israel, or whatever they want, and we move every Zionist there. Problem solved. It's a joke, but it's not.
  12. I think the support for women in those countries from leftists and feminists is absolute. But if what you want is Islamophobia, you gotta look to the lower stages. There's a limit to what can be done from the outside. Muslim societies are evolving too, the next generations will be less religious and more open, to say it in some way.
  13. Of course they do, as well as male and female bodies, but they are separated in sports because of the whole range difference. If they competed together, males would mostly win, because the top of their range is higher. In a lower degree, but the performance ranges of cis compared to trans are also different, being higher for the trans group at least in females, that's why they should be in another category in sports. Also, all transitions are not equal, some start early in life others later, but you can't really establish where to put the line for competing. It could be an issue for the trans category too, but it would definitely be a problem in a trans and cis mixed category.
  14. There are some attempts, I've heard of Western feminist movements to help women from Afghanistan after the recent power moves, for example. Also about empowering women of Africa, which sounds great, but I don't think is that simple where so many men are extremely poor as well, and they won't get a wealthy wife to maintain them. In a sense, there's probably a surface understanding of the development stages, even if they are not yellow yet, most greens kind of get some societies are in previous battles yet. Criticize green contradictions all you want, but remember they are higher than orange and blue, so what's questionable about them, it's probably worse in the others.