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  1. I gotta say it's amazing the way he got caught.
  2. Twitter is corrupted by a huge debt, it has to seek every way to monetize. Elon Musk like three days ago said free speech is not free, that you have to pay for it, but that will make it worse than it was before. First it should regain the trust of advertisers, but Elon tweeting is its worse enemy for that. As well as for Tesla.
  3. So Elon Musk banned the account that was making a follow-up of his jet flights for security reasons, although he said he would not because he believed in absolute free speech. The thing is, flights are not private, precisely for security reasons they are public and anyone can check them, including his. There are many websites that offer real-time information about this. https://www.flightradar24.com/ I guess you gotta check deeply to find something like Elon's private jet flights, but it can be done. I don't think it's fine to publish it, I can understand he banned that guy for my own standards, but not his. However, he has suspended many accounts of journalists that were informing about this just because they included a link into this person's Twitter account, which was already suspended, as part of their information. He is just suspending journalists that he doesn't like how they inform about him, accusing them of doxxing, which they didn't do. He is clearly bending the moderation terms in his favor as he pleases. Then there are the polls. He made a poll to rate the approval of his actions. Well, people spoke, as he says, and he lost. So then he decided to make a new poll with only two options. People spoke again, and he lost. By the way, asking your followers to vote about something as validation is so stupid and unprofessional, I don't even know what word to use. He is also suspending the accounts of his competitors like Mastodon. Sorry, but that's not freedom of speech. He is already being worse than whatever his predecessors were accused of. Lastly, he has still the problem of monetizing Twitter, which he has not solved at all.
  4. This or Elon Musk is disliked by much more people than those considered wokes.
  5. I wasn't judging his jokes and I'm not going to. The point about mentioning this is that Elon was blaming wokeism for the booing but it's unlikely those wokes were present in Dave Chappelle's show because they had a problem with one of his shows very recently.
  6. Elon Musk on Dave Chappelle’s show being strongly booed by the audience, who would have guessed it? He is used to having a troop of dickriders on Twitter, but out of that context, other common people spoke. Twitter is a big bubble, but still a bubble. Precisely we know for certain that Chappelle’s audience is not particularly woke, as the man had some controversies with his jokes about the trans community very recently, so those were already filtered in there. The original video posted on Twitter was removed. What about that? The freedom of speech absolutist is really fast at removing a video that harms his image. He says in another tweet that technically 90% of the people were clapping and %10 booing. I hightly doubt it, it seems like the majority in the video booed him.
  7. Well, what I understand about Sinema is that she is not a centrist, she is very effectively blocking any leftwing policy as much to the right as she can from her position without being kicked out. Basically, being a rightist on a leftist position. When I refer to the right-left parameter, I mostly mean economical issues like inequality, taxation, public budget spending, working-class rights, poverty, housing, social protection, etc... I know the right is conservative and the left more progressive about those other culture war issues, there must be reasons for that, and I think Biden is fairly open with the LGTBQ+ people, which is cool, but that's not where I was framing his position on this right-left frame. Nobody needs to chop his dick. I don't want to make this thread about trans issues, and I'd say it's enough to live and let live with respect, dignity and treating everyone equaly in essence. Unfortunately, I don't think that's enough, as there is a historical and current hostility towards trans people, many times violent, which makes them a vulnerable community that may need specific measures of protection.
  8. Well, I disagree, I think Biden is in the center at most. But one of the politicians that's blocking him is precisely Sinema.
  9. There is the center, and then there is the right. Sinema is on the right. Perhaps Biden is in the center, it's like the Democrats chose the most acceptable candidate for the right in aesthetics and past politics like the failed war on drugs. Only Bloomberg was worse, who should have been a republican candidate, but maybe he fulfilled the job of making Biden and others look more centrist than they really are. To be fair, Biden is being better than I would have thought, but he has much room left yet. Sinema and Manchin have the best position in the world to be lobbied. I'd say it's not easy to get there, so my congratulations to them and their interest. They are Troyan horses in the Democratic party working for the Republican-aligned policies. They have my congrats for that and my big despise as well. Not that they care, but all for them. Sinema was not going to make it in the next primaries. Her best position to continue being funded and lobbied by companies is to face Democrats as an independent next time and maybe divide the vote. That's her last move.
  10. What she says about being independent is bullshit. No senator of the Democratic party should always agree with everything, that's a given. But they are there representing their voters, not themselves and their personal interests. There may be instances when deviating from whatever the party says could be fine. But, come on, this woman was against all policies that could affect big companies one bit in favor of the people. She got to be in power by advocating for a much more progressive agenda and then she just changed her mind, in some cases being a decisive vote. She didn't get there on her own, no way she could have done that without the Democrat apparatus. Unlike Bernie Sanders, it didn't work against her, but for her. This is also a calculation for her own interest, she wasn't going to make it in the next primaries, so she prefers to at least run as an independent. This is just the best way for her to continue doing what she was already doing, supporting the economic conservative agenda. She may be done though, we'll see.
  11. Replacing policemen with social workers doesn't work like sending them to dangerous crime scenes in their place. No, the police is still needed, it's naive to think otherwise. Of course, they are not saints, but they do dangerous things when needed (not in Uvalde) and their presence serves as a persuasion for people not to commit crimes as well. The job of social workers can be preventive, it's needed and it lowers crime rates by a lot. Most people who engage in violence are in social and economical exclusion situations. People with income, shelter, food, and basic needs fulfilled don't engage in violent crimes, they have more to lose. But some people and some communities have it harder, and they may be more exposed to violence in their surroundings. But social workers can't do enough without funding, money is required. Social workers are also needed after crimes. Jail or detention centers rarely fix any root problem, make them worse probably. I'm not saying people who commit crimes shouldn't be punished, but there has to be a culture of reinsertion as well. Again, funding. What's happening in the USA with guns and fire weapons is lunacy. In most of Europe, nobody has firearms, it's mostly the law enforcement corps, hunters, and not many more than that. You obviously need to have a legal license to have them. The regular municipal policemen don't have firearms on duty. Gun confrontations are extremely rare. If a lunatic like Kyle Rittenhouse would show up with a rifle in a riot, the police would go to detain him on the spot. Militias in the streets full of rifles and guns would be stopped too, probably by the army. It's crazy. The US population has been brainwashed into this madness, there are lobbies dedicated to that. But you do you. Are the police in the US easy with the trigger? Probably yes. It's not a paranoia they have that anyone can have a gun hidden, it's the reality. I'm not justifying them, it's their job to be sure that someone has a gun before shooting theirs. You don't like it? Well, be a firefighter then.
  12. They discuss how people that don't accept Jesus Christ shouldn't be allowed in positions of power and even jobs. Those are the libertarians, right?
  13. I would have been very surprised if Walker had won this second round. His blatant hypocrisy about abortion, continuous lies, or private life issues could have had a pass. But this man was just so unqualified and, sorry to say, but just so dumb. I would feel insulted if I was told this is the man to represent me to make important decisions about lawmaking, public budget management, and politics in general. The case of voting for your preferred policies holding your nose about the candidate wasn't even enough. I had big fun with his speech about vampires and werewolves, it felt surreal.